Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI: Everything We Know So Far

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Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI
Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI (Credits: Kodansha)

A Blue Lock Movie Episode of NAGI has been announced, but it is unfortunately not what you are thinking. At the end of season one, Blue Lock has already announced an upcoming second season and a movie; although the movie isn’t the U20 Game, an arc that everyone wants to be animated as a movie. Instead, the movie focuses on their spinoff novel, Episode NAGI, which highlights Nagi’s life before he meets Isagi, how he got into soccer, and his story through the first election.

We get to see his point of view in the Game of tag and his games against Niko, Barou, and the Wanima Twins. I am a Nagi fan, so I am hyped for this upcoming movie. The story will feature Nagi, that can never be a genius on his own; only once someone discovers, it will take the form; this is the story of where everything started in the life of Nagi Seishiro and his moment and encounter. 

The spinoff was released on June 9th, 2022, in Kodansha Shonen magazine, after chapter 178 of the mainline manga series. Along with following Nagi as the main protagonist, other things follow up in his life, like how he met Mikage Reo and started playing soccer, etc. Before discussing the announced movie adaptation of this spinoff,  let us look at the manga’s synopsis. 

What To Expect From Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI?

I like how we get the opportunity to learn more about Nagi and other characters like Reo, Zantetsu, and a few others, and what exactly goes through their heads with their ideals and whatnot, for example, at the start of the first chapter of this spinoff we see Nagi waking up, getting ready to go to school.

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While getting ready, we get some inner monologue moments with Nagi and his philosophy about life and how anything and everything to him is such a hassle, such as being hungry. He states that if humans didn’t feel hungry, he wouldn’t need to eat, and with that, they wouldn’t need to brush their teeth. 

Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI
Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI (Credits: Kodansha)

Now, of course, we see this a bit in the main story of Blue Lock and how Reo gives him piggybacks to where he wants to go. Still, because this spinoff is mainly dedicated to Nagi, it becomes way more apparent, showing us just how lazy of a guy Nagi is. 

I also love how they explored Reo’s and Zantetsu’s characters. Reo is low-key, one of my favorite characters in Blue Lock, but mainly for his ability and the overall balance of his stats to easily mimic technique.

Although Reo was shown to be Nagi’s number throughout the main series, in the spinoff, we see the true football knowledge and skills Reo possesses. 

The first match in the spinoff manga is between Hakuho, a school team Reo formed only shortly after Nagi agreed to play football with him, and Amore Dadada. This team regularly completes Nationals. 

We see how much Reo has put into his goal of winning a world cup, not only physically but mentally, studying different tactics and information, as well as wording out and practicing day in and day out, but how much hard work paid off for Reo. 

Reo has amazing talent, and in this match, we see Reo being an amazing playmaker, able to read and create efficient plays and carry them out successfully and effectively with his physicality. Reo dribbles and passes are also extremely shown to get past players, who have most likely been in the sport way longer than he has with ease. 

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Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI Release Date

Currently, there are no official release dates announced by the production house of Blue Lock. Although the studio also announces Blue Lock Season 2, they may release the movie near the second season’s premiere, which means we can expect to see the Blue Lock Movie Episode NAGI in the autumn of 2024. Trailers will come out in the next month. 

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