Haganezuka Face Reveal In Demon Slayer

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Demon Slayer Haganezuka Face reveal Season 3 Episode 7
Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 [Credits: Crunchyroll]

Demon Slayer has once again hyped the fans up with the most awaited face reveal of the series: Haganezuka’s face reveal. Demon Slayer is well known for its beautiful animation, well-rounded characters, and a rather pleasing art style in general. Fans had already been feeling restless to see Haganezuka’s face animated, and their wishes finally came true in Demon Slayer’s Season 3 Episode 7. With attractive features and a delicate face, fans are swooning over Haganezuka more than ever!

The Episode was intense, to begin with, with terror flooding the swordsmith village and a powerful demon suddenly appearing in their safe haven. Haganezuka had been gone for the most part in Season 3 after he cussed Tanjirou out for breaking his sword yet again. Being a proud and stubborn swordsmith, Haganezuka felt aggravated by Tanjirou’s lack of ability to take care of his sword. His pride as a swordsmith took a hit each time Tanjirou’s sword was damaged in a fight.

Demon Slayer Haganezuka Face reveal Season 3 Episode 7
Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 [Credits: Crunchyroll]
At the beginning of Season 3, Tanjirou asks Haganezuka for a new sword after waking up from his coma, but he is met with a flurry of curses in response. Tanjirou, desperate for a new sword, travels to the Swordsmith Village after getting permission from the Head of the Demon Slayer Corps. Unfortunately, the Village Leader told Tanjirou that Haganezuka had fled and was currently hiding somewhere, cursing his stubborn demeanor. Fans were eager to see Haganezuka get more screen time throughout.

Who is Haganezuka

Haganezuka is one of the supporting characters in Demon Slayer who first appeared on screen in Season 1 after Tanjirou broke his first sword during his fight with the Lower Moon 6 Demon. The bold yet quirky character appeared on screen, wearing a squid mask, to yell at Tanjirou for his weakness and proudly told Tanjirou that his sword was flawless, so Tanjirou’s lack of strength is to blame for the sword being damaged. Tanjirou is left bewildered by his encounter with the strange man.

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Throughout the series, Haganezuka wears a squid mask whenever he comes on screen, which piques everyone’s curiosity about how his face actually looks like. Haganezuka was a fine wordsmith, and he wore a mask for the sake of anonymity as a Nichirin swordmaker since that was the custom followed by all swordsmiths. The mask worn by Haganezuka and the rest of the swordsmiths was quite funny, and no one expected to see such a beautiful man hidden beneath the eccentric exterior.

Demon Slayer Haganezuka Face reveal Season 3 Episode 7
Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 [Credits: Crunchyroll]
Haganezuka is shown to be a temperamental character, someone who takes extreme pride in his work as a swordsmith and pays an enormous amount of attention to his craft. Despite his angry demeanor, Haganezuka is a genius when it comes to forging swords, someone who wants perfection in his work. Perhaps that’s why Haganezuka felt extremely angry when Tanjirou kept breaking his swords since it was a direct hit at Haganezuka’s ability as a Nichirin Swordsmith.

Haganezuka Face Reveal

Haganezuka’s face was revealed in Season 3 Episode 7 when everyone was busy fighting the upper-moon 5 Demon, who is extremely strong. Along with the Mist Hashira Muichiro, Tanjirou is prepared to show his abilities as a strong and capable member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Gyokko manages to trap the Mist Hashira in his attack and proceeds to enter Kozo Kanamori’s shed, where Hotarou Haganezuka is busy at work. Haganezuka was completely absorbed in his task as he polished Tanjirou’s sword.

Gyokko finds Haganezuka to be interesting, watching the odd man fully concentrating on polishing the sword, giving no indication to acknowledge Gyokko’s presence. Haganezuka’s concentration and demeanor irk the Demon, who proceeds to attack Haganezuka in an attempt to break his concentration. However, Haganezuka continued to ignore Gyokko and kept working on the sword even though the attacks gave Haganezuka several wounds.

Demon Slayer Haganezuka Face reveal Season 3 Episode 7
Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7 [Credits: Crunchyroll]
Gyokko was even more agitated now and proceeded to attack Haganezuka several more times, but nothing broke Haganezuka’s determination and concentration. During one of these attacks, Haganezuka’s mask falls off, and we see a beautiful man with dark hair and eyes. As an artist himself, Gyokko finds Haganezuka’s dedication to being irksome since Gyokko could never achieve that himself. Even though Haganezuka is supposed to be wearing the mask at all times, even the mask falling off did not make him budge one bit.

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Fans began swooning over Haganezuka’s pretty face, which was beautiful enough to be comparable to Inosuke. Haganezuka’s delicate features and beautiful long hair proved to be a heart-stopper. Fans who had been laughing at Haganezuka’s funny squid mask couldn’t believe that the contrasting stern and mesmerizing face was hiding behind it. The fans even compared Haganezuka’s face to Kyousuke Baji from Tokyo Revengers.

Demon Slayer Season 3: Where to Watch

Demon Slayer Season 3 is available to watch on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix

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