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The Patient Season 1 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

the patient season 1 release date
The Patient

Here’s everything you need to know about The Patient Season 1 release date. There are new shows coming left and right. And while we enjoy the show very much, we understand that it becomes fairly difficult to keep track of all the shows. That is why we try to bring you all the latest information about the upcoming shows and movies on all the platforms. The Patient is an upcoming psychological thriller series that is perfect for your next binge-watch. The show is a part of limited series which is created by Joel Fields. The creator of the show has confirmed that the show will be a limited series. You just know that a show will be good when it is a limited series.

Since the announcement of the show, The patient season 1 release date is trending. Fans want to know when this exciting series will be hitting their screens and exactly when they will be able to watch their favorite show. But you need not worry. We have bought you all the latest information about the show, what is it about, the cast, and when it will release to stream on your devices. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

What is The Patient Season 1 about?

Since the series is a gripping psychological drama, the details of the plot are not available in depth. The show will center on a patient who is quite eccentric. The show will follow a serial killer who will forcefully hold a therapist hostage. The killer is said to be a homicidal urger who takes pleasure in killing people. He decides to hold a therapist captive and seek help from him. Way to get therapy, we’d say!

The show is based on a serial killer, which reminds us of the famous show Dexter. We hope that the show will be able to deliver and live up to its hype.

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What is The patient season 1 release date?

The show is said to release on Hulu FX. The show will be able to stream in all countries where Hulu FX is available. Since it is a Hulu show, it is hard to say whether the show will be available in countries that currently do not have Hulu FX. The Patient season 1 release date is August 30, 2022. The show is said to have a total of 10 episodes.

Who is in the cast of The Patient Season 1?

The lineup of the cast is very impressive for the series. And why not? We expect a great cast for such a series. Among the main cast are names like Steve Carell, who will play the role of Alexander Strauss. You surely remember him as the ”World’s Best Boss” Michael Scott in The Office. His performance in this thriller is quite anticipated. Other cast members include Domnhall Gleeson, who will play the serial killer. He is a very famous Irish actor and screenwriter. Linda Emond as Candace, Laura Niemi, Andrew Leeds as Ezra, and Alex Rich will also star in the show.

That was it on The Patient Season 1 release date. Stay tuned for more such updates!

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