Gerard Butler Greatest Movies List: Cast and Analysis

When we talk about ranking Gerard Butler movies, we will make one very crucial miscalculation, that Gerard Butler has created no less than a thousand movies in his past fifteen working years. However, while there was nothing that would be more enrich our complete soul than hunkering it down to view the various hundred hours of the Swole Scotsman. Besides, it is clearly not even possible for us to do that. So, what we have done is mentioned Gerard Butler’s heftiest movies that earned a lot and received great praise, along with the intention of adding some more movies to the entire list each so often. Just think once for this as a living document, the complete Constitution of the United Abdominal Muscles of Gerard Butler’s Filmography.

1. Law Abiding Citizen

Director: F. Gary Gray

Writer: Kurt Wimmer

Cast: Gerard Butler, Bruce McGill, Jamie Foxx

F. Gary Gray’s 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen might be one of Gerard Butler’s most excellent performances, and it’s definitely one of the most powerful movies in his filmography. Butler performs Clyde, an engineer whose wife and daughter are got shot in a house intrusion. When the criminals are arrested, Clyde’s hotshot lawyer Nick (who is Jamie Foxx), takes a sweetheart plea contract that lets those men free in order to maintain his faith record, preferably than take the matter to trial and risk failing. Clyde then unleashes an act of complex attack not only on the two guilty men but on Nick and everyone associated with the case who was extra concerned with their career than with making sure justice was obeyed.

It’s a compelling movie, as it’s hard to side with either Nick or Clyde completely, and both the actors are breaking it so strongly that it’s effortless to view some of the more questionable parts of the script. Butler, in specific, presents such a believably natural performance that you are almost rooting for his body count to grow. It’s an extremely post-9/11 film in that its information of a broken justice policy gets intoxicated to the point of Foxx giving the line “Screw his civil rights” in a moment which is assumed to make the audience applause. But as a sum of its parts, Law Abiding Citizen is a strong, emotionally gripping thriller starring Butler as one of the more satisfying movie villains in new memory. Also, there is an obscure and complimentary Nude Butler scene that will have you saying, “More like Gerard Buttler.” Moreover, you will be like it’s more like Gerard Butler.

2. 300

Director: Zack Snyder

Writers: Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad, Michael B. Gordon

Cast: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham

This movie, which made house names out of Zack Snyder and Gerard Butler’s abs, continues just as mysterious and stylized as it always was. It is tough not to fall backward in awe when viewing some of the really bizarre moments of 300. All the visuals are stunning and memorable, the action of this movie is beautifully over-the-top, and the delicate meat factory of mostly-nude Butler and Michael Fassbender cutting their way by the crowds of literal monsters is enough to break the axis of even the most stubborn cishet male. (Certainly, it is the Predator of the 21st century.)

Nevertheless, what caused Butler to come out of this film a star wasn’t just his strength, but his appeal as a chief man and the humanity of his performance as a devoted leader who knows from the outset of his mission that he is doomed. He turns Leonidas into a compelling, relatable personality, which is no manageable task when you’re performing a king of ancientness. That said, there are a plethora of aspects of 300 that have not aged especially well since 2006. The movie is much discriminatory in its demonstration of the Persians as ruthless mutant magicians, and the slow-mo / speed-up style of action that Snyder made popularly has been promoted to the extent of Creed in the late 90s. Also, we love David Wenham, but his story is neurotic to the point of self-parody. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it is the only film to date in which Cersei Lannister kills Jimmy McNulty to death at a toga party. 300 is a little wild movie.

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3. The Ugly Truth

Director: Robert Luketic

Writers: Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, John Michael Higgins

The Ugly Truth is more beautiful than expected. It’s basically a quick 90-minute R-rated rom-com starring two unreasonably attractive people (Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl). They share some real chemistry between them in the scene of John Michael Higgins, who is blustering about a bird in his dressing room and women wrestling in Jello. Certainly, Heigl is a TV creator who was forced to employ a brutally misogynistic Butler to host a relationship advice section in her weak morning show to raise the ratings.

However, he later turns out not to be quite as hefty as a scumbag as he demonstrates on his show. They both fall for each other. “It’s not as questionable as I expected” is just strange praise to comment on a movie. But, The Ugly Truth gains it by truly having some insight into Heigl’s and Butler’s characters and being a little concerned about how it all approaches misogyny. This movie blessing unveils most of Butler’s show, which is an act particularly based on a history of being wounded by the bad relationships, and Heigl asks him out on his bullshit in a scenario that is both well-written and perfectly acted. It is by no means a special movie, but The Ugly Truth is amazingly adorable.

4. Den of Thieves

Director: Christian Gudegast

Writers: Christian Gudegast, Paul Scheuring

Cast: Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Pablo Schrieber,

Den of Thieves is light, too lengthy, and a bit too devoted to Gerard Butler as its star. But, if you will stick around with it, then it turns out into a rewarding heist film with a shootout climax that echoes Michael Mann’s Heat in intensity and stakes term. Butler enacts an important role of a perpetually drunk scumbag detective who is on the trail of a whole team of criminal masterminds. These are attempting to crack their master plan of robbing the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles. This movie is a little of a slog in sections, and we could not provide less of fig all about the B plot thinking all about the Butler’s dissolving marriage.

However, once we get to the heist in the movie’s second half, the entire thing takes off like the Rocketeer. Den of Thieves instantly transforms to a whole into an astonishingly tense crime flick, as we view the thieves’ awe-inspiring plan, which unfolds with the cops who are struggling to keep up. Ultimately, Butler is the most vulnerable connection here. He has played the part of a belligerently not likable shitheel well, but his character is such a tired trope at this special point that we could not bring to care about him in a little way and was truly grateful for the spans in which he is not onscreen. This whole conundrum creates Den of Thieves, a curious and great entry on this record. Moreover, it’s an amazing Gerard Butler movie, but Gerard Butler is not especially good in it.

So, these are the Top-four movies of Gerard Butler that you need to watch in your free time. Gerard Butler, who is a Scottish actor and a film producer, turned to acting in the 1990s with a tiny role in productions. He also has done various movies. You can stream Den of Thieves, Law Abiding Citizen, 300, and The Ugly Truth  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and many more streaming apps.

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