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Who is Mystic7’s Girlfriend in 2022? Everything We Know

Mystic7 and Lauren Higgs
Mystic7 and Lauren Higgs

What do we know about Mystic7’s girlfriend? Who is Mystic dating in 2022? Brandon professionally known as Mystic7 is a professional Youtuber. Over the years of his career as a Youtuber, he has achieved a lot of respect and fan following as well. Most of his videos are based on MMO Clash of Clash. He makes different strategies for the Clash of Clans lover to win every match in every possible way. And let me tell you year by year his strategies are improving and his popularity is increasing on another level. Especially kids are admiring him a lot.

Besides making strategic videos, he also runs another gaming channel with the name MYSTIC7 Plays. On this channel, he only plays Clash of Clash Royale. And most of his income is generated from YouTube. And let me tell you, he has around 21.8 lakh subscribers on YouTube which is a great achievement at this age. Undoubtedly he has achieved a lot in a very shorter period of time than anyone could wish for. And today he becomes an inspiration to thousands of game lovers.

Now talking about Mystic7’s personal life, well let me tell you it is as interesting as his professional life. Especially his love. And we all know that he is a celebrity now, so it becomes obvious that he must have been in a relationship with quite a lot of women. As far as we know he has dated quite a few high-profile women, some with the same profession and some with others.  So if you wanna know who is Mystic7’s girlfriend, then you are in right place. Here we will reveal, Mystic7’s girlfriend and past relationship as well. Come let’s dig into Mystic7’s love life.

Mystic7’s girlfriend in 2022 revealed

It’s now finally time to reveal the most asked question about Mstic7. That is about Mystic7’s girlfriend. His social media is flooded with messages asking about his girlfriend. Fans are more than curious to know who is Mystic7’s girlfriend in 2022.

Mystic7 and Lauren Higgs

Mystic7 and Lauren Higgs

For the past few years, Mystic7 has been continuously spotted with a beautiful woman. And the woman is none other than, Lauren Higgs. Lauren Higgs is a social media influencer and fashion model as well. She is best known for her participation in so many competitions including Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2016, Maxim Swimwear Model of the Year 2017, 2018, Face of Origin 2017, and many more.

Besides that, she has collaborated with so many fashion labels, magazines, and calendars as well. And she is quite famous on Instagram as well with around 51k followers. But she is still on a path to achieving more heights in her future. Now come let’s talk about Mystic7 and Lauren’s relationship as a boyfriend-girlfriend.

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About Mystic7’s relationship with Lauren Higgs

Now talking about Lauren and Mystic7’s relationship with each other. As far as we know, Lauren and Mystic7 are seeing each other since 2019. The first time people saw them together was in 2019.

Who is Mystic7's girlfriend in 2022?

Mystic7 and Lauren Higgs

Since then people started assuming that they are dating each other Later, the couple itself confirmed their relationship with each other, by posting pictures on social media. In the initial months of their relationship, they seemed very close to each other. They were spotted so many times together at restaurants, shopping malls, and movie theatres as well.

And every time people see them together, they felt so happy for them. Fans liked them together a lot. And it seems that they were madly in love with each other. But sometimes things didn’t go as they are supposed to go. The same happened with Mystic7 and Lauren. A couple of days ago Mystic7 posted a story on his Instagram handle with a message on it. And according to that message, it seems that Mystic7 and Higgs are no more together.

Mystic7 wrote a message that Lauren Higgs and Mystic7 have broken up with each other. He added, that the couple mutually decided that they will remain friends and will support each other in every situation. But we are still not confirmed about their breakup because when we go through their Instagram following, we noticed that they are still following each other. And there are chances that he is maybe doing a prank. But for now, we can only assume that Lauren Higgs is not Mystic7’s girlfriend anymore. For more updates you can also check out Mystic7’s Instagram handle given below:

Mystic7: @mystic7

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