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Mangas similar to Black Clover

Yuki Tabata’s popular Black Clover manga series is a favorite among action and magic genre fans. He is the writer of the original story as well as the manga’s illustrator. The manga first serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015. Till now, a total of 27 volumes have been released. Due to the manga’s popularity, an anime adaptation was released in October 2017. It is one of the few long-running anime TV series which is currently ongoing. According to the latest records in November 2020, the manga circulated more than 11 million copies worldwide. Even though the story is unique in many ways, a few mangas are available that are somewhat similar to Black Clover that follows the basic theme and plot of the manga.

Black Clover follows the story of a magicless orphaned boy named Asta. In a world where everyone has magical abilities, Asta is the only one who doesn’t have any magic powers, nor does he possess even the slightest amount of Mana. Even so, he dreams of becoming the wizard king of the Clover Kingdom, along with his childhood friend and rival Yuno, who grew up in the same orphanage as him. Unlike Asta, Yuna is especially talented and possesses immense talents, even as a commoner, which is rarely seen.

While Yuno gains a four-leaf clover grimoire, similar to the first wizard king, Asta doesn’t get any grimoire at all. However, he somehow gains the powers of anti-magic and receives a five-leaf clover grimoire. Inside the grimoire resides a devil, and Asta is unaware of the devil’s presence. The grimoire grants him the power of  Anti-Magic, which can nullify even the strongest magic. Asta and Yono set out together to the Royal Capital to take the exams for the Magic Knights. Even there, the difference between them is considerably huge. While Yuno joins the most powerful magic squad, Asta is only able to join the worst. The story proceeds as the two work to follow their dreams and grow stronger along the way. Below are a few mangas similar to Black  Clover that you can read if you like the manga.

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1. Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail

This is one of the mangas similar to Black Clover because it follows the basic theme of magic powers and a wizard society. The story follows a 17-year-old rich runaway Lucy Heartfilia who joins the most popular wizard guild in the magical kingdom of Fiore. The world is filled with magical powers and magic items, and Fairy Tail has the most powerful wizards among all the other guilds in Fiore. However, the guild is most notorious, and the members always create trouble, angering the Magic Council. Lucy joins the guild after meeting Natsu and Happy in the Port town of Hargeon.

Natsu was on a quest to find his adoptive father, who is actually a fire dragon. Even in a magical world like that, dragons are rarely seen by humans. She makes some great friends there and settles in the new city. She goes on adventures alongside Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy to earn money and fight the villains. Lucy is a celestial wizard, while Natsu is the wielder of the ancient fire dragonslayer magic. Meanwhile, Erza is the infamous armored wizard, and Gray is an extremely talented ice wizard. On the other hand, Happy is Natsu’s best friend and a magical creature who looks like a blue cat, and his origins are unknown. The manga includes their exploits as they all grow stronger by fighting along the way. There is a popular anime adaptation of the manga as well.

2. Mx0:

Mx0 Mangas Similar To Black Clover

The protagonists of both mangas are the odd ones out since they are the only ones incapable of magic powers in the world of magic. The manga centers around Taiga Kuzumi, a hot-tempered young boy. During an interview for attending Seinagi Private High School, he is asked what he would do if he could use magic. Taiga answers that he would conquer the world. His reply results in an outburst from a beautiful girl. However, she apologizes after realizing that she was insulting. The school rejects Taiga’s application after the entrance exam.

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Although he doesn’t recall anything about the interview, he still remembers the girl’s laughter. Eager to meet her again, he wanders around the school gates to see her. However, he sees a teacher hovering above the ground. Taiga finds out that Seinagi Private High School is actually a secret magic school where the students learn about the arts of spell working. To maintain its secret, the school enrolls Taiga as a first-year student. Taiga’s struggles begin from there since he is the only one who cannot use magic.

3. O-Parts Hunter:

O-Parts hunter Mangas Similar To Black Clover

Like Asta, this manga protagonist has a demonic power inside him that he is unaware of. Also known as 666 Satan, the series is set in a not too distant future. There, humanity is in constant battles over O-Parts that are relics from an ancient civilization before humanity’s existence. The O-Parts are mainly used as weapons or forms of transportations. Also, many are tools for household activities such as cooking. These relics require a special kind of person to unlock the full potential of the objects. They are a special breed of humans known as the O-Parts Tactitians or the O.P.T.s. They can release their spirit and focus it on the O-Part, which will absorb it and use it as energy to activate a special power. However, these O-Parts can be used for both good and evil purposes.

Jio Freed, a young boy with a tragic past, is unaware of his powers as an O.P.T. Not only that, inside him sleeps a demon with incredible powers. Jio meets with a girl Ruby Crescent, an aspiring treasure hunter. She wants to follow the footsteps of her father and collect lots of O-Parts. Jio ends up traveling as her bodyguard. The duo embarks on a journey to discover as many O-Parts as they can. Along the way, they meet an O.P.T who claims to be a Satan. However, after their fight, Jio reveals his true powers, proving that he is, in fact, the real Satan as well as an O.P.T.

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4. Bleach:

Bleach Mangas Similar to Black Clover

Even though Bleach doesn’t have a magic genre, it is one of the mangas similar to Black Clover due to many reasons. Both the protagonists are the odd ones among their peers. While Asta is a magic knight with no Mana, Ichigo Kurosaki is the only mortal Soul Reaper. Another similarity is that they both use insanely heavy and huge swords. Set in a supernatural world, Ichigo is a high school who has the ability to see ghosts. One night, he meets a young girl Rukia Kuchiki, who claims to be a Soul Reaper. She is shocked that Ichigo can see her and later tells him everything about the Hollows and the Soul Society. Hollows are evil spirits who consume other spirits to grow stronger. Whereas Soul Society is a spirit world where most souls dwell.

The Soul Reapers also come from there, and it is their job to fight hollows and grant them peace. Ichigo doesn’t believe in her at first, but when a Hollow attacks his family, he is forced to fight using Rukia’s Zanpakuto by absorbing her powers. This results in Rukia losing all her powers. He defeats the Hollow using his newfound powers as a Soul Reaper. Ichigo gains the powers of a Soul Reaper, and Rukia is stuck on Earth without any powers. The manga then follows their exploits as they fight more Hollows and try to find a way to get Rukia’s powers back to normal. However, Ichigo soon realizes that Hollows are after him for his immense spiritual energy. As he grows to become a stronger Soul Reaper, he realizes the consequences of absorbing Rukia’s powers.


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