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For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7 Release Date
(Credits: OUTtv)

Stormy Daniels’ show, For The Love of DILFs, will soon air the last few episodes of this season. Revolving around two groups of men finding love despite the age gap, the dating series claims to be an experiment to see if real love could end up forming between the couples as they compete through challenges are form new relationships.

The show was first seen on January 31st, 2023. Ordered for around eight episodes, For The Love of DILFs was produced as a short series by the actress Stephanie Gregory, most popularly known as Stormy Daniels. Based on relationships between older men called the Dads and the younger men called the himbos, this series focuses on awarding the genuine couple that stays strong until the end of the show with $10,000. 

Having a format much similar to the dating series Love Island, the show also involves mini and main challenges, which would either benefit the winners or help in selecting the couples to be eliminated. After episode 6, only four couples remain at the DILF mansion. The tension between the couples grows as they are all ready to go the extra mile to secure the prize as well as their relationship.

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 6: Recap

In the previous episode, we see Prince Joshua sitting by the pool, and Charles comes to talk to him about participating in a future challenge together. They talk about Joshua’s past and how he flourished after finding his community, to which Charles explains that he was from a religious family as well and felt unwanted throughout his life.

Seeing that they both are from strict backgrounds, Joshua and Charles look forward to forming a good connection and winning the game. Bobby and Nathan spend time with each other and hope they could be together. They both rate their relationships an eight. The mini challenge of the last episode had an unexpected twist for the dads and the himbos. 

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7 Release Date

The Mini Challenge (Credits: OUTtv)

Stormy comes in with the challenge and explains the challenge would affect the place forever. Dr. Dilf had designed a compatibility test for the couples to test which ones were solid and which were only for show. The challenge involves answering questions using red and green flags. Both of the partners would have to choose the same color with a blindfold on to gather points. The ones who score the least would leave the mansion forever.

After the challenge, Stormy comes in with the results calculated by Dr. Dilf. The winners of the challenge were Mateo and Gordon, with a score of 18, followed by Jeffery and Tony. The ones that were placed third were Leryia and Matt, followed by Bobby & Nathan in fourth place, and Joshua & Charles in fifth place. The couple to be eliminated is Tony and Tokeyo.

Stormy comes in with another plot twist that gives the winners the ability to eliminate the couple they find least compatible. Since Gordon and Mateo came in first, they are given the responsibility. Stormy sits down with Jefferey and Tony to talk about their changing relationship. Since Alex had left, the duo had a chance to get to know each other and found out that both of them were emotional people and would get along well.

Gordon and Mateo head off to their beach date while others have a pool party. The time to eliminate arrives, and everyone gears up to see what Gordon and Mateo had thought of. After contemplating hard, Jeff and Tony are the ones to be sent home. 

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7 Release Date

The Couples (Credits: OUTtv)

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7 Release Date

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7 will be released on March 21st, 2023. All-new episodes of For The Love Of DILFs will be aired on Tuesdays, with a single episode lasting around 44-45 minutes. 

For The Love Of DILFs Episode 7: Where To Watch?

Episodes of the show are aired on Out TV at 4:00 am EDT for Canadian viewers. On-demand episodes of For The Love Of DILFs will be available to stream on Prime Video, Apple TV, and OUTtv. The timing of the release of new episodes in other places will be as follows:

  • United States: 4:00 am ET, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
  • United Kingdom: 8:00 am, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
  • Australia: 7:00 pm, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
  • India: 1:30 pm, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
  • Philippines: 4:00 pm, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
  • Germany: 9:00 am, Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.

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