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The Devil You Know Ending Explained

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The Devil You Know Ending Explained!

The Devil You Know’s ending explained is a post that the fans are searching for now. We have arrived with the same and packed all the details regarding the ending of the film, the characters, and whether a real-life incident inspired the plot.

The movie is based on a genuine story by Charles Murray saw the screenwriter and executive director of the said film. Murray’s childhood dream was to become a director. His intensity led his family to believe that he had no other options.

Charles claimed in an interview with one of the leading newspapers that the film also took advantage of his interactions with his brother. However, the inspiration for the tale came from a report he read in a newspaper about a guy who spilled the beans on his family.

Unsurprisingly, the family cut him off. The guy in the daily story was shunned because he depended on his family. Let’s move on and explore what happened at the film’s ending.

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What is the plot of The Devil You Know?

 Drew, Marcus, Anthony, and Terry Cowans grew up in a happy home with two parents. However, while the oldest and youngest siblings, Anthony but also Terry, have spouses, steady jobs, and happy lifestyles, the younger brothers have some difficulty.

Marcus overcame his alcoholism and was released from jail, but his father Lloyd set him up to operate a municipal bus, while his sister-in-law also placed him with her colleague Eva. Sadly, as Marcus succeeds, Drew fails due to his girl leaving him, his job being lost, and his growing desperation to the point of spending out with Stacy & Al, who are notorious for getting into trouble.

Due to this, the issue of who will be found guilty of the crime and whether it will result from competent sleuthing or snitching arises after a house invasion into murder prompts a soon-to-retire investigator named Joe to look into the matter.

The Devil You Know’s Characters’ Outline


The eldest child of Della & Lloyd, Antony runs a construction-focused company under the lineage.


Marcus, a formerly incarcerated alcoholic, is currently making a return in life thanks to a new chance to operate a city bus.

The Devil You Know trailer

A still from The Devil You Know.


Drew’s life has lately taken a turn for the worse after losing his position and longtime partner, something he doesn’t like because he was used to Marcus becoming the household failure.



Eva, shown to be Anthony’s spouse’s colleague at a nearby hospital, hasn’t been dating for a while and still is mourning the untimely deaths of her two brothers.


The Cowans had known Stacy, who operates a nearby hairdresser, for as far as they can remember. However, before Drew did get involved with him, his issues weren’t family issues.

The Devil You Know trailer

The three brothers.


Al, Stacy’s assistant, is always close by and is undoubtedly quick with a weapon.


The patriarch of the said Cowans family, Lloyd, is frequently spotted watching a sporting event on television.


Joe is an investigator working on his last case since the trauma has gotten too great after numerous Black bodies were found guilty or with chalked lines surrounding them.

The Devil You Know trailer

A still from The Devil You Know.


Della is indeed the matriarch of the Cowans clan and a professional accountant.


Terry’s spouse is Loren.

The Devil You Know Ending Explained

It is disclosed that Drew was responsible for the mom and dad of that family’s murder and possible child abuse. Additionally, he killed both Al & Stacy and portrayed it as theft when they grew too tough to control.

We also learned that Drew’s relationship with Al & Stacy developed due to his financial difficulties. When the heist didn’t go as intended because everyone was at the house, Drew did whatever he needed to do.

The Devil You Know trailer

The Devil You Know’s ending.

Drew was left with no choice but to murder Stacey and AI. Since Al was not the sort to maintain composure and since Marcus presented an anonymous phone call that detective Joe followed up on, Drew had to resort to such an option. Drew was on the outs, so Al had to murder them both.

Al had indeed hit Marcus and promised to do much more. Marcus knows Drew is engaged, but the remainder of the family is unaware. Eva knows certain information, but what about Della, Antony, Terry, or Lloyd? Disregard the fact that they are Drew’s brothers’ spouses.

They were clueless. Therefore, Drew attempts to slash Marcus to murder when Marcus chooses to let this burden off his shoulders because keeping Drew’s secrets is the such reason he has relapsed into drinking.

The Devil You Know trailer

The Devil You Know’s ending explained.

The knowledge that his family didn’t see him with contempt, as Marcus did or does, stopped Drew from hitting rock bottom. But after Marcus shares that knowledge and Drew observes his parents’ reactions, he chooses to stay up to the notoriety Marcus has just given him by going all out.

We do have a question: Will Marcus stop defending his brother due to this? The movie doesn’t say, but as Joe visits Marcus’ patient’s room in search of knowledge, we wonder if Marcus would once more withhold all data from Joe. We hope we get a sequel so that we get an answer to this.

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