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Top Anime To Watch on Amazon Prime Video in March 2021

Amazon Prime Video surely has launched after Netflix but is picking up the pace really fast. With all the original content being added in its library of films as well as shows, the streaming platform is not lacking in anime as well. Also, if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video and have never watched anime but want to start, then we have got you totally covered. I know how the pressure can be frustrating when you go out, and all your friends are doing is making references to anime shows that you do not even know about. And this is very common because anime is really taking over the entertainment industry and becoming the most-watched content of all time. It is also because these shows are capable of doing what normal shows could not.

There are various aspects of science as well as fiction or even fantasy that can only be achieved through the means of animating the show. If you are a newbie and need the recommendation to start your search, then here we have wrapped up some of the most popular anime series that are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You also should keep in mind that there literally are thousands of anime titles that are being added to the platforms regularly, and this is not the complete list, just the main anime suggestions that will help you excel in the group talks with your friends. It will also provide you with a whole new level of entertainment because anime has that level of comfort.

Vinland Saga

The anime has a variety of themes blended so perfectly and displayed so professionally on the screen. I mean, the brutal action sequences that are employed during the war will make this genre fans go crazy over them. But then again, the show is also pretty informative with the amount of historical plot that it is based on. The series becomes too violent when it comes to the wars of Viking nations. The timeline is set to the point where these wars were most trending among the times. The main protagonist of the show is Thorfinn. We see that his father has set out on war, and thus, he is forced to take the matter into his own hands and get himself admitted into the war to fight for their honor. You really will not believe me until you see it, but there is an amazing glow up in Thorfinn’s physique and looks as he matures with time.

If you plan to sit down and watch this anime show, you will surely realize that Vinland Saga is very painful in its own context and manages to pull the strings of hearts with the consequences of war. Every character and plot get so personal when it comes to the story, and you can not help but think about them even after the show is over. Also, the antagonist in the series is Askeladd. Unlike other popular shows who do not share enough spotlight with the anti-hero in their show, Vinland Saga has avoided that. We see enough of the backstory of Askeladd to understand how much he, too, has fought against Thorfinn for his honor. I would recommend Vinland Saga to all the people who are not afraid to witness some brutal fight scenes and adult-rated action.

Inuyashiki: The Last Hero

Hands down, one of the best anime shows to ever rock the entertainment industry, and the fans could not help but agree with me on this matter. You will never ever see a similar concept that has been employed in Inuyashiki because it is so unique. No matter how much the American sitcoms may try, they will never be able to compete with the plot of this anime series. You have to see it whole to realize how good the show is. From the moment this series starts, it manages to get you hooked with its plot and immediately makes you understand that this is something very special that you are viewing. As for the plot of the show, we witness Inuyashiki, who is an elderly man. The only problem in his life is his family. They absolutely despise him and his existence and are pretty bummed out that he even exists.

The major twist happens in his life when one fine evening, just like any of us would normally do, he gets out to go on for a walk in the park. Although, to his surprise, an alien explosion occurs in his area. When our lead character realizes that he has already been through this explosion without dying, he becomes happy. But the thing that adds even more happiness is the insane robotic abilities that he achieves during this explosion. Now, as he has become a superhuman, he sets out on a journey in his new life to help all the people who need it. Later in the scenes, Inuyashiki even strikes a realization that he has the ability to heal people and bring them back to life.

Inuyashiki: The Last Hero

All of a sudden, this lad goes from a meaningless, uneventful life to something that has a purpose and goal. He gets his eyes opened due to this accident, and all he is doing is to serve mankind without getting into selfish issues. This is a very heartwarming concept if you see how at multiple moments in the show, the character goes through these awakenings. Well, what is a story without an antagonist in it? His opponent is the boy who also was at the park when this explosion happened, He also gained these psychic abilities but is not using them to help others. He starts to kill people, and this alarms the government.

Well, now we have a plot, a superhero, an anti-hero, and that bizarre, brutal fight between them that decides who will dominate over the other. Now, I will not get into any. more spoilers because you have to tune in to Amazon Prime Video to watch this anime series. This series makes all the audience realize how important it is to make good use of the powers you got. I mean, it inspires the viewers that you do not need superpowers only to help people and be kind to them. Nevertheless, as for the themes in the show, both the violent and the kind ones are balanced out. If we talk about the animation of the series, it is also top-notch.

Kokkoku: Moment by Moment

Well, if you are bored with your average life and an average job and want to put your mind into something very complex, then this is the story that is meant for you. I mean, it has everything that a frustrated mind needs. A silent mystery that we do not see directly? Check. Playing with time as well as space in a way that does not get a load on your head? Check. As for the main protagonist of this series, we have Juri Yukawa, who is grieving over the fact that she has failed to find her goal in life. This is the point in time when the anime series changes its disguise. It subtly goes from being the average slice-of-life anime series that we can commonly watch to being something more mysterious. We see that Juri has a brother as well as a nephew who both get kidnapped by a cult.

Well, later, it is revealed by one member of the family of Juri that they all have powers to stop time whenever they want to. This is exactly the method that they use in order to save their family members. As we go through the scenes in the anime series, we witness that Juri is unfolding all the mysteries that lie within her, and no, she does not have a boring life after all. It is her uncle that reveals all the facts to her about their ancestral powers and how they came to achieve all of that. The show becomes even more interesting when the time gets frozen with the abilities possessed by Juri as well as her grandfather.

Kokkoku: Moment by Moment

Although, a new concept arises when we come to acknowledge that this frozen world is actually termed Stasis. Each and every story is not perfect, and we know that each and every action has its own consequences. In this case, it is monsters. Yes, you have read that correctly. Well, as it can be seen, this place called Stasis allows everyone to be in the world of frozen time for quite some while. But if the time limit starts exceeding, the monsters we talked about, start preying on the people who stay for too long.

This anime series, Kokkoku, has been such a great plot as it is able to keep us all in a state of deep mystery but also provide a whole lot of history and backstory. But the audience, at the same point, is at a place where they still have to find out more about the future, just like Juri wants to do that save her family. Slowly, the entire story gets unfolded in front of our eyes as the episodes pass by. The creators have laid so much focus on how to make this series so amazing that leaving in the middle is not an option for the viewers.

Pop Team Epic

Well, you guys have to see this series if you are feeling low or out of confidence. I mean, this entire anime show with its plot does not care if you like it or not. Mostly, it does not even want you to like it. The show is just out there, existing and being what it is, and if you like it, you like it, and if you don’t, it just won’t change its ways. This concept makes Pop Team Epic the most bizarre or maniac or maybe an insane anime series, but to be very honest, the show is quite special in its own way. I mean, you do not come across a show that teaches you how to be yourself no matter if anyone likes you or not. Nothing is consistent in the plot of Pop Team Epic as it goes on with its free will. We can not even predict what is going to happen after one second of the series. As for the plot, it is literally indescribable because there is just so much happening at the same time that it gets difficult to narrate its insane nature.

It is also very funny if you listen to the dialogues closely. Oh, and if you are someone who is wondering about the concept of the series, then hear me out. At first, you will come across a plot that runs exactly for 11 minutes. And for the next 11 minutes, it is practically the same thing with the voice actors changed and the animation theme altered. Pop Team Epic has so much confidence that it does not even care if the audience will stay patient with it or not but then again, it does not care. If you go out and talk to anime enthusiasts, you are bound to come across two types of people, the one who loves this show and the one who does not. There is nothing in between.

Happy Sugar Life

Well, a bit of disclaimer is quite essential before you decide to take a chair on one sunny afternoon and dive into the shoe on Amazon Prime Video. The thing that you need to keep in mind that Happy Sugar Life is not happy at all. It can be considered as the darkest matter of content that a person is ever going to come across and the radar does not just bounds to anime. Some viewers have even explained how they just had to stop watching the series because of the extremities that Happy Sugar Life liked to explore. If you think you can not handle it, even if you have a hint of doubt, it is advised never to start the show. Now, the main protagonist of the series is Sato Matsuzaka.

This girl is studying in high school with a pretty normal life but a bizarre mind. She goes on to kidnap a small little kid named Shio because she is in love with her. Now, this is not adultery or any pedophilia, but the pure love shared between two people. Although, the theme gets darker and darker when we see that Shio is ready to go to any extent in order to protect this child and keep her locked safely with her. You can watch Happy Sugar Life on Amazon, but it is advised to think twice before you do because the plot might not seem as dangerous, but the animation gets so intense it might even cause you nightmares.

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