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What Does Ableist Mean? Beyonce’s Controversy Over the Word


Amidst all the controversies that are made by Beyonce with her new song Heated, people are searching for what ableist mean. Well, we are here to solve all your queries and give you meanings. Such new terms have come into our knowledge from the new song Heated released by Beyonce. The singer has officially now stated that she is going to remove the word from her song. She has even released a statement apologizing for the same and justified her intentions.

Beyonce says that she has no motive whatsoever in hurting the sentiments of the people who are often derogated by the word. She immediately took the responsibility to change the word and release the updated version soon. Although, nobody knows how this change shall take place. Maybe she will take a simple turn and replace spaz with a shake. It is just speculation, but the history that Beyonce has set forward in front of us makes us believe that the new lyrics will not be as ordinary as a shake. At this time, it can be seen that the old version of the song with the word spaz in it is still available to stream on music services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

In Heated, her new song, Beyonce, used Spaz two times. First is when she says Spazz-ing on that ass. And the second comes when she sings Spaz on that ass. The real meaning of the word, if you go to google and search about it, is to describe going crazy or wild over something. Beyonce purely intended for the song to mean that the listener should go crazy over that ass or go wild over that ass.

What Does Ableist Mean?

A picture of Beyonce

Although, the word does not mean that. As it turns out, spaz is a derogatory language or a slur used for people who are suffering from various physical disabilities and either can not walk properly or talk. It is also used to refer to patients with cerebral palsy. The word Spaz has come from the word spastic. Now, you might be wondering what ableist means and how is that relatable in this controversial context. Let us discuss just that.

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What does Ableist Mean?

Ableism refers to the discrimination that happens on a daily basis to people who are not as physically apt as normal humans. The word calls out any person who is taking up social prejudices against disabled people just because of their inability to perform tasks as smoothly as others can do. Amidst the controversy revolving around the word Spaz, people have stated that Beyonce is an Ableist. This means that people are calling Beyonce out as she uses a slur to demean people with disabilities and makes them feel inferior.

Well, the whole issue is now cleared up, given the fact that Beyonce has owned up to her mistake and taken full accountability for the action. She even cleared her motives and offered to change the lyrics in order to make disabled people make comfortable with her art and her as an artist. Beyonce is a Black woman living in America and has faced racism herself in many parts of her life. This gives her an even greater insight into how interior and degraded would disabled people would feel after a big singer such as her uses this word.

What Happened With Lizzo?

It was not long ago that Lizzo was caught in such a controversy herself. She used the word Grrrls in her recent song. This is actually a derogatory term used to make women feel inferior. She immediately apologized for the same and took accountability. Since then, the artist has changed the lyrics and given out the updated version.

Lizzo stated that as she was growing up in America, there were a lot of things said to her as a black fat woman. This disrespectful language made her forget the power words have over humans, and as a person who wants the world to change and be a better place, she says she will start from herself. Lizzo is trying to learn from her mistakes and move forward with a piece of better knowledge of the world.

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