Elemento Movie Ending Explained: How Did The Horror Anthology End?

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Elemento Movie Ending Explained
2016 Elemento (Credits: GMA Network)

2016 film Elemento is a dominant discussion, and it is all worth it. However, we will see how Elemento ended and whether this horror anthology did justice to the end of the film. Curious to know? Moreover, the film has all the elements of a perfect horror drama with many unique flairs.

The cast of Elemento includes Cristine Reyes as Kara, Albert Silos as Lucas, Elizabeth Oropesa as Lucille, Jake Cuenca as Milos, Cholo Barretto as Oliver, Jenny Quizon as Milos’ Girlfriend, Rolando Inocencio as Woodcutter, Solomon Mark De Guzman as Iñigo.

It also has Sebastian Vargas Jr. as Mitch, Mitzy Omega as Ghost, Michael Mebawa as Mike, and Josh Stangeland as Ghost in prime roles. The movie starts with Kara, her past, and what she was like. Below is the trailer for Elemento. Check it out to know the premise of the movie. 

The film literally has all the ingredients of being a spicy, sometimes funny, suspenseful, and perfect horror drama. But did it do all the justice to the characters and the plot? We shall cover all about Elemento. However, read further to know Elemento’s movie ending. Let’s go!

Elemento Movie Synopsis

This supernatural drama revolves around a son and a mother, but this is no ordinary plot. Lucas is Kara’s son who went on a school trip, and that was in a forest. However, that forest trip kind of changed the lives of both of them. After his return, Kara starts to feel strange happenings.

At first, she thought it to be nothing but dreams but never did she think that it would become her worst nightmare. Thus, it was some soul that captured Lucas’s body. When Kara comes to know everything about it, she is determined to do anything it takes to save his son.

Elemento Movie Ending

Kara was a single mother for the longest time, and all she has is Lucas and her job as a real estate agent. When she notices that it is because of his son that she is getting those haunted dreams, it is nothing more than heartbreak for her. But she did not lose hope and yet gathered her spirits to make things normal.

Kara Goes To The Forest

However, to know about the base of the spirit that has acquired the body of Lucas, Kara goes to the same forest to recollect all the memories. Though never Kara could even sense, then every finger would point at her while introspecting the whole scenario.

‘Elemento’ plot
Cristine Reyes as Kara (Credits: GMA Network)

Lucas was always the nicest kid a mother could ask for, and he never created any trouble for her. But then comes a very unexpected turn that Kara could not even think of. It turns out it was Kara who proved to be a bad mother who prioritizes her work over her son. For some potential sales, she ignores everything, even her son, and that typically shows her carelessness from the very beginning.

Kara’s Negligence

In a scene, it was shown that Kara misses Lucas while in a restaurant, and thus she does not seem to care a lot. However, when she even finds him, she does not pay that much attention to him and is seen being engaged on a work call. Her continuous calling of Lucas when he is in his field shows her immature behavior.

An Incomplete End

The movie keeps on stretching just at this point, and it was kind of baseless. There was no conclusion, no real deals, and it literally had an unsatisfactory ending. Kara was exposed, and this was all. However, Lucas was not given any importance about what actually happened to him and whether he got back to normal or not.

It was indeed an unfinished business! However, this is the whole ending of Elemento. Also, it wanted to convey a very powerful message through a mother and a son, but it seemed like it could not reach that point. So what do you think of the ending of this horror drama? Keep streaming! 

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