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Unfriended Ending Explained: What Went Down?

Unfriended Ending Explained
Unfriended Ending Explained

The entire plot of the supernatural horror movie “Unfriended” takes place on Blaire Lily’s (Shelley Hennig) laptop. On the same day as the anniversary of Laura Barn’s (Heather Sossaman) passing, Blaire can be seen participating in a video chat with five of her friends. Blaire’s childhood friend Laura committed suicide precisely one year ago due to an embarrassing, anonymous video of her being posted online. The movie doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in it.

The things Blaire does on her laptops, such as her typing speed, the things she watches or reads in the group chat, and the things she considers saying but doesn’t, all reveal a lot about her. Leo Gabriadze, the director, was drawn to the project because of its bullying-related subtext. With the development of social media, bullying has undergone significant evolution over time. Using social media has made bullying, and the trauma that goes along with it more prevalent, and returning home no longer offers the necessary solace.

Unfriended Plot

The other friends realize that an unauthorized individual who insists on being a part of their group chat is to blame for all the trouble as things start to get strange for Blaire. No matter what they do, they cannot ban the user known only as “billie227” from their chat room. Blaire is certain that the account belongs to Laura Barns, despite their thoughts. They initially think Laura’s account has been hacked in an attempt to trick them, but it turns out that is not the case.

Friends Terminated

The perspective leaves Blaire’s laptop for the first time in the final five seconds of the movie, confirming the paranormal theme of the story. Blaire is the only online person chatting with Laura when all the other friends in the group chat die violent deaths. In the final image, a horrifying-looking woman can lung at Blaire from behind the screen. Blaire’s perspective dominates the entire narrative.

Unfriended Ending Explained

This movie’s entire plot takes place in a laptop

Bullying & Its Discontents

Bullying is the central theme of “Unfriended.” It can have a devastating effect on our sense of self-worth when we are exposed when we are at our most vulnerable. The distinction between exposure and vulnerability is subtle. It is established at the movie’s beginning that Laura Barns commits suicide due to one of her embarrassing videos getting leaked online. Online friends attempt to defend her death by claiming that she was a cruel person who “deserved” to die, but they quickly retract their claims.

When Val (Courtney Halverson) is not present, they also converse behind her back. However, when Val commits suicide, they are shocked. Blaire experiences this at the movie’s conclusion when people start blaming her for Laura’s passing. She now better understands how Laura must have felt when she was humiliated and ultimately decided to take her own life.

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The Unclean Truth

Their relationships start deteriorating as soon as the mysterious account reveals their secrets. They are all prepared to judge and assume the worst about one another while comparing their deeds to theirs. This examines the sincerity of interpersonal relationships and the true selves we conceal behind avatars or online personas.

Guilt: Unfriended Ending Explained

The opening frame of the movie shows Blaire’s screen as she watches the YouTube video that led to Laura’s suicide before the video of Laura’s suicide. This could imply that she considered her friend and perhaps still felt conflicted about the whole thing, most likely guilt. One is forced to consider the potency of guilt. Is it sufficient to inspire someone to change their ways? Each character works to cover up their actions until the very end, not necessarily out of regret but rather out of frustration that others are finding out.

They continue to criticize and attack their flaws to draw attention away from them. Blaire was aware of Laura’s family problems and the hardships she was already facing. Even when others criticize Laura, she stands up for her. Ultimately, when Mitchell and Blaire are the only ones on the chat with Laura, Blaire accuses Mitchell of killing himself. When only Blaire is left, she appears “cornered,” worried about what will happen to her, and possibly even innocent.


Nearly all the characters hold off until the end to see if they can salvage some face. We see the video clip of Laura that drove her over the edge throughout the movie, but the full clip is only shown at the conclusion when Laura admits that Blaire was the one who recorded it. Since they had known each other since they were young, Blaire’s betrayal hurt the most and resulted in Laura’s death. Because she didn’t confess, her friends Ken, Val, Jess, Adam, and Mitchell also perished five more times.

It is revealed that Blaire already knew the solution to how to put an end to the fright. The page’s conclusion in the link Mitchell sent stated that one could stop being haunted by the dead if one admits their error. Despite being aware of this, she continued believing the lie until the end. In the final scene, a person assaults Blaire and slams her laptop shut. Blaire is at the center of the story because the entire movie is focused on her.

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