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Monarch Episode 4: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide


Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Monarch is a show all about dynasties and protecting legacies. Romans have their built-up dynasty as one of the most talented country musicians. What looks like an honest foundation is nothing but multiple layers of lies and secrets. Slowly these troubling secrets start coming up to the surface, and this leaves the entire legacy in jeopardy. Monarch episode 4 will be released soon, and we might be able to see more secrets unraveling this week as well. 

Nicky Roman, who is trying to make a name for herself, is determined to go to any lengths to protect her family and what they have built over the years. She is fierce and dedicated and would not stop at anything. We are hopeful she isn’t late at saving things, but what if she is late to do the damage control? 

Her brother Luke Roman who is the CEO of their legacy Monarch entertainment, is always searching for his father’s approval. Luke is his mother’s favorite but somehow lacks the same from the father, which troubles him often. The youngest, Gigi Tucker Roman, also known as Ditto, is often left feeling like an outcast in this family. She has an amazing voice and is super close to her brother and sister but often isn’t able to release to the stardom running in the family like blood. With so many different characters, stories, and secrets, Monarch is nothing less than an American first family trying to stay afloat, and it is worth watching!

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Monarch Episode 3: Recap

Last week’s episode was titled “Show Them Who You Are, Baby”. Episode 3 of Monarch was nothing less than exciting. The episode unfolds with Nicky prepping to perform at the upcoming concert. This concert was at the Queens of country. During her time preparing, she finds out a big secret. Her recent knowledge of Clive’s affairs makes her want to shift the dynamics and turn things for him. Clive is played by the guest star Adam Croasdell in Monarch. 

Not only Nicky finds out about the truth she also informs Luke about the same. This leaves Luke with mixed emotions. On the other hand, Ana signs off with Monarch. To celebrate this wonderful news, Catt celebrates this news with Ana at the Brambles with a celebratory party. At the very same party, Ace and Ana make a connection. The episode left fans wanting more and excited for the upcoming episodes. The story is not over, with turns and secrets being spilled everywhere. 


What To Expect From Episode 4 Of Monarch? 

From what we can predict, this episode will give flame to the hidden secrets about the matriarch’s past in the Roman Family. Dottie’s sudden death would also be the key focus element of this week. On the other hand, Nicky will be seen making a very confident and bold move while trying to find a new song for her performance at the Roman Family Rodeo.

Luke will be noticeably angry this week, given the fact that Albie has a new manager. This new manager is Jamie Burke (guest star Damon Dayoub). There are a lot of twists in this week’s episode, and one needs to stay tuned to know more about what happens in Monarch.

Release Date Of Monarch Episode 4?

Monarch Episode 4, titled “Not Our First Rodeo,” will be released on 4th October 2022 at 09:00 p.m. ET/PT. There is no official confirmation, but rumor has it that the season will constitute 12 episodes. Keep an eye out for the release date of this week’s episode of Monarch, and watch it as soon as it releases with your choice of subscription. 


Where To Watch Episode 4 Of Monarch? 

The latest episodes of Monarch will air on FOX. These episodes of the series will also be available on FOX NOW. Fans can also watch episode 4 on Hulu the next day after the episode’s release on FOX. All the previous episodes of Monarch are also available on Hulu.

Lovers of the show can avail of these episodes by a monthly subscription to Hulu at the starting price of  $6.99 a month. A brand new2 subscription also gives them a chance to avail these episodes and other series for free in the initial month of the subscription. Look out for the release date and stream the episode as soon as it releases in your region. 

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