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Locke and Key x The Sandman Universe Crossover Might Be Adapted By Netflix

All the people who have a subscription to Netflix, the streaming giant, are well aware that Locke and Key have become successful shows adapted from a comic book on the small screen. All this while, its finale of In Pale Battalions Go has now some major key information for all of us. This new plot twist has now set the show on a collision course with the Sandman Universe. This place was under the process of development for a very long time.

All this while, as the writers are now setting up a highly anticipated comic crossover, this sort of event could actually carry itself from the comic book page all the way over the streaming platform. In the story, we witness that Fiona and Chamberlain Locke, the family in Locke and Key, have found their home intruded by German soldiers. John Locke thus gets disillusioned with the apparent pacifism of gis family during the First World War. This is why he takes himself and some of the most powerful artifacts of the family to the frontlines in Europe, which sets up Anywhere Key’s purpose.

A still from Locke and Key season 1

Netflix might adapt a Sandman Universe crossover in Locke and Key!

Although nothing could have prepared him to witness the aftermath of the war all this time, his retreat then gets forced due to an attack of chlorine gas, and this is why John left a portal into the front door of Keyhouse pretty wide open. When these soldiers arrive, they all start hunting the Locke family while their commanding officer sniffed out any keys that he could find. This is why he becomes empowered with Shadows’ Crown while he is still at a potential search.

At the same time, we can witness the family fighting back against all these soldiers with their highest potential. Although, these people seem to be a bit powerless in front of such an incredible enemy army. This happens until the youngest of the German soldiers takes it on his shoulders to make all the things right once again with the butt of his rifle to the back of the head of his general.

How does the Locke family and the Sandman Universe come across each other?

Even though the Locke Family has won their battle, the scars run pretty deep in them. We will witness that Fiona will die after this event, and this is why Chamberlain starts blaming John for all her loss and wishes that it was their son instead. Well, all of what he has said hits hard after a lot of consideration, and thus, John becomes quite aware of what he has to do. While he was speaking with his father, John says that the key belongs at the bottom of the ocean, and then he turns the Anywhere Key and opens the door to the Titanic ballroom.

This is when the ocean water floods inside the Keyhouse and sweeps John away. This is when Chamberlain scrambles up to stop all of this. This is when we have a bit of sad disclosure for Chamberlain even though it is the first half of the Sandman Universe to arrive in the Locke family. This might even be a perfect manner that they get introduced through a medium.

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