The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12: Will It Happen?

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The Bachelor Season 27 Finale
Zach takes Katie (CC: ABC)

Will there be The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12? We know episode 11 was the finale, but will there be any kind of The Bachelor Reunion episode? Reunion episodes are common when it comes to shows like Love Island, Love Is Blind, and other reality shows. So will we have a Reunion Episode for the Bachelor Season 27? Let’s talk about that but first, let’s talk about what happened in The Bachelor Season 27 Finale.

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale of Zach Shallcross’s season was here. We’ve got three different storylines. We’ve got the happy-ever-after couple and the two women that are left reeling in the butchery of a season. No, I mean, look, this is what happens. There is always going to be collateral damage that is done as a man tries to pursue love with “thirty hopefuls”. 

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Recap

We start with Jesse Palmer saying, “will Zach be the first Bachelor to get engaged since Pilot Pete? And all of the audience members were like, “oh, weird example, they’re old Jesse Man”. It’s a weird stat to flex on if you ask me. Alright, Ariel arrives at the live taping in a stunning, flowing white gown. She hated that she was left in the dark regarding Zach and how he handled her breakup. 

Zach arrives to cheer, and then they hug. Ariel says that when the premise of the open relationship changes, she should know. She then says, “Zach denigrated their relationship and left her in the dark”. At that moment, Zach was thinking, “oh boy, I am in over my head in this fight”. 

The Bachelor Season 27 Finale
Ariel and Zach (CC: ABC)

Whenever you’re fighting with your lady, and she starts using words you don’t know, you’re like, “oh boy, you looked up something on Psychology Today. And you’ve got the weaponry behind your point of view. I object to your honor”. Just say sorry, Zach. Zach says he didn’t go about it right and that he should have told Ariel first. Of course, the first being before telling Katie since Ariel was the first date.

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Ariel says that by putting sex off the topic and making the whole week about sex. And I totally agree with Ariel there. Yeah, the week became obsessively about sex, although, to be honest, that’s pretty much what it normally is about. Then Ariel says that a person who values integrity should have lived up to it. And Ariel came prepared, and yeah, it was a wild ride. 

Zach says he regrets his parameters, and Ariel says he took away her agency. And boy, yeah, it was a rough one. He did a good job doing that, preaching integrity and then dragging her through the mud. I mean really, what else was he gonna do? He took the loss like a champ. She got her words in, she comes out looking good, and we could all move on. 

Gabi Has Doubts 

The Audio cut out, is probably the most interesting part of the show. They lost their audio for the whole scene, which probably means they had to cut the life after the showdown afterward. Gabi then starts to freak out and says she has a good feeling that it’s not her. Zach tells Gabi that he hasn’t been decisive because his heart tugged into two places. 

Sean Lowe Bachelor royalty enters the show. Then, Jesse tells us to brace ourselves because it’s about to get rough. I mean, it’s nice for Jesse to give us a warning. He was like, “OK, you thought that sucked, watch this”. And then we cut to Gabi. She says she will be either heartbroken or in love. That’s pretty much the only parameter she has. She says “either way, if I’m hurt…” And I’m like, “get this day over with”. 

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12
Zach rejects Gabi (CC: ABC)

I laughed out loud when Zach said he was proposing to his best friend. I think it’s easier to find love in three weeks and a best friend, that’s where they lost friends. You’re proposing to your best friend? Really, that’s soon? You can marry someone, sure, but your best friend? 

Zach Rejects Gabi

Gabi yells at the production because they pulled her car into a muddy spot. The audience laughs and then sees she was serious, which is kind of funny. And it’s like, look, I don’t really know the full extent of that conversation, but I’m sure if Gabi was yelling at production every single scene, they would probably edit her in a way that was like slamming her. So I’m assuming this was just a moment where she was like, “hello guys, it’s my day. I just got my pedicure done.” 

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Gabi dressed in a stunning yellow dress, says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Jesse keeps a straight face, even though I’m sure Jesse knows. She says, if it were her, she’d know it was her. And Jesse’s like, “Oh yeah, let’s go see what happens. This is gonna suck”. How do they sleep at night? 

Zach starts to dump Gabi and she says she doesn’t wanna hear it and pleads with him to stop. She says she knew it was coming. She doesn’t know why he wouldn’t tell her when he knew. She tells him he knew. He’s like, “I didn’t know yet”. She’s like, “you knew”. He’s like, “I wasn’t really sure”. She tells him to stop and pleads with him. 

Gabi tells Zach that Katie is really special and really lucky, and she wishes Zach good luck, says goodbye, and leaves. She says that she does not want an apology and she does not need it.  Then she says “It’s OK, I’ll find love somewhere, somehow”. This was a very bummer-bummer scene here. 

Zach Proposes Katie

Now we go to Katie’s big moment. Zach says that he is no longer falling in love with her because he says that he is in love with her. He says you’re the face I wanna wake up to every morning. Zach proposes and she says, “yes”. Of course, this is their three-week proposal. So in real life, they’ll probably want to redo

The Bachelor Season 27 12
Zach and Katie (CC: ABC)

Katie arrives at the live show in a shimmering long sleeve mini dress. Katie tells Zach that he did a good job on the engagement ring. Jesse asks Zach when he knew for sure it was Katie. And I’m like taking notes, being like “oh boy, be careful with your answer”. And Zach kind of tiptoes around and gives kind of vague answers. He says that he didn’t know, but then he says that he knew all along”. I’m like, “did you not know or did you know all along?” 

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To Zach’s credit, there are plenty of past leads that thought they knew all along, and they dismiss other relationships and then they wished and the hindsight that they pursued the other relationship. So probably a good thing for the strategy of it all to pursue other relationships and see which one really stands the test of time. 

Jesse asks about wedding plans. Can you believe it, Jesse’s turned into all of our mothers. “Well, when are you gonna get married? If you thought about kids?” It’s like Jesse, chill. They do mention they’re moving in together. Zach says don’t worry, we’ll have a wedding pretty soon in 2025 or whatever he said it’s gonna be.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12 Release Date

Sadly there won’t be any The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12. The Bachelor usually doesn’t do Reunion kind of episodes so that was it for this season of The Bachelor. But don’t be sad because we’ll soon get The Bachelorette this year with Charity from Zach’s Shellcross Season as the lead. And we got to know that Charity’s brother will enter as a fake contestant to see if the other guys are good for her sister.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12
Charity At Women Tell All (CC: ABC)

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 12 Release Time & Where To Watch

As I previously said, there won’t be Episode 12 for The Bachelor Season 27. But when it returns, it will air at 8 pm ET in the US. The Bachelor Episode release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 8:00 PM Eastern Time (USA) on Monday
  • 12:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (UK) on Tuesday
  • 5:30 AM Indian Standard Time (India) on Tuesday
  • 8:00 AM China Standard Time (China) on Tuesday
  • 9:00 AM Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Tuesday
  • 9:00 AM Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Tuesday
  • 11:00 AM Australian Standard Time (Australia) on Tuesday

You can watch the Bachelor episodes on ABC and can stream them on Hulu and fuboTV.

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