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Top 5 Character We Won’t Be Seeing In The MCU Again

Avengers Endgame Poster

It’s been some time ever since Avengers Endgame came to an end. The movie was one of the biggest and most influential superhero movies of all time. No other movie from the genre has ever come close to its level.

The movie did so well that right now, it’s the highest-grossing movie in the whole world, beating Avatar, the previous titleholder. The Avengers franchise has made dreams come true for a lot of people. We got to see some of our favorite superheroes come together.

It’s not just that we got to see some iconic characters together on screen, but Avengers did a lot of things right that swooped away fans. From near-perfect casting to amazing storylines, wonderful acting, CGI, and animation on another level to amazing cinematography, the entire franchise goes down in the SuperHero hall of fame.

Avengers Endgame

We are all proud of Marvel for giving all of the characters the dedication and love they deserve. By taking on such a massive project, a ton of criticism and hate is guaranteed, but Marvel has always risen to the occasion and dealt with it.

We have to give credit where credit is due, Marvel has been criticized for not giving much attention to certain characters. First off, with a roster of so many important characters in a single movie, it’s hard to give equal attention and importance to every single one, but Marvel took in the criticism, and they solved it.

With the next phase, they gave every fan what they wanted, people didn’t like Hawkeye got so little role, Marvel gave us Hawkeye seres. People wanted more Wanda and Vision, Marvel gave us WandaVision. We need more Wakanda, a new Wakanda series is being made. Just like we said, we need to give Marvel credit where credit is due.

Now coming to the main topic, but before we jump into it, keep in mind there will be a ton of spoilers for the Avengers movie if you haven’t watched it, which is highly unlikely.

Throughout the franchise, we have gotten to know and have fallen in love with some of the most iconic and amazing characters of all time. But it was known that this ride has an end, even though we never wanted to think about it, we knew an end was coming.

The end came in the shape of Infinity War and Endgame. We had to say goodbye to a lot of people we have gone onto love and adore through the years. To say we were crying our eyes out at the end of both movies is an understatement.

Avengers Endgame 2

After Endgame, it’s not like there isn’t any good news. We got tons of new TV shows, new movies, new characters that are going to be making an appearance, and so on. But still, the loss of some of the most iconic ones cannot be forgotten.

Let’s look at some of such characters who have left after Endgame. Some might make an appearance again we’re not sure. We’re going to be mentioning characters that have died in the plot and also actors who have left because of their contracts expiring.

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1. Thanos

The big baddy, the most dreaded villain we have ever come across in Marvel Movies. He is also the one who started it all, or should I say the one who ended it all.

Everyone most likely has an unhealthy hatred towards Thanos just because he single-handedly caused the current state of the Avengers. We’re used to villains making a huge announcement to ending all life and taking over the universe, but no one ever does it.

Thanos MCU

But Thanos actually did it, he did what he was planning to do. WHY! We weren’t used to villains sticking to and completing what they had set out to accomplish, we expected a feel-good ending where Thanos was wiped of off existence.

In a way, there had to be an ending someday, and we’re happy cause this does feel like the best sendoff ever. If the Avengers had to go out by fighting a villain, the villain had to be Thanos without a doubt. Now let’s talk more about the character.

Josh Brolin portrayed him exceptionally well. So well that there are tons of people who relate to what his goals were. The character became so iconic that we still see his dialogues being used as references in memes and videos.

For people to sympathize and relate to a villain that wiped off some of our favorite characters, you have to understand how amazing the character was then.

The villain was just amazing, we could feel his sheer strength through the screens. We saw fear in the faces of several heroes, which itself gave us a sense of how great a threat Thanos was. Even though it was heartbreaking but seeing this villain easily kill or defeat some of the most powerful and amazing characters was a sight to behold.

The guy destroyed Hulk like he was a ragdoll, not just that he scared Hulk so much that he wouldn’t even come out. Who in this world can say that he scared the Incredible Hulk! The character was also written so well, we saw his moments with Gamora, it did tug on our heartstrings.

He also was defeated in the best way possible. The guy has been a threat from many movies before, and he ended everything in Infinity War with a snap. But in Endgame, our favorite hero, iron man, clapped back with the same snap destroying his entire army and Thanos himself.

Now let’s learn a little more about the character.

Thanos 2

As we know, Thanos hails from planet Titan. His aim or objective in life is known throughout the universe. The mad warrior wants to bring stability or balance to the universe. This doesn’t seem like such a diabolical plan, but his means of achieving this is what makes him a villain.

The guy wants to eliminate half the universe. This is because Thanos believes that everyone is building up towards their destruction caused by the mass population. And the only remedy to this would be the elimination of half of the entire population, well that is what he thinks.

Eliminating half of the universe is a very near to impossible task, even for a mad genocidal warrior like him. That is why he is in search of the infinity stones from the beginning. His search can be tracked to the beginning movies themselves, he is the one who sent in Loki, Ronan, and so on.

But no one was able to complete the task that was given to them. Not only did they fail to complete the assigned task, but they ended up causing more problems for Thanos. This lead to him saying the iconic line, “Fine, I’ll do it myself”, and do it himself he did.

Lets’ learn a little more about his backstory. He was born into the planet Titan as a titan. A race of enormous super-powerful beings. It is from this planet where he built up his objective of saving the universe by reducing it in half. Let’s look at why he started to go down his path.

His planet Titan was always threatened by extinction due to overpopulation. Everyone was starving, and it did look like everything was coming to an end. This seemed like the end for their entire beings.

That is when Thanos stepped in. he gave everyone the idea of killing half of the population by random. That way, the problem of overpopulation would be solved, and they could start to build from the ground up again. But others were taken aback by such a violent and drastic and idea and ended up exiling him from the planet.

But just like Thanos had predicted, the unfortunate happened. Titan was reduced to nothingness, and his entire race wiped out, leaving him as the only remaining Titan. Angered and depressed by what had happened, he decided he would make sure this would never happen to any other planet. As he believes if this kept on happening everywhere, then, in the end, the Universe itself would be destroyed.

That is how he became the mad titan we know today. With his superhuman everything, he started conquering planets left and right. He then went on command armies and finally became the most feared entity in the universe. When the infinity stones were added into the mix, it was obvious that right now, no one would be able to stop him.

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2. Heimdall

Played by Idris Elba, Heimdall has been a fan-favorite character, but with his set of issues. By issue, what we mean is that the character never got any screen time in the previous movies. He was never used in the best way possible.

The actor himself stated that he didn’t have a good time shooting the Thor movies. It was evident on screen as well. Such a rich character wasn’t given the recognition he deserved, Heimdall is such an iconic and important character in the comics.

Heimdall MCU

But Marvel corrected this quickly with Thor Ragnarok. This movie hit big everywhere, the entire Thor franchise was rebooted. One of the changes we saw was for Heimdall. He now had a much more prominent role throughout the movie, he was banished from Asgard. So now it was up to him to keep everyone safe from the evil clutches of Hela.

But in Infinity War, this amazing character was killed off by, you guessed it, Thanos. Also unlike other characters who were killed off, Heimdall doesn’t have a new series or a movie coming in any time soon. This is Idris Elba’s last time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let us learn a little more about the character, keep in mind we are looking at just the Marvel Cinematic Universe version.

He is an all-seeing and all-hearing Asgardian. he used to be the guard of the famous Bifrost bridge. He has the power to see and hear everything that happens inside the nine realms.

From just the gist of things, we feel Heimdall is the type of guy that would never disobey orders. Especially after he has even taken to obey Odin forever, but that’s wrong, he keeps the safety of the realm over all other, one example of this is when he allowed Thor to return to Asgard to stop Loki.

By being the keeper of the Bifrost, Bridge Heimdall made sure not a single soul entered Asgard without him knowing. Heimdall is one of the elite Asgardians he has superhuman strength. He also has some amazing durability.

The best example of his amazing durability would be when we saw him get frozen by Loki. The guy didn’t have a scratch on him. We also saw how he could move at extraordinary speeds. The way he uses his sword is just legendary, we saw how amazing he was with it on Thor Ragnarok.

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3. Pepper Potts

Virginia “Pepper” Potts, played by Gweneth Paltrow, won’t be returning for another adventure. She wasn’t killed by Thanos or in any other way, this was a decision taken by the actress herself.

Paltrow stated that she’s getting too old to be playing the character, and after Endgame would be the perfect time to leave Pepper behind. So from here on out, we won’t be having any more of her on the MCU.

Pepper potts 2

Pepper Potts is for people who don’t the love interest of our main man Iron Man. And no, she doesn’t have any superhuman strength, and now she isn’t a superhero. Well, that was the cause for the first few movies she appeared in.

With Marvel being Marvel by iron Man 3, we saw the inner superhero come out of Pepper. Finally, in the endgame, we saw her suit up and bash in a ton of Thanos’s people.

Potts started as Starks assistant doing stuff any normal assistant would do. Slowly but obviously both of them became really good friends and developed romantic feelings for each other. She actually saved Tony in the first movie by helping kill his old business partner.

That is how she became the new business partner for Tony Stark. But our man Iron Man always knew his death was going to catch up to him eventually, so dreading this, he made her the CEO of Stark Industries. By the end of the second Iron Man movie, both of them addressed their romantic feelings for each other and officially became a couple.

In Endgame, we see her dawning the persona of Rescue and coming into the battlefield wearing a very cool-looking Mark XLIX armor. In the Battle Of Earth scene, we see a very iconic moment that involves all of the strong female leads in Marvel.

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4. Captain America

Okay, brace yourselves because we’re heading towards the most heartbreaking characters in this list. Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America won’t be returning to the MCU again. This is a sentence I never wanted to write.

The Captain is such an iconic character that putting into words what he was and how much he meant to the fans is a very hard task. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to play the Captain other than Steve Rogers.

Captain America MCU

The character’s first movie was phenomenal. The setting, the characters, the villain, everything was done beautifully. Then came Civil War, it will go down as one of the best movies in the Avengers Franchise.

In Civil War, we were brought so much closer to the character of Captain America. We saw the lengths he would go to save his dear friend, we could help but feel sorry for the Captain even though he was fighting our other favorite characters.

Let’s learn a little more about the character.

We’ll pick from after he was injected with the super serum, i.e., after he became one of the most powerful human beings on the planet. In 1943 he joined SSR, from then on, he went on to command the Howling Commandos in multiple missions.

It was during his time with the SSR where he struck up a relationship with agent Peggy Carter. She goes on to play a very important role in his life.

After that, the most difficult mission came in the form of Red Skull, Hyrda’s leader. But over, Captain was able to defeat the guy and save everyone in the process. But the only man he couldn’t save was himself.

In the end, he had to crash land in the Arctic, where he was frozen in ice for over 60 years. He was then later found by Shield and brought back into the world, which for him was a little bit hard to grasp at first.

After spending 60 years on the ice, who could blame the guy for being so terrified. Technology and the world, in general, was completely different now, and the one’s who held dear once was who knows where.

After this, we see the events of The Avengers, Civil War, his relation with Bucky, and so on. It’s so fun to see how the Captain interacts with the other Avengers. the best part is how out of touch he is with the world.

Steve is from the past he has completely no idea of what goes around, especially because the Avengers are like the technological Gods too. However out of touch may he be, there’s no better suited to control or command the Avengers.

He deserves the title of Captain. The guy can come up with a plan to take on an entire alien army in seconds, to command a group of superheroes, which includes the Hulk is a superpower in itself.

Captain America

In Endgame, we saw the Cap feeling a bit defeated. When you lose a battle with a titan and end up losing half the population of the earth, everyone has the right to feel defeated.

But Steve did not give up, like always was ready to put his life on the line and save every single person. Marvel made sure to give this iconic character the ending he deserved. We saw Cap go through a lot of trauma over the years, in our opinion, he never had anything good going for him.

He had to fight his teammates, lose his best friend, lose the love of his life, lose to Thanos, and so on. But still, he never gave up and fought for the entire planet. he deserves to be happy at least once, and the MCU made sure of it.

Steve Rogers is last seen going back in time to be with his beloved Peggy. That was the perfect ending for him, he saved humanity, and now he gets to lives his life the way he wanted as a reward.

We see him after, but not as the Steve we used to know. This Steve was old but happy. Yes, this time, it was evident he was happy. He passed on the mantle of Captain America and is now a happy man.

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5. Iron Man

The genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, is no more.

Finally, we reached this point. The death of Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man, is the biggest blow any Marvel fan can ever receive. The thunderstorm that followed on the internet was ruthless.

Iron Man MCU

People couldn’t believe what had happened, they were just in disbelief. Iconic isn’t the word for Iron Man. Everything about this character was done to perfection, especially the casting. This is not near perfect, Rober Downey Jr. was the perfect casting for Iron Man.

He portrayed the superhero in such an iconic manner, so iconic that we’d be telling stories about him for generations. The first iron Man movie kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. His death had every single person sobbing.

Let’s learn a little more about this amazing character.

Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man, was the former CEO of Stark Industries. The company is the largest tech conglomerate in the entire world., it is a multinational industrial company.

He took over Stark Industries and improved everything about the company by leaps and bounds. But when he found out that a ton of his weapons was being sold to terrorist organizations, things went south.

He was kidnapped by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. Our hero did seem like he was at the end of his life there, but no. He was only getting started. Being the genius that he is built an armored suit that acted as his means of escape.

After returning home, he now had to put his newfound knowledge to good use. There started the title of Iron Man. Stark started testing and creating tons of such armored suits with different abilities. With the new suits, he took on all kinds of villains, mainly terrorist forces.

One of his first villains was Obadiah Stane, who was supposed to be his best friend and business partner. After dawning the title, Stark had to step down as the CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper Potts was named to new CEO.

After the snap went down, Stark left the group and started to live the normal life. He married Pepper and now has a daughter. But when he was approached by the Avengers again, he had no other option to assist them.

In the final moments, during the battle of earth Iron Man showed everyone why he was one of the best heroes ever to grace our planet. Keep in mind this is not the first time where the guy was willing to give his life to save others.

Back in the first Avengers movie, we saw the iconic scene where Stark leads the missile back into space without thinking for a second about himself. Just like that, he was right there to save the world in Endgame.

Iron Man MCU 2

Just like how Captain got his perfect ending, this was also the perfect ending for iron Man. what better way to send the best superhero in the world than by him saving the entire Universe one last time. Keep in mind we used the term Universe, yes by eliminating the threat of Thanos, this human being saved the entire Universe.

For his final moments, we see him wearing the infinity gauntlet in an epic standoff, where we see Thanos in a rare scared to death face. That is when Tony mutters the iconic line one last time, “I am Iron Man”. And with that, he just saved the entire world.

For all Marvel fans, every single one of these losses hurts. Marvel is aware of this, and for that, they are releasing tons of new movies and series. Even though a ton of our heroes is gone, the franchise still has a lot to offer.

From the amazing WandaVision to the upcoming Spiderman 3, it looks like Marvel is just getting started.

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