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Jeon Yeo Bin Appears As A Competing And passionate Attorney In New Preview Images Of K-drama, Vincenzo

Jeon yeo Bin in Vincenzo
Jeon Yeo Bin as Hong Cha young in upcoming K-drama, Vincenzo.

Earlier, we mentioned the arrival of a new K-drama, Vincenzo. Moreover, actor Song Joong Ki is leading the show. His comeback is extremely hyped, and his new role in the series adds the cherry on the top. Apart from the plot and a little teaser of K-drama, Vincenzo, not much was released. However, the upcoming K-drama has now dropped new stills of the leading lady of the show. Actress Jeon yeo Bin is playing lawyer Hong Cha Young. And she looks equally presentable like Song Joong Ki in the new images.

Vincenzo is an upcoming South Korean Drama. The original genre of the show is Black Comedy, as described by various sources. Additionally, it features thriller and suspense, which makes it more appealing. The teaser that was released previously already attracted K-drama lovers from all across the world. And we hope the same will continue to happen.

Vincenzo stars Song Joong Ki in the titular role. He is consigliere to a Mafia family. However, he has to visit South Korea to resolve an issue with another Mafia group. There he meets Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin), a passionate and cutthroat lawyer who can do anything to win the case.

We already know about Vincenzo Cassano and are already introduced to him. Hence, go ahead and find out more about Cha Young.

Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo Bin, who will be portraying Hong Cha Young in the drama, is described as one of the most renowned lawyers in South Korea. Moreover, She works in Korea’s best law firm, Woosang. Cha Young perceives as confident and powerful, which makes her look more successful and charismatic. Also, she can go to extreme lengths to win a case. She is super competitive and might even sell her soul only to win her case.

Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo Bin in K-drama, Vincenzo (2021)

In the new stills, Jeon Yeo Bin looks furious, and as she embodies the character. Her character Hong Cha Young does not think in terms of “evil or good”; rather she thinks about what is advantageous and what is disadvantageous to her.

She can be seen as someone with a razor tongue who is not afraid to cut someone with her words. Also, Cha Young does not like people who get in her way to success. And most of the time, she sweeps them away from her path. Cha Young can also shed some tears only to persuade the opponent. In short, her goal is always the same and what matters the most to her is winning.

Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo Bin as Hong Cha Young in Vincenzo. (2021)

Jeon Yeo Bin also commented on her character in the show. She said, “Hong Cha Young is a character who is so competitive that she heads like a bulldozer for her target with her sharp tongue, crazy attitude, brilliant talent, and single-minded obsession.” She later said that Vincenzo is a fun project that shows how villains who can’t be handled with good are disposed of using villainous techniques.

Vincenzo Release Date And Cast

Vincenzo is coming to you very soon. The new K-drama is set to release on February 20, 2021. It will air at 9:00 KST on its original network tvN in South Korea.

Vincenzo is directed by  Kim Hee-Won (Fated to Love You, The Crowned Clown) and is written by  Park Jae Bum (Blood, The Fiery Priest). It stars Song Joong Ki (Descendents of the Sun, Arthdal Chronicles),  Jeon Yeo-Been (Be Melodramatic, Save Me), Ok Taec Yeon, and(Who Are You?, Save Me). 

Vincenzo K-drama

Cast of Vincenzo (2021)

Vincenzo has released a teaser as well. It introduces us to Vincenzo and his dashing self. Vincenzo Cassano gives a warning and says “I’m not here to negotiate, but to deliver a warning.”

While you wait for Vincenzo to premiere, watch his famous K-drama, Descendents of the Sun here on Netflix. 

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