Alice In Borderland Season 3: The Arrival Of Joker

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Alice In Borderland Season 3 release date
Alice In Borderland Season 3:

Alice In Borderland Season 3’s release date is what the followers of this Japanese original from Netflix are wondering about. And we have the answer, but before we get to Alice In Borderland Season 3’s release date, plot and cast, we would like to recap the show for the fans and provide a short synopsis. 

Alice in Borderland is one of the most talked about shows. It is a live-action adaptation of the famous manga series with the same title by Haro Aso. It recounts the adventure of a parallel universe where individuals must participate in various lethal games to stay alive. The four card suits stand for the four different game kinds.

Clubs represent team-based games, diamonds for intellect, spades for athletic ability, and hearts for emotional ability. The quantity of cards indicates how challenging the game is. These games are planned by unidentified, enigmatic game masters and thus are overseen by a team of players referred to as traders.

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Recap Of Season 1 Of Alice In Borderland

An extended shot of Mamoka’s body reminds us that there is still much to learn about the nature of the witch as we watch the handheld film of Mamoka with Asahi in the early days of this problematic world. Aguni continues to collect and execute people, and Arisu intervenes.

Alice In Borderland S3 release date
Alice In Borderland S1 recap.

Usagi steps in and accuses Aguni of being a witch after she sees Aguni begin attacking Arisu. He claims that, but Arisu is aware that he is lying. He is also aware that Momoka was the victim of his murder. Arisu interrupts Aguni as she continues to round up and execute individuals.

Usagi intervenes, claiming that Aguni is turning into a witch after witnessing Aguni begin to beat Arisu. He claims that, but Arisu is aware that he is lying. Arisu questions Aguni about his desire to kill everyone on the shore, as they are the ones who drove his friend insane when we get back to the present.

This game of hearts was created to embarrass everyone. He finds out that Momoka is indeed the witch, which angers Aguni. To bring as many guys down with him as possible, he starts claiming that he is the witch and attacking everyone.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 release date
Alice In Borderland S1 recap.

Asahi declares that she is the game’s dealer, which results in her being instantly killed by a laser, putting an end to the bloodshed. The murder weapon bore reverse-grip prints, indicating Mamoka self-stabbed; Ana arrives just in time.

Arisu eventually talks with Aguni after learning these details, but the fire intensifies, and a severely damaged Niragi shows up, unleashing fire on civilians. Aguni makes the ultimate sacrifice to defeat Niragi and thus save Arisu. Everybody runs to the pyre following the grab of Mamoka’s corpse.

It’s time to learn more about what’s happening after the game. Asahi and Mamoka describe how they arranged the events and secretly engaged in them to affect change in the episode’s opening video, which Arisu discovers and sees.

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The movie shows Mamoka approaching the game master’s den amid whirling monitor spires and rejoicing architects. Each match controller has yet to be present. From the footage, Arisu and Usagi track the girls’ movements. The watchtowers are discovered to be utterly abandoned, dark, and empty.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 release date
Alice In Borderland S1 recap.

All of the game lords have been cleanly killed. Chi arrived there with Kuina after figuring out how to get there using the metro map he had previously discovered. Above all, these were people with someone superior to them, not the actual game lords.

Somebody turns out to be Mira even as screens start to light up for an emergency broadcast. She claims they wish to play more rounds, including the face cards, as a gift for the surviving players.

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Recap Of Season 2 Of Alice In Borderland

Season 2 begins with stage two of the game. There aren’t fractions like Gamers and Traders like there were in the earlier stage. Any winning team, in this instance the gamers, will next face off against the world’s largest inhabitants.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2 recap.

All of the face cards are represented by the 12 Residents. The participants are alerted to their existence by their separate airships flying the enormous flags that symbolize them. The King of Spades, perhaps the most formidable and deadly player in the game who can utilize the city center as his gathering spot, is the first face card that Arisu and his pals come across along with the other face cards.

Isao Sh., a mercenary with PTSD, is the King of Spades. Arisu and the others play the game organized by the King of Clubs; he reveals himself as the leader of a singing group to escape from him. Arisu is left wondering where he is currently throughout the whole adventure. 

Arisu keeps asking every face card he encounters questions about the universe and its purpose because he thinks they might reveal something. The face card calls itself the Residents. None, however, provide him with a satisfying response. Arisu continuously questions why he is still alive when his companions are dead.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Queen of hearts.

Usagi is still determining if she wants to return to the previous society due to her dad’s passing. And through the simulation, she gains the skills to deal with life’s challenges and perils, much like Arisu. They keep battling for different reasons. Some players want to go back.

They work together to win the game by eliminating the face cards one at a time. Aguni is working with Akane, a high schooler, to eliminate the King of Spades when Arisu runs into him. To bring down  Akane, Shrabi, Usagi, Aguni, Arisu,  Kuina, and Ann must work together.

During this encounter, Kuina,  Kane, and Ann all sustain mortal wounds, and Ann appears to pass away. Arisu plays the last game with Usagi, which is presided over by the Queen of Hearts named M. Kan, a former psychologist from the old world.

She comes dangerously close to convincing Arisu that all he has encountered is a fiction constructed by his mind as a coping strategy, that he is in a mental hospital because of a breakdown brought on by the murders of his companions.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2 recap.

Each player has two options at the game’s conclusion: either they remain here as a Resident to hold the games or leave. While many want to stay, some elect to return to the old world. Borderlands are a realm that lives on the cusp of life and death. Every person with a clinical death or near-death encounter is sent there.

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These “selected ones” are then made to participate in cruel games to decide if they can survive in the Borderlands forever, escape to the realm of the living, or both. Usagi is just there to assist him in realizing the reality. Grip plays on without giving up and gives the opponents a full-on defeat.

Arisu meets his two buddies again just before leaving for the ancient world and pledges them to live his life to its fullest. Arisu has forgotten what happened in the games, but when he meets Usagi, his mind sparks, reminding him that he has encountered this woman.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2’s still.

The same is true for Usagi. They don’t recall much about one another, but their senses make them a close pair. As the season ends, Arisu and Usagi stroll in the sunshine.

The Borderlands: How Did The Place Come Into Existence

Arisu and other people were in danger of dying when the meteorite erupted over Tokyo & caused significant damage. They experienced cardiac arrests but were medically dead for some time, and they were later discovered. The line separating life and death is drawn in the Borderlands.

Individuals who are clinically dead or experiencing a near-death encounter come to this location. They participate in the games to escape to the actual world or become Borderland residents. In the mundane world, they perish if they fail. If they are successful in getting back, they lose all recollection of the Borderlands.

All You Need To Know About the Joker Face Card

After the meteorite catastrophe, we observed various people pleasantly mingling with one another and their family members outside the clinic where they were being held. The film focuses on a board where it appears that card players were playing until they abruptly got up and fled.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2’s joker.

The Joker remains after a sudden blast of wind sweeps away most of the decks. The Joker is not a human being because of his evil. Arisu is asked if he thinks they resemble God or even the Evil One. Arisu imagines the being as the ferryman helping the dead traverse the Sanzu River, even though he never states it out loud.

The Joker card symbolizes a being that isn’t always human. They are probably in charge in the Borderlands. The Sanzu River, like the River Styx throughout Greek mythology and the Vaitarani of Hinduism, plays the same role in Japanese Buddhism. The Joker is more like Charon than Christ or the Devil, in Arisu’s opinion.

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What To Expect From Season 3 Of Alice In Borderland?

After season 2, after winning the game despite nearly losing it all, Arisu, Chi, Usagi, Kuina, Aguni, Ann, & Akane all reject the invitation to remain as Borderlands inhabitants. They are pushed back into what seems to be their reality.

They were suddenly hit by a meteorite that detonated above Tokyo the day they reached the Borderlands, knocking them out cold. Some suffered far more severe wounds, and some even experienced heart attacks.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Queen of hearts.

The Joker card is left behind after a gust of wind destroys all the cards on the board in the episode’s final moments. Unbeknownst to them, a new game has already begun, and they must escape. It will be quite challenging for the team, who cannot recall the events or connections with others.

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The players are seen healing in a medical at the season’s end, despite having no recollection of anybody or anything. The closing chapter shows Arisu & Usagi interacting. They feel a connection even if they don’t know one another. The level became more challenging and severe, and the Joker could be the harshest.

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Who Will Appear In Season 3 Of Alice In Borderland?

In season 3, we will watch Tao Tsuchiya’s character Usagi and Kento Yamazaki’s Arisu as they are thrust into the actual world. The world that they perceive to be real, at least. Here’s hoping we see more of Kuina, played by Aya Asahina; Ann, portrayed by Ayaka Miyoshi; Aguni, in the role of Sho Aoyagi; and Akane, played by Yuri Tsunematsu.

These people survived and refused to accept their resident status on the Frontiers after nearly being murdered by the King of Spades. Nijirô Murakami’s character Chishiya and Dori Sakurada’s character Niragi are expected to survive season 2.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2 recap.

So we can see them as well in the next season. They are expected to return if a third season is approved. They also objected to staying. Both Banda and Yaba, played by Hayato Isomura and Katsuya Maiguma, who participated in the Jack of Hearts tournament with Chi, managed to live but chose to remain as Borderland inhabitants permanently.

Although it is unknown if they will return, they might appear in another game. Sadly, Tatta died after giving his life to help the team defeat the King of Clubs. Additionally, none of the face cards will return because they have all been eliminated.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date

At this moment, Netflix has not announced any date for season 3 of the show, but after they left the show at a cliffhanger, they will surely be making an announcement soon. So hold your horses and try to check our websites continuously to learn about the Season 3 Of Alice In Borderland Season 3 release date as it is available.

Alice In Borderland Season 3: Is It Cancelled Or Renewed?

Since Netflix has yet to approve a follow-up, not much is known regarding season 3. But our characters may return in a sequel that might adapt Alice in Wonderland: Retry and possibly feature a different cast. As of this writing, Alice in Wonderland S3 has yet to be ordered.

That might alter if the show works well on Netflix due to the nature of its content. Before extending a show, Netflix often evaluates various factors, such as how many individuals usually view it and the drop-off percentage.

Alice In Borderland Season 3
Alice In Borderland S2’s still.

Although some shows are promptly canceled or extended, others may only get a decision from Netflix for a few months. Both viewers and critics have responded well to Alice in Borderland thus far, with the majority praising the series’ high quality and action-packed first eight episodes.

We hope that the said show will be revived for a third season, given its structure and perfect ending. We want to know who the Joker is and which trick he will pull, even though we’re all enormous fans of the series.

Alice In Borderland Season two: How And Where To Watch

It is being praised as a good adaptation of the well-known Haro Aso of the same-titled “Alice in Borderland.” The show is brought to life by Netflix, which is currently streaming both seasons of the show on its platform. Fans must pay a minimum of $7 to watch the seasons of the show. Fans must watch the season till the news of the platform making season three comes up! Happy streaming!

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