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Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode 8, 9 & 10 Release Date: Zanab and Cole Together

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8 to 10 have their release date very soon. But before we talk about that, let us look at the chaos which has happened till now. Back in Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 6 and 7, we saw that Raven and SK are excited to sleep together but only after they are married. Turns out that Zanab and Cole are now hitting a rock in their relationship.

This week was parents’ meeting day, and Cole’s parents straight-up refused to meet with Zanab. They are not being supportive of their son’s choices, maybe because he already has been through a divorce, and now they do not trust him with his decisions. At the same time, we can understand their concern about finding love through a reality TV series, let alone an experiment. Now, Zanab does take Cole to her stepmother Beverly. The two have some introductory conversations. Beverly also prays for Cole, which was such a sweet little gesture.

As for Raven’s parents, they too do not support her decision and marriage to SK. Instead, she takes him to meet with her friends, who are amazing by the way. Although, the group is not so sure about her and SK. They are totally looking out for their friend. As for SK’s mother, she talks to Raven and loves her for her.

The fact that concerns her, though, is why her parents are not on board for this relationship. SK’s mother even said that she would actually be welcome into the Nigerian community easily as a wife. The two are going to have a long distance pretty soon while SK is going to be unemployed so I don’t know how they are going to work that situation out within themselves.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode 8 to 10 Release Date

A still of Alexa and Brennon

Love Is Blind Season 3 – Recap

Now, we see that Nancy is actually a very smart investor at that. She has an Airbnb property which gives her a passive income of at least 6000 dollars a month. Although, there are various properties that Nancy actually owns with her ex. This makes Bartise a little jealous but he shuts them off completely because Nancy is rich as hell and he might too get a chance to grow financially with her. We have also seen them saying to her that Raven is super hot and again, this is a total red flag for her but she chose not to see it yet.

Now, we get to visit Nancy’s family who is super supportive and understanding. Although, they are not afraid of giving her their honest opinion. She has a brother named Jesus who is very funny and the other named Steve who just does not understand the reasons that Bartise has for loving Nancy (he says they are not enough to be in love).

By the end of this conversation with her brothers, it is revealed that Bartise is shallow as hell and is super fatphobic and truly a kid of 25 years old who is not serious about marriage. He believes himself of so but it is clear that he is immature.

When Nancy’s brothers ask if he would still love Nancy if she was fat and gained 400 pounds, he says that he is not attracted to someone that fat and would try to put her on a diet before it gets to that. I mean, women have kids (as Baryise clearly wants kids) and this means the postpartum weight, and sometimes it is just tough for women to bounce back. He is also against abortion, and it is such a huge red flag to have.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode 8 to 10 Release Date

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8 to 10 release date is on the 2nd of November 2022. They will mark the third week of the season. It will be released on Netflix at 3 AM Eastern Time. New episodes release weekly on Wednesdays.

How to Watch Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8 to 10

Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8 to 10 can be easily watched on Netflix. The platform costs 8.99 dollars a month basic recharge plan with no ads. It can also go higher up to 15.99 dollars or even 19.99 dollars a month.

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