Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 75: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read?

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Baek using the heavenly blade technique
Baek using the heavenly blade technique (Credits: Lee Seok-jun | Oliboli)

Star Instructor, Master Baek returns this week with an exciting new release, and if you’re here for the details! We’ll be discussing what conspired in the previous few chapters and what to expect for the future, in addition to that we’ll be letting you know of the release dates and a guide on where to read. Stay tuned.

A story was written by S.j Lee & Ganjjajang, and illustrated by Orinori. The fantasy/martial arts manhwa follows some of the clich√© character traits of many existing manhwas. But it revolutionizes on some aspects of what we already have to build something unique in the long run! 

Star Instructor, Master Baek’s story revolves around Baek Suryong. In his previous life, he had learned the five of the strongest techniques that Murim had to offer, and as a result, being killed at a young age. But, Now that he’s reincarnated into the body of a martial arts teacher, Baek Suryong. However, the new body has a weak constitution, but things can go differently with reliable people around him.

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Baek the blood demon
Baek the blood demon (Credits: Lee Seok-jun | Oliboli)

Previously On Star Instructor, Master Baek

The lunatic leader of the crimson tiger faction had held Wiji Cheon hostage and taken him away. Baek and his students were devastated to hear the news. So, Baek and his students planned a rescue operation.

Upon the lunatic’s knowledge of Baek pursuing him, he planned to take Wiji Cheon into the Evil Valley, where the Ten greatest evil resides, thinking Baek wouldn’t go through with the pursuit anymore. However, it’s far from his expectations.

In Chapter 72 We see Baek & his students embarking on their way toward the Evil Valley, shortly followed by the Azure Dragon Academy. Baek & his students then found a shortcut to cut around the mountain path, bringing them to a close encounter with the leader of the crimson tiger faction, ending up dealing a fatal blow to the lunatic kidnapper. However, it’s far from over.

Baek the blood demon
Baek the blood demon (Credits: Lee Seok-jun | Oliboli)

In chapter 73, the crimson tiger faction leader admitted he had poisoned Wiji Cheon, also making clear to his Baek & his students that to save him they would need to come to the Evil Valley. The lunatic then demanded to give him back and promised that he would return to Wiji Cheon in 10 years after he becomes one of the 4 strongest warriors.

However, Baek refuses, for obvious reasons, and began slashing blades with the crimson tiger faction leader. Surprisingly, with enough exchange of blows, we learn of the lunatic’s true identity. He is the disciple of one of the Ten greatest evils, The white-haired claw demon as they said, in tandem with the (self-proclaimed) strongest martial arts technique, Blood Jade Tree, making him quite the fierce opponent.

However, Baek found this to be the right opportunity to take down his foe and teach his students what true martial arts looks like, by defeating The white-haired claw demon using heavenly master art techniques, elegant yet impactful enough to shatter the demon’s prideful claws. 

Annoyed Baek
Annoyed Baek (Credits: Lee Seok-jun | Oliboli)

In Chapter 74, The battle ends with Baek as the victor. However, the white-haired claw demon hasn’t served his intended purpose, leading Baek to interrogate him and extract all the information he needed to invade the Evil Valley and kidnap the Demonic Physician.

After hearing everything he needed, Baek offered him a painless death. Only to remain confused about how to approach the problem at hand. Wiji Cheon has three to five days of buffer period before the poison starts killing him. In a time of confusion, Won Gang suggested a brilliant idea of disguising as subjects of evil to enter the Evil Valley.

Baek & their students had their titles depicting that of a villain to seem inconspicuous. Everyone does their introductions making sly and villainous faces. And as a comedic kick in between the serious interaction, Baek was introduced as the Jade-faced pervert, wielding the master of sexual technique and arts.

The chapter ends with the Gatekeeper allowing them to pass one by one as long as they were able to prove their skills. All of Baek’s students had passed the Gatekeeper’s trial and were allowed to enter, leaving Baek’s demonstration of skills yet to be shown.

Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 75: Potential Spoilers

The Gatekeeper of the Evil Valley demands a show of skill to pass through. The next chapter should be quite interesting, having to see Baek Suryong demonstrate the sexual martial arts technique. Moreover, the next chapter should also mark the start of a new and exciting arc, with the potential of the 10 greatest evils introduced. Stay tuned to see what the author has in store for us.

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Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 75: Release Dates

Star Instructor, Master Baek Chapter 75, should be releasing on or before April 27th, 2023 globally during the given time zones:

  • UK (GMT): 03:00 PM April 27th, 2023
  • Philippines (PHT): 11:00 PM April 27th, 2023
  • USA (EST): 11:00 AM April 27th, 2023
  • India (IST): 08:30 PM April 27th, 2023
  • Korea (KST): 12:00 AM April 28th, 2023
  • Australia (AEST): 01:00 AM April 28th, 2023
  • Japan (JST): 12:00 AM April 28th, 2023

Note: The release date may be inaccurate due to the inconsistent release schedule.

Where to Read Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 75?

You’ll be able to read the Korean version of Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 75 on Naver Comics & Naver Series. Likewise you can check out Webtoon for the english version.

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