Rihanna’s New Net Worth After Super Bowl 2023

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Rihanna, super bowl 23 ft. Fenty Beauty

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also referred to as Rihanna and RiRi in the world of music, topped the charts one after the other with about 14 songs at number one. Her mother’s background in cosmetics made RiRi smitten with the beauty product, but she was not allowed to wear it.

So, what does a girl got to do? Launch her own beauty brand? Yes, that’s what she did. She created Fenty Beauty so that she could make every woman around the world feel included and have fun and experiment with her.

It came from a place of love toward makeup and beauty products and not from a place of revenge on her mother for not allowing her to wear makeup when she was young.

Rihanna on October 26, 2022 in Hollywood, California for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Rihanna in Hollywood, Getty Images

Remember the time in 2012 when everyone on the internet went wild when she walked better than the Angels in their own show? She is everybody’s muse wherever she goes, from high-end fashion designers to the general public.

People just want to be like their idols, even if it means trying to copy them, their style, their habits, and using the products they endorse.

Rihanna at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Rihanna at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012

The singer has not released a solo album since January 2016, and fans were dying to see her perform live at State Farm Stadium. This much-anticipated comeback performance was everyone’s dream because it was her first solo performance after a long wait of seven years. Nobody could keep calm as she geared up to take over the biggest stage of this year.

She not only gave her fans and admirers around the world an unforgettable performance that we still cannot stop talking about but also revealed her second pregnancy announcement.

For me, the highlight of the performance was she used the Invisimatte Instant Setting + Blotting Powder from her beauty line, Fenty Beauty which gave her a natural matte and refreshed look. That is not just a translucent powder but a portable magic.

Net Worth
Rihanna reapplying her Fenty Beauty blotting powder

Rihanna inserts a quick advertisement for her Fenty Beauty brand during the halftime show, saving $7 million for a commercial. That demonstrates her incredible business skills because she was not compensated for her halftime show appearance, which is usually unpaid. The devil works hard, but Rihanna always works harder and smarter.

According to Cosmetics Business, after the singer wiped her face with Fenty Beauty’s Invisimatte Blotting Powder, Google searches for Fenty Beauty surged by 833%. Searches for “is Fenty safe for pregnancy” increased by 3,333%. Who would not want to buy and know about the pocket-friendly blotting powder RiRi used during her show?

Net Worth
Rihanna for Fenty Beauty showcasing her Fenty Beauty blotting Powder

Rihanna’s New Net Worth

The pop star earned $88.3 million in the 12 hours following her performance. Rihanna’s net worth is currently reported to be $1.7 billion from $1.4 billion after the Super Bowl. The majority of her wealth comes from Fenty Beauty, which she owns 50% of.

On Sunday, Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show performance resulted in a 211% rise in on-demand streaming and a 390% boost in overall digital song sales. Her all-red outfit also generated a lot of MIV for the firms she represented.

The company received $2.4 million in mentions for Loewe’s red bodysuit, US$1.7 million for her Alaïa coat, and $1.3 million and $602,000 for her MMG X Salomon sneakers, respectively.

 super bowl 2023
Rihanna at The 2023 Super Bowl

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