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How To Watch Yali Capkini Episodes? Streaming Guide

where to watch Yalı Çapkını with subtitles
How To Watch Yalı Çapkını Episodes? Streaming Guide

How to watch Yali Capkini episodes? This post is for the fans who love the trailer for the show, and all they ask is for a streaming guide for this romantic drama from the Turkish industry. The television series will tell the story of a young girl residing in Gaziantep having fallen in love with a rich and flirty young man.

The instances from the life of a girl who escaped to Istanbul to be in a relationship with a young individual that her parents did not want. Even though she is the youngest child of a powerful tribe in Antep, her family is quite backward. Let us learn more about the characters of the show before unveiling Yalı Çapkını’s streaming guide.

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Where is Yali Capkini Filmed?

Since the show has an ensemble of turkey’s popular stars, the program has gotten much attention. But one thing that has gotten the show to become the talk of the town is its backdrop. Filming for the said series began in Gaziantep.

where to watch Yalı Çapkını with subtitles


Gaziantep is said to be situated in the Southeast Anatolia District. Gaziantep is praised and renowned for its ancient appearance. Gaziantep has multiple lodgings spread all across the region. One is Taşhan, where this TV series is said to be filmed.

Who will star in Yalı Çapkını?

Afra Saraçolu portrays the part of Seyran.

Esme and Kazim’s young daughter is Seyran. She is among the little girls of Antep who are glared at, just like her older sister. She is equally attractive and intelligent as her older sister. She longs to be able to read and support herself. She is a kind, affectionate girl who, when necessary, may get agitated. She never gives up in her battle to take charge of her life, thanks to her tenacity and persistence.

where to watch Yalı Çapkını with subtitles

Ferit and Orhun.

Mert Ramazan Demir portrays the part of Ferit.

Ferit is said to be Orhan and Gülgün’s younger child. He is Halis’ grandson. Ferit is diagnosed to be diabetic. Being the youngest kid in the family and having a chronic disease meant that he was taken care of from an early age, and most of his requests were granted. He struggled to fully comprehend the family rules because he lived overseas. He likes to violate the regulations. Although he is charming, foolish, eccentric, amusing, and flirty, he has never experienced love.

Etin Tekindor will assume Halis Aa’s role as the family’s patriarch, Korhan.

He is the Grandfather of our hero, Ferit. Even though he was among the most dependable political leader in the nation, he retired owing to the illnesses put on by old age and gave his other company to his child, Orhan. Halis Aa still controls all of the crucial choices, though. He is a rigid, dictatorial, and bad-tempered man. He jots all the concerns in his journals.

where to watch Yalı Çapkını with subtitles

Ferit and Seyran.

Erif Sezer portrays Hatice.

She is one of the many aunts of Kazm. She is a strong-willed woman with authority. Although her dad did not marry her off, she had been one of Antep’s children who had been loved the most.  

Gülçin Santrcolu portrays the role of Fakat.

This one is the widowed bride of the elite clan. She was a young bride who entered the mansion with Halis’s blessing. She was in her twenties when she was involved in a crash that led to the loss of the lives of both her spouse and the unborn child. Additionally, the family had heartbreaking losses, one after the other, as her mother-in-law’s heart could no longer withstand these circumstances.

What Time Will The New Episodes of Yalı Çapkını Come Out?

Yalı Çapkını will be releasing new episodes every Friday at around 9 pm. The show will be premiered via Star TV in Turkey. At the same time, the show’s YouTube channel will upload episodes a day later, but they don’t have subtitles.

How To Watch Yalı Çapkını Episodes?

Turkish audiences may watch episodes of Yali Capkini on Star TV. The creators must collaborate with a global streaming service to make the show available to viewers worldwide with English subtitles as soon as the episodes are published in Turkey. Until then, fans from other nations must wait. Enjoy your stream!

Yali Capkini Episodes Guide and Schedule

  • Episode 1 Fri Sep 23, 2022
  • Episode 2 Fri Sep 30, 2022
  • Episode 3 Fri Oct 07, 2022
  • Episode 4 Fri Oct 14, 2022
  • Episode 5 Fri Oct 21, 2022
  • Episode 6 Fri Oct 28, 2022
  • Episode 7 Fri Nov 04, 2022
  • Episode 8 Fri Nov 11, 2022
  • Episode 9 Fri Nov 18, 2022
  • Episode 10 Fri Nov 25, 2022
  • Episode 11 Fri Dec 02, 2022
  • Episode 12 Fri Dec 09, 2022
  • Episode 13 Fri Dec 16, 2022
  • Episode 14 Fri Dec 23, 2022
  • Episode 15 Fri Dec 30, 2022
  • Episode 16 Fri Jan 06, 2023
  • Episode 17 Fri Jan 13, 2023
  • Episode 18 Fri Jan 20, 2023
  • Episode 19 Fri Jan 27, 2023
  • Episode 20 Fri Feb 03, 2023
  • Episode 21 Fri Feb 10, 2023
  • Episode 22 Fri Feb 17, 2023

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