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Who Is Angel Brinks’ Baby Daddy? The Basketball Wives LA Star’s Personal Life

Angel Brinks
Angel Brinks

Who is Angel Brinks’ baby daddy? Yes, we are talking about the Basketball Wives LA star who is lately making headlines for all of the drama that happened in the show. Even Cardi B reportedly gave her a big break after she was bullied.

Keeping that aside, fans are curious to learn about the father of Angel Brinks’ child. The TV star is blessed with three children, whom we shall discuss later. Before everything, let’s briefly discuss Angel Brinks’ prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Angel Brinks is professionally a fashion designer, owning a self-titled line. Born in 1982, Angel is now 40 years old. Besides appearing on Basketball Wives LA, she is known for her girly, barbie aesthetic look. Some of her celebrity clients have been Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna, Trina, Amber Rose, Ashanti, etc.

Little did you know, Angel also has great dancing skills, and because of this, she even ended up performing with Jennifer Lopez as her background dancer. Coming back to Angel Brinks’ personal life, she was earlier married to the late rapper Bruce Sandlin. It was later revealed that he passed away after committing suicide. That’s sad! However, that’s not our today’s concern.

Not to forget to mention, Angel Brinks has always been vocal about raising her children single-handedly while managing her business. She has been an inspiration to all single mothers. Knowing that she is blessed with three kids, who are their fathers? If you are looking for who Angel Brinks’ baby daddy is, here is what we know. 

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Meet Angel Brinks’ Baby Daddy: Who Are They? 

Well, we can’t just say Angel Brinks’ baby daddy but daddies for sure. As we all know by now, Angel Brinks’ children are- Azari, Amani, and Prince. 

Bruce Sandlin 

Starting from the beginning, Angel Brinks’ baby daddy has been the late rapper Bruce Sandlin. With him, she shares her first child, Azari.  Talking more about him, Bruce Sandlin was majorly known by his stage name, X1. The rapper used to make several headlines for his association with Onyx and Gang Green.

Who Is Angel Brinks' Baby Daddy

Bruce Sandlin: Angel Brinks’ baby daddy

Some of his songs are- Like Always, I Want You, Dangerous, Until The Sun Comes Out, etc. It was in 2007 when Bruce passed away. At that time, Angel Brinks was already nine months pregnant. It was reported that because of her traumatic experience and stress, Azari was born early. 

Tyreke Evans 

Later, with Tyreke Evans, Angel Brinks shares her second child- Amani, a daughter. Yes, the NBA player is also Angel Brinks’ baby daddy. Moreover, he has been the reason for her starring in the Basketball Wives LA show. 

Who Is Angel Brinks' Baby Daddy

Tyreke Evans: Angel Brinks’ baby daddy

What about Tyreke Evans? He is a professional basketball player who started his career serving for the Sacramento Kings. Angel Brinks’ baby daddy, Tyreke, plays as the shooting guard. At present, he is playing for Indios de Mayaguez. 


It was in November 2021 when Angel Brinks welcomed her third child, a son with RoccStar. They named him- Prince. Discussing Angel Brinks’ baby daddy, RoccStar is professionally a music producer. He has worked with various artists like Chris Brown, Rita Ora, etc. Some of his works include- Rude, Naked, Deep in My Bag, Rage, Sin City, etc. 

Who Is Angel Brinks' Baby Daddy

RoccStar: Angel Brinks’ baby daddy

Well, Prince’s birth has been the “greatest gift ever,” as shared by him once. On the same event as welcoming Prince, Angel thanked her baby daddy for being her “rock.” Angel Brinks is indeed a great mother who takes proper care of each of her babies equally. Even though she doesn’t get along well with her ex-boyfriend now, things are pretty simple for her.

The TV star, right now, is only focused on raising her children. Her boyfriend, RoccStar, is by her side, and what else does she need? Sending love to Azari, Amani, and Prince. Best wishes to Angel Brinks! You may give Angel Brinks a following on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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