Quest Supremacy Chapter 87: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Quest Supremacy Chapter 87
CC: Quest Supremacy Franchise

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87 will continue the fight between the East and West schools for supremacy in the district. And with how the recent chapters have been, things keep getting complicated as the fight goes on and on. And it is a great delight to see that Su-Hyeom’s plan is coming along and will be able to keep his word to his comrades.

Life hadn’t been simple these past few chapters for Su-Hyeom in the manhwa as things kept on getting worse. And it all started to get bad when he got a confession out of Bomi, and it was as if misfortune fell on him one after another. Bomi was attacked when returning home, ending in hospital with serious injuries.

But before he could deal with the perpetrator that put Bumi in the hospital, the East attacked and kidnapped their strategist. Su-Hyeom put all his efforts into making sure that he won this fight and proved the words he made to this group. His entire school gives him support to make sure that they win the upcoming fight.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87
CC: Quest Supremacy Franchise

Quest Supremacy Chapter 86 Recap

Quest Supremacy Chapter 86 had East’s head waking up from being knocked out in a safe place. For a second, he was not sure what had occurred, but he quickly gathered his mental bearings. He recalled his fight with Su-Hyeom and how the leader of the West easily beat him. Enraged, he thrust his fist on the table.

One of his subordinates gives him the rundown of the situation, and he concludes that things are not in their favor. When the East’s head was asked what they should do and what would be the strategy, he didn’t say anything. And after a brief pause, he told them to stay put. No matter what happens, they should just keep going.

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Meanwhile, Su-Hyeon was given a breakdown of what had happened when one of them fought. Su-Hyeon did not understand what had transpired, as the man that had tried to stop their members from escaping was acting weird. He had a feeling that something might make things worse for them in the imminent future.

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Quest Supremacy Chapter 87 Spoilers

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87 will see the fight come closer to climax as the two people from the West take a stand together and fight against the member of the East. And they will have a fight that will decide the future of one of the important members of the group.

We will also get to see how the betrayal plot will unfold that has been happening behind the scenes. One of the characters (the tall, silver-haired one) was in cahoots with the other school and had been sent to betray the East at the most critical moment. But, after seeing the soft side and how far he is willing to go for his subordinates.

It is hinted that Su-Hyeom a little about the betrayal that was going to happen. However, it is also hinted he knows nothing about it. He has faith in his people, and for them, he is willing to go to any lengths and ensure their safety along with the future of his group.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87
CC: Quest Supremacy Franchise

What is the release date for Quest Supremacy Chapter 87?

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87 will come out on May 21, 2023, for the following regions.

  • West Coast [Pacific Daylight Time]: 7:00 AM PDT (May 21, 2023)
  • Central American and Canada [Central Daylight Time]: 9:00 AM CDT (May 21, 2023)
  • East Coast [Eastern Daylight Time]: 10:00 AM EDT (May 21, 2023)
  • Britain [Greenwich Meditarian Time]: 5:00 PM BST (May 21, 2023)
  • India [Indian Standard Time]: 8.30 PM IST (May 21, 2023)
  • Singapore [Singapore Standard Time]: 11:00 PM SGT (May 21, 2023)
  • Philippines [Philippines Standard Time]: 11:00 PM PST (May 21, 2023)
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It will be available to read on May 22, 2023, for these regions.

  • Korea [Korean Standard Time]: Midnight KST (May 22, 2023)
  • Japan [Japanese Standard Time]: Midnight JST (May 22, 2023)
  • Australia [Australia Eastern Daylight Time]: 02:00 AM AEDT (May 22, 2023)
Quest Supremacy Chapter 87
CC: Quest Supremacy Franchise

Where to read Quest Supremacy Chapter 87?

Quest Supremacy Chapter 87 will be available to read on Webtoons. For a series similar to this, read Warrior High School – Dungeon Raid or Return of The Frozen Player.

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