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Movie Review: Netflix’s Space Sweepers

Running low on movies and TV shows to watch? We got a great one for you, Space Sweepers. This 2021 South Korean Space Opera movie is a must-watch, we all love sci-fi movies, and this movie has all the sci-fi we would ever want. International movies have been making an impact all across the globe for some time now. This may be thanks to the pandemic. When lockdown struck, people were stuck inside with nothing to do, streaming services were the saving grace. Viewers started watching everything and anything they could lay their hands on.

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When people ran out of stuff, they usually watch, they had to step out of their comfort zone and started watching projects they have never paid attention to. That is when they realized there exists an endless world of amazing shows and movies out there.

Slowly viewers for every single genre, every movie in all languages, all shows, and all movies increased. When viewers increase, recommendations increase, and more and more people were introduced to movies they never had even heard of.

Money Heist, Dark, parasite, can all be seen as examples of these. They are just amazing pieces of media that you have to experience at least once. The pandemic can just take all the credit for this. When the Director of Parasite Bong Joon Ho recited his iconic line at the golden globes:

“Once you overcome the 1-inch wall of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” This single quote also has traction to the movement of more and more international films being watched everywhere.

But this does come with its bad side also, you will find more about this on the review for this movie down below. But in short, with movies becoming more and more global, they start to lose their identity. The creators start to make the movie appeal to everyone, which in turn causes the project to lose itself and which gives it no unique attribute that differentiates it from others.

Now let’s get back to the main topic, Space Sweepers.

Behind The Scenes

Directed by Jo-Sung Hee, Space Sweepers is a space opera film starring Song Joon-Ki, Kim Tae-Ri, and Yoo Hae-jin. It was released on Netflix on February 5th, 2021.

The movie was first supposed to be called Lightning Arc but then got changed. The director, Jo-Sung Hee, started working on the story for Space Sweepers almost 10 years before the film. For him, the inspiration came from when one of his friends mentioned to him the dangers of space debris.

The release of the movie was postponed multiple times. Starting from June 2020, then moving to August, then finally getting released on Netflix exclusively in February 2021. All of these delays were caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


We’ll run through the base of the plot, that’s all you need to know if the movie interests you or not.

We start in the year 2092, like most futuristic science fiction movies, here also the Earth is destroyed. Humanity has almost reached the point of extinction, why does the future look so bleak in every single filmmaker’s eyes?

Space sweepers

We have to give it to the visuals they are just stunning. Every good sci-fi movie needs its set of great visuals, and Space Sweepers has its. We see a planet Earth where everyone is wearing masks(not much different from the present real world), the land seems to be covered in sand, and the air is filled with dust.

Cooperation called UTS has built a new home for mankind, and only the mega-rich can afford to access these homes. The rest are left back on Earth to die or fight for survival. When the elite group leaves, situations get much worse back home.

Everyone is left to fend off for their own, the situation has become more survival of the fittest. We follow the life of Space Sweepers, a group of 4 who is trying to make ends meet by capturing and selling Space Debris. On one of their missions, they come across a young girl on their ship, at first, they don’t think much of it.

But later, they come to discover that she is a robot that has the power to destroy all of mankind, a bomb waiting to explode to put matters more simply. This girl is wanted all across the universe, which would mean she is worth a lot of money for the team of four. So they make a deal with whoever wants her for a ton of money.


We mentioned the fact about a ton of sci-fi movies starting with a ravaged planet, humanity on the brink of extinction, and so on. This isn’t a bad thing, we all love movies like this, as of 2020, a plotline like that necessarily does seem fiction anymore.

But the problem arises when movies don’t change up to or have a new take to this setting. A setting used in different ways in different styles is completely alright, that’s how it should be. But just changing up stuff here and there it’s a big no-no.

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That’s what happens with Space Sweepers, it’s very predictable. We know what happens next every single time. But the movie is in no way a bad one. The actors put up an exceptional performance, and the visuals are stunning.

There’s a side to sci-fi movies where people watch it just for the visual elements, and Space Sweepers have a truckload of amazing ones. The movie has plenty of great humor and action sequences, it’s without a doubt a great watch.

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