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Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Release Date, Preview, and Streaming Details

Crash Landing on You Episode 16

In this post, we are going to talk about Crash Landing on You Episode 16 release date, preview, and streaming details. As we know, the show has aired its fourteenth episode on Sunday, and we are going to talk about the upcoming weekend episodes! However, it will include spoilers from previous and next episodes, so stay aware and avoid spoilers by reading release date and streaming sections only.

Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Release Date

The show is now fourteen episodes deep into its debut season, and the fifteenth and sixteenth episodes are due this weekend. The 16th episode of Crash Landing on You season 1 is all set to air on 15 February 2020, although the fourteenth episode was released on 9 February 2020. The episode titles are not released, and the average runtime of Crash Landing on You episodes in 70 minutes. The sixteenth episode will be the season finale

Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Preview

In the previous set of episodes, we saw Ri Jung Hyuk and Jo Chul Kang both facing each other Seoul. Jo Chu Kang does not help himself from falling in the trap as he was trying to trick Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri using Jung Man Bok. Then we saw Jo Chul Kang with his gun, aiming on Ri Jung Hyuk, which made Yoon Se Ri to rush herself in front of the line of fire. As a result, she gets a bullet wound by Jo Chul Kang. She faints while Ri Jung Hyuk holds her in his arms. Meanwhile, Ri Jung Hyuk has Yoon Se Ri’s older brother, Yonn Se Hyung with her. However, Ri Jung Hyuk is pretending that he is Yoon Se Ri’s bodyguard. The older brother Yoon Se Hyung appears to have done something to have angered Ri Jung Hyuk.

Here is the latest sneak-peek from the tvN YouTube channel:

Here is the latest tweet of the tvN Twitter about the show:

Crash Landing on You Episode 16 Streaming Details

The show is aired on the tvN channel in the South Korea at 9 PM KST, and new episodes are released on weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays. Nonetheless, the next week will be the last with new episodes. Furthermore, viewers outside of South Korea can watch the show on Netflix!