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The Golden Spoon Episode 16: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Golden Spoon recap
The Golden Spoon Episode 16: Release Date,

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The release date of Golden Spoon episode 16 is approaching faster than most fans realize, and they are eager to learn more about the show’s upcoming episode. We will briefly examine what happened in the last episode before revealing The Golden Spoon Episode 16.

In this episode, Mom had a nice moment when she defended her husband when CEO Hwang denigrated him by using that artist’s toolbox. Dad merely wanted the best for both of his sons and went above and beyond to provide them with any minor luxury he could. It’s telling that he spent the pocket money Mom provided him on a new suit for Tae-Yong, only for Tae-long to realize that Dad still wears the same worn-out attire.

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What Happened In The Golden Spoon’s Last Episode?

Our leads are scrambling to get their tales straight while those around them are reeling from the disclosures now that the cat is out of the bag. No good act goes unpunished, and neither does a spoon swap. The whims of the cosmos abruptly switch our spoon guys back, which unavoidably causes a new wave of mayhem.

The Golden Spoon recap

A still from the last episode of The Golden Spoon.

There are some positive outcomes from it. Tae-Yong finally musters the resolve to oppose CEO Hwang, demonstrating how his time spent as “Seung-Cheon” helped him grow into a more moral person. Tae-Yong puts snobby snobs in their place at a board meeting by claiming that the company belongs to the regular protesting people, not to him or the executives.

In stark contrast, Seung-Cheon sneers to his buddies that erratic stockholders have no ownership stake in the business. Speaking about Seung-Cheon, he returns home to a birthday meal that Mom diligently prepared and is wealthy by the Lee family’s standards. His birthday wish, which we only know, is to revert to his previous identity as “Tae-Yong.”

Yeo-jin realizes that Seung-Cheon, her favorite puppet, is now Tae-Yong rather quickly after discovering that “Tae-Yong” is no longer that. She starts making plans to retrieve Seung-Cheon right away. Joo-hee, meanwhile, heard one of Yeo-unusually-jin’s loud phone conversations and learned about the exchange.

The Golden Spoon recap

A still from the last episode of The Golden Spoon.

Joo-hee drives Seung-Cheon to the shore and recalls previous travel plans to support her assumptions. Insisting that Tae-Yong must have said those things, Seung-Cheon plays along. However, Joo-hee made it all up, so he has only disclosed that he is back where he was before.

Joo-hee sincerely informs Seung-Cheon that while his upbringing and status are significant, his moral character is what counts. She tries to convince Seung-Cheon she still likes him, but he responds angrily, feeling bad for leaving his family and her.

She hugs him and says she misses him instead of confronting him about his unpleasant behavior or reprimanding him for abandoning her alone on the beach till nearly dusk. Seung-Cheon responds by kissing her. Joo-hee is certainly kindhearted, but lately, she’s been giving off the impression of being a bit of a doormat.

She spent more than a decade oblivious to the switch, so it seemed a bit abrupt and strange to embrace this fantastical notion so quickly. I’m not sure about you, but I’m not feeling this relationship very much. Tae-Yong remembers key facts from the evening of CEO Na’s passing, in addition to remembering that Joon-tae was the real school gunman.

The Golden Spoon recap

The leads share a kiss.

Tae-Yong spat with CEO Na, rushed out of the house, and returned to discover him dead. We finally get to know our bad papa regarding CEO Hwang. Learn more about Hwang Hyun-Donal, our evil papa, and how he changed through time. He wasn’t always Hwang Hyun-do, and he used to use a golden spoon.

The realization that “Seung-Cheon” wasn’t the son he previously knew has left Dad in shock, but it doesn’t stop him from loving him. After viewing his memories, Dad is inspired by Tae-earnest Yong’s statement to Seung-Cheon that he would rather have his parents than any amount of money the spoon could provide.

He then decides to treat Tae-long as his son. Seung-decision Cheon’s decision to leave his wife behind may have upset Dad, but he has a big heart and can’t continue to be angry with his son. He invites Seung-Cheon over for a simple supper because he wants to spend one final meal with him before permanently letting go of his biological son.

The Golden Spoon recap

A still from the last episode of The Golden Spoon.

Dad encourages “Tae-Yong” to always keep in mind the kind heart Seung-Cheon had as he hands him a poem that Seung-Cheon once penned as a little child about all the simple pleasures in life people enjoy without paying for them.

The Golden Spoon Episode 16 Release Date?

The Golden Spoon Episode 16 release date is November 12, 2022. The Golden Spoon Episode 16 will air at 7:45 am EST on MBC. International fans can stream The Golden Spoon Episode 16 at 8 pm IST, 10 pm KST, and 12 am EDT (Nov 13).

The Golden Spoon Episode 16: Where To Watch

The Golden Spoon Episode 16 will stream on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.

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