Crash Course In Romance Episode 16: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Romantic comedy i.e. rom-com is quite popular when it comes to the K-Drama genre but when rom-com is amalgamated with some other unique genres, the quality and plot take the viewers on a very adventurous path with a hint of sweetness in it. Yes, Crash Course in Romance is a mystery, thriller, and rom-com power pact K-Drama for the audience.

The story is about a Banchan shop owner who was once an ambitious athlete, but has up her dream of being a professional handball player after her mother’s death, and to look after her young niece and disabled younger brother. A renowned maths instructor at the prime academy who has an eating disorder and regularly visits The Banchan shop.

Crash course in Romance created by Yu Je-won, Yang Hee-seung and starring Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho, Lee Bong-ryeon is more popular among the Korean audience as well the viewers worldwide due to the plot and the actors’ depiction. The first episode was aired on aired from January 14, 2023, and is dated to be complete by March 5, 2023.

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Crash Course in Romance; How to Watch
Crash Course in Romance Episode 16: How to Watch?

A quick recap of Crash Course in Romance Episode 15

Crash Course in Romance Episode 15: The result of chance and inevitability starts with Nam Haeng-seon entering the hospital room to her sister Nam Haeng-ja, she yells at her after watching her paint Hae-e’s nails and explains that she will be regularly examined by the doctors and the nails also must be checked and could be called anytime for the surgery.

And how can she paint her nails and asks her to remove it right away. Haeng-ja arrogantly answers that she was being considerate to a girl who is lying unconscious in her bed. After coming to her real senses, Haeng-ja spoke up to Haeng-seon about questioning her elder sister and did her boyfriend teach to do so. And yells if she is smart enough, to go ahead and remove it herself, and be out of Hae-e’s business.

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In a grumpy mood, Haeng-ja switched on the TV and the news came up saying, “A lawyer has been charged for leaking school paper  to her son and is currently under investigation.” They both suspected that it might be Hae-e’s school. Finally, Haeng-seon realizes that it’s Hae-e’s school. On the other hand, Ms. Jang is still calm and unrespondent.

Leaving her workplace, reporters and journalists questioned her about the truth regarding the school papers. Whereas the School is now devastated and each parent is questioning the school’s ethics to the principal and teachers. Choi Chi-yeol driving to Haeng-seon calls her to find is she is alright. and to confirm that whether the news is about  Hae-e’s close friend or not.

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 recap
Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 recap

He then continues to say something more shocking which is about Mr. Ji and their suspicion about him might be correct. Back at the hospital, Haeng-ja rants to her sister about bland food and thin blankets provided to them by the hospital. Irritated Haeng-seon goes to Hae-e to check on her and fortunately, she glances at her wiggling finger and informs Haeng-ja.

Students welcome Mr.Ji to the institute Chi-yeol asks Ji to attend the meeting on his behalf. The investigators finally saw all the dots joining and have found the culprit. Chi-yeol finds out that Mr.Ji did not attend the meeting, after knowing this he rushes to Hae-e and gets completely shocked to see Mr.Ji tries escaping from the hospital but Chi-yeol manages to catch him.

Chi-yeol demands an explanation and asks him to turn himself in. But he denies it and opts for suicide and jumps off the hospital building.  Haeng-seon comforts him after the incident. Hae-e wakes up from the coma, everyone is now happy to see her at the hospital. Haeng-seon submits doctor’s certificate to the school and meanwhile, parents make a fuss about Hae-e, so she comes out of the school and explains the situation.

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 15
A still from Crash Course in Romance Episode 15

Chi-yeol visits Hae-e at the hospital by the time Sun-jae arrives there too. Sooner or later, Su-hui learns about her husband’s affair while dining at a restaurant. Sun-jae finally asks Hae-e out. Everyone goes out on vacation, but Hae-e is heartbroken after eavesdropping her aunt’s call with Chi-yeol about lending her some money. Everyone gathers at the dinner table to celebrate Hae-e’s homecoming and she wishes to live with her mom i.e. Haeng-seon from now on.

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Crash Course In Romance Episode 16 Release Date

Crash Course in Romance Episode 16 has been scheduled to come out this 5th of March, 2023, Sunday. The Drama timings for Korean viewers and viewers all around the world are given below:

  • 5 March, 2023 – 9:10 pm (KST)
  • 5 March, 2023 – 5:40 pm (IST)
  • 5  March, 2023 – 8:10 pm (PHT)
  • 5 March, 2023 – 9:10 pm (JST)
  • 5 March, 2023 – 8:10 pm (MYT)

Where to Watch Crash Course in Romance Episode 16

All episodes of Crash Course in Romance including Episode 16 will be broadcasted on the original network tvN. International viewers with no access to the local channels can stream the Drama on Netflix. To watch each and every episode on Netflix get a subscription according to the requirement.

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