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What To Expect From Run On Season 2?

Preview And Release Date: Run On Season 2

We are again and again coming back with the amazing details about the Korean drama that are releasing regularly and are getting continuous love from the fans who are just waiting for the new Korean dramas to release so that they can watch and get entertained after all everyone knows or we can say all the Korean dramas lovers knows how amazing these Korean dramas and how exciting they can be if you have recently started watching them. Today we will be talking about the second season of one such amazing series titled ‘Run On’ that have got premiered recently.

But before starting with the details about the second season let’s have a small recap about the first season of this series which is the first and very successful step of the creators in the Run On franchise. This series has received almost 5.3 million+ views on each episode making it one of the most successful romantic sports Korean drama series and the same are the expectations from the upcoming seasons in this series as the creators of this¬†series have some big plans which the fans will get to know with time so just wait and watch whatever is revealed.

Preview And Release Date: Run On Season 2

Run On Season 2 Release Date

The official release date for the second season of the ‘Run On’ series is not announced yet as the first season has recently finished premiering and it is not possible for the creators of any series to renew the series for a new season so early. The first season has received a tremendous response which was beyond the imagination of the creators making it a blockbuster series and hence a new season in this series is guaranteed and the announcement for it can happen anytime soon and that may be in the next 2-3 months.

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Also in a recent interview, some of the executive producers of this series hinted that they have called up a meeting to discuss the further plans about this series and as soon as anything is announced officially we will update that here. So till then, you can expect a new season in this series anytime in 2022 and as soon as the official release date is announced we will surely update that on our site and so to know about all these details you just have to do one thing that stays tuned and connected to our site for getting regular updates.

Preview And Release Date: Run On Season 2


In the lead roles, the first season was having Im-Si-wan in the role of Ki Seon-gym, Shin Se-Kyung will be seen as Oh Mi-Joo, Choi Soo-young playing the role of Seo Dan-ah, Kang Tae-oh in the role of Lee Young-Hwa, Park Yeong-Gyu playing the role of Ki Jung-do, Cha Hwa-Yeon will be seen as York Ji-Woo, Ryu Sun-young in the role of Ki Eun-bi, Lee Hwang-eui will be seen as Seo Myung-pil, Lee Shin-ki in the role of Seo Myung-min, and because of their amazing performance, they will surely be seen again in the second season of this Korean drama.

Now talking about the cast of the recurring and the guest roles, this series was having Lee Jung-ha in the role of Kim Woo-shik, Park Sung-Joon playing the role of Kwon Young-il, Park Sang-won will be seen as Park Gyu-deok, Na Ji-hoon in the role of Kim Gi-beam, Seo Jin-won playing the role of coach, Lee Bong-ryun as Park Mae-Yi, Kim Si-eun playing as Ye-chan, Seo Eun-Kyung in the role of Dong Kyung, Yeon Je-Wook as Jung Ji-Hyun, Bae Yoo-ram in the role of Han Seok-won, and even in the second season they all are expected to make a comeback.

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Preview And Release Date: Run On Season 2


This series shows revolves around the love story of Ki Seon-Gyeom and Oh Mi-Joo. Ki Seon-Gyeom was a former sprinter who was trying to become a sports agent and Mi-Joo was shown as a subtitle translator. Their love story was portrayed in such a beautiful manner by the creators of this series that everyone liked it extremely and appreciated the efforts of the cast as well as the crew who have done a tremendous job in this series. As soon as some more details are announced related to the second season of this Korean drama, we will update that here on our site.

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