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Preview and Recap: The Great North Season 1 Episode 3

The Great North Season 1 Episode 3

After a blast in the previous episode, we are with The Breath North Season 1 Episode 3. Having premiered its first episode early this year, the show has been amassing huge popularity and high ratings. This explains why the TV series has an IMDb rating of 6.2/10. Created by Molyneux Sisters and written by Wendy and Minty Lewis, The Great North is an animated sitcom. In this article, we will tell you everything about this show that you must know. You will also find out the release date of the upcoming episode and the storyline of the series. All you have to do is read the article till the end to know everything!

The Great North- FOX TV's brand-new animation sitcom

The Great North- FOX TV’s brand-new animation sitcom

Since the show has aired just episodes so far, it would be wrong to judge it now. Thus, we won’t talk about reviews now. But, observing the love and attention this animation series has been getting on different social media platforms, it’s quite palpable that The Great North is worth watching. And, since it has just been launched, you can sure take out time to catch up with the latest episodes. Rest assured, a true enthusiast of animations won’t be disappointed with the series. Dive straight into the next section to know the release date of the next episode.

The Great North Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

Titled “Avocado Barter Adventure,” The Great North Season 1 Episode 3 will be released on Valentine’s Day, that is, on February 14, 2021, on the same broadcasting network, FOX TV. The all-new episode will observe a runtime of around 22 minutes like the previous episodes. Thus, don’t forget to watch the episode this Sunday with your friends and family for all it has to offer to make you burst into laughter.

The Great North Season 1 Episode 3 finally gets a release date

The Great North Season 1 Episode 3 finally gets a release date.

The previous episode was released on January 17, 2021. It was titled “Feast of Not People Adventure” and was well received by the audience. And it took almost a month for the makers to come up with yet another episode of the series. Ahead of its premiere, the series was already renewed for The Great North Season 2. The Tobin family has undoubtedly managed to make the fans chuckle so far. And, we hope they continue the drill and give us more reasons to admire them.

The Great North Storyline: What is the show all about?

This animated sitcom revolves around a family of 6 members. As the name explains itself, The Great North is set in the locations of Alaska. Beef Tobin, a single dad, tries his best to keep all his children close to each other and develop a bond of brotherhood/sisterhood among them. Like other comedy shows, this series, too, consists of weird characters. Judy is the only daughter of Tobin, and he wants her to stay with him. But, the young lady has her own aspirations and dreams from life. Thus, she gets away from the family, and Tobin keeps picking up reasons to connect with her beloved daughter. The mother of the kids is not in the frame. Thus, Beef takes it all upon himself to look after the kids and be there for them.

The Great North Voice Cast

Take a sneak peek at the voice actors and know who has been giving voice to your favorite actors!

1. Nick Offerman as Beef Tobin

Nick Offerman voicing Beef Tobin

Nick Offerman voicing Beef Tobin

As Beef’s ex-wife Kathleen abandons the family, he is left shattered. He tries to adapt to the changes and make his family as happy as any other American family. By profession, Beef Tobin is a fisherman and strives hard to caress for the family.

2. Jenny Slate as Judy Tobin.

Jenny Slate voicing Judy Tobin

Jenny Slate voicing Judy Tobin

As we have already mentioned above, Judy is the only daughter of Beef. This young lady is ambitious and wishes to make the most of her life. She dreams of getting out of the cold state and travel across the world. Like any other teenager, Judy has her own life aspirations, but her father doesn’t want her to go away.

3. Paul Rust as Ham Tobin

Judy shares a deep bond of love and cares with her brother, Ham. She feels connected to him, and so does Ham. He is the middle son of the Tobin family. And is open to everyone about his sexual orientation.

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