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Who Was Dan Haggerty’s Partner? The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams Star’s Love Interest At The Time Of His Death

Dan Haggerty

Who was Dan Haggerty’s partner, at the time of his death? It’s been several years since the actor passed away. Still, many of his are not aware of his death cause. We will get into that later. After such a long time, fans are showing their interest regarding who was Dan Haggerty romantically related to. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Dan’s prominence in the industry. 

From the title itself, you must have understood that Dan Haggerty earned fame majorly for his performance in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. Some of his notable acting credits are- When the North Wind Blows, Easy Rider, Americana, The Magic Voyage, Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan, Born Champion, The Christmas Light, etc. Because of his incredible plays, Dan Haggerty received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in 1994. 

Coming back to Dan Haggerty’s love life, the actor had tied the knot twice. His first marriage with Diane Rooker lasted for 25 years. In that very year of his divorce, Dan exchanged vows with his love interest. She stayed with him, until her death. Yes. There was so much love in between, but they failed to stay together forever after her death. But, who was she? If you are looking for the details of Dan Haggerty’s partner, here is what we know.

Who Was Dan Haggerty's Partner?

Dan Haggerty

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Dan Haggerty’s Partner: Who Was She? 

Talking about Dan Haggerty’s partner, was his second wife, Samantha Haggerty. Her original name was Samantha Hilton. It was in 1984, Dan Haggerty tied the knot with her. Who was she? Samantha was indeed a great actress. With her, Dan shared three children- Dylan, Megan, and Cody. 

It was on 10 August 2008, when Dan Haggerty’s partner, Samantha died after a tragic motorcycle accident. Following that incident, she was admitted to UCLA Medical Centre, without any delay. The medical experts declared her to be dead, giving a clarification, stating that it caused her extensive brain stem damage and massive internal bleeding. 

The saddening part was Dan Haggerty was not present at that time. He was spending his days in Florida, practicing golf. After hearing the news from their daughter, he quickly returned to Los Angeles. How did the incident take place? Dan Haggerty’s partner, Samantha was riding back from a dinner date. She didn’t have a helmet. Accidentally, she hit a deer and got herself thrown out of the bike.

Who Was Dan Haggerty's Partner?

Dan Haggerty and his family, Samantha Hilton Haggerty, and kids

On this note, Dan said, “It was the hardest, most heartbreaking decision I’ve ever had to make, to tell the doctors to let my beautiful Sam slip away into her long sleep.” The actor cried like a little kid. It was pathetic for their children as well, to find their mother dead. 

Right after Samantha Haggerty’s death, the actor didn’t spark any dating rumors with anyone. It was very much evident, how much he loved her. 

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Dan Haggerty’s Cause Of Death 

It was in 2016 when Dan Haggerty passed away. More precisely, the date was 15 January. The news of his death was shocking to some. While others knew about how he was struggling with life-threatening diseases. What went wrong? He had back surgery after he was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. Following that, Dan was found to have gotten spinal cancer. We all are aware of the fact, how dangerous it is. 

Today, it feels bad as Dan Haggerty is no more with us. Still, we cherish his works. Which is your favorite Dan Haggerty work? 

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