Walker Season 3 Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Walker Season 3 Episode 11 recap
Walker Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Walker Season 3 Episode 12’s release date is here. The show’s fans are excited to watch the newest episodes as the show is taking exciting turns. The post will reveal Walker Season 3 Episode 12’s release date and streaming guide.

Abeline begs August to allow her and Bonham a moment to talk after learning that Bonham is angry. Bonham gets criticized by Abeline for ignoring Liam and Stella. Later, Abeline and Bonham have a conversation in which Abeline discusses reconciling Stella and Liam with Bonham.

Later, Liam is seen tending to a horse as Bonham enters the stable. He expresses his displeasure at being left out. Liam claims he never intended to injure him and was aware that he had gone too far but still wanted to help them.

When Bonham brings up the design again, Liam explains that the writing was modeled after his grandfather’s signature and that Stella came up with the idea of using three horseshoes to symbolize the past, present, and future of their expanding family and company. Then we see that Kelly surprises Larry by showing up at his workplace.

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A quick recap

They go out to lunch after she tells him she does have something to tell him. Later, Kelly informs Larry at his home that she has a new job with her base of operations in Austin. They discuss how they can trust one another and how things have changed. Later, Larry hands Kelly the house key as she descends the stairs.

Walker Season 3 Episode 11 recap
A still from the show.

He tells her it’s a signal and that they’re in a nice place where they can put themselves first and want to live together for everything, while she laughs and claims she has a key. Trey is gearing up to go golf when Cassie notices him.

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He reassures her that he is okay despite her worries. When Trey runs with Andrew, a person he met via the VA offers Trey a job. It’s for a security consultant working with veteran causes. He hands Trey a document and instructs him to call him if he can solve the problem.

After solving the case, Trey calls Andrew at the number listed on the calling card. Trey receives the test results, which he passes, from the person who answers the phone. The man assures him that the following steps in the employment process will be discussed shortly.

Cassie finds Cordell withholding her Charlie and Bravo documents as she visits Ranger HQ. He informs her about meeting Tommy and his uncertainty regarding the integrity of his account. They decide to disprove Tommy.

Cassie and Cordell sort through the Marines at Walker’s now that they are back there. They discover various discrepancies in the crash data. These errors include the claim that Turner was startled by a horn, but in a flashback, we learned that he had been deaf due to an accident.

According to the report, Robert Ortiz had a heart attack. Cassie and Cordell decide to see his widow, who suggests a military connection, before kicking them out. After taking a moment to comprehend it, Cordell informs Cassie about his remorse over Cooper’s death and being a Marine.

Walker Season 3 Episode 11 recap
A still from the show.

After revisiting the reports, Cassie and Cordell end up calling Tommy. They chose to see him because his mobile number is no longer functional. They find blood on the floor outside his residence when they get there. When they enter, they find Tommy sitting in a chair, bleeding severely.

When they comprehend what happened, they witness a man flee Tommy’s home. While Cassie pursues the man, Cordell stays with Tommy, resulting in a vehicle chase. The man’s automobile flips over as the two cars collide, and when Cassie gets to the overturned vehicle, she discovers the man dead on the ground.

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Walker Season 3 Episode 12 release date

Walker Season 3 Episode 12 release date is February 23, 2023. Walker Season 3 Episode 12 will premiere via The CW at 8 p.m. in the US. Fans from other nations can stream the show at 6.30 am IST (Feb 24), 1 am GMT (Feb 24), and noon AEDT (Feb 24).

Walker Season 3 Episode 12: Where to Watch

Walker Season 3 Episode 12 will stream via HBO Max, the CW Seed app, and the CW app at the time listed above for the fans watching this show internationally. The viewer from the USA, however, can watch it live at 8 p.m. via the CW channel.

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