Ranger Reject Chapter 83: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read

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Ranger Reject Chapter 83
Ranger Reject Chapter 83

As manga fans, we are all awaiting the release date of Ranger Reject’s next chapter. Fans are eager to find out what happens next in the chapter. We have everything you need to know, from the recap and release date to where you can read it. Ranger Reject, also known as Sentai Daishikkaku in Japanese, is a manga series about the Power Rangers.

Power Ranger was one of our favourite superheroes during childhood. They were mighty heroes who fought evil to restore the earth and humanity. They possess superpowers and extraordinary weapons to fight against monsters. There are numerous manga series based on the Power Rangers, with its success making it one of the best series in the Action & Sci-Fi category.

This Ranger Reject manga is not like other Power Ranger series. Unlike the previous ranger series, it does not follow the typical storyline of superheroes against monsters and defeating them to restore prosperity on Earth. When you first start reading, you will feel familiar, but with each chapter, you will discover more about it. The plot contains numerous surprising twists that keep readers curious and waiting for the next episode.

Ranger Reject Chapter 83
Ranger Reject | Chapter shot

In this Ranger Reject series, the storyline begins with an Alien invasion by the immortal Devil Army Kaijin on Earth thirteen years ago. Five Divine Dragon Rangers or Dragon Keepers fight against the Villains using their mystical power and divine weapons to save humanity.

However, Dragon Keepers vanquished all commanders over a year ago and negotiated a life contract with the foot soldiers to work as laborers for the Keepers. The foot soldiers are shape shifters who can shift into humans, monsters, and more. Due to the contract, they follow the Keepers’ orders in exchange for their lives.

Every Sunday, the Keepers stage an organized fight against monsters. They efficiently conquer them and have been going on for the last thirteen years. The keepers convey to the public that they work hard and safeguard humanity. Because of their growing fame, they can sell more merchandise to the general population. Through foot soldiers, keepers have created a dread among the citizens and used that fear for their benefit.

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After being forced to do the same routine over the past year, one foot soldier has decided to revolt and expose the Keepers. But he is not alone in his quest to reveal the true face of the Keepers. Will he be able to carry out the plan? Will the truth about the corrupted Dragon Keepers be disclosed? Read the Ranger Reject chapters to learn more.

Ranger Reject Chapter 82: Recap

After a fight in the Milky Way City Central Wildlife park, a new villain appears through that strange-looking creature in Ranger Reject Chapter 82: ‘Monster Zoo part 3’. Suzukiri yields to stop the new villain, who sprinted like a fly before getting too serious. Everyone from the park returns to the headquarter. They are watching the executive news again, this time presenting live footage of Rangers combating the monster in the park. Now, the executive strongly demands one thing, the abolishment of the Rangers.

Ranger Reject Chapter
Ranger Reject Chapter 82

The Invader Rights Association has summoned a meeting in response to the chaotic circumstances caused by the executive’s proclamation. They intend to merge the two powerful groups, The Dragon Keepers and The Invader Right Association, for a better world. But the Rangers are clueless that something awful is approaching; a storm is arriving to smash them. The rebellion Foot soldier D stabs Sonsei, the Red Keeper.

Ranger Reject Chapter 83: Release Date

The Ranger Reject chapter 83 will be available on Wednesday, February 8. Every Wednesday, a new chapter of the Ranger Reject series is released. If you are a new Ranger Reject reader, read all chapters till the next chapter is uploaded. 

Where to Read Ranger Reject Chapters?

There is no official website for publishing the chapters of Ranger Reject. You can read the original Japanese version of this Ranger Reject manga in Pocket Shounen Magazine with a subscription. You can purchase printed manga or an ebook of this series through the Kodansha website.

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