Blue Lock Episode 3: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Blue Lock Episode 3 Release Date The Zero Hero (1)
The 300 students as Test Subjects

Yoichi Isagi, a striker for his team, chooses to send the ball to a teammate who is open in front of the goal in the regional government tournament finals while they are down 1-0. As a result, the teammate fails to hit the goal, and Isagi chooses to follow his coach’s advice that soccer is a team sport.

By kicking the game-winning goal to win the match and proceeding to the national competition, the other team’s captain Ryosuke Kira moves the ball the other way. Later, Yoichi is considered to the Japan Football Union, where he learns that he is just one of 300 strikers being held in solitary confinement at the remote soccer practice facility known as Blue Lock.

The attacking players are being put through some kind of survivorship recruit training in an effort to find the main striker for the Japan team’s national football team; the winner will start for the team, and the others will not be allowed to play for it. The first round is a tag game in which the individual who is hit by a ball kicked by another player is designated as “it,” and whoever is “it” when the timer runs out is eliminated.

Gurimu Igarashi, the striker with the lowest ranking, begins the game as “it,” and Yoichi is ultimately tagged to take over as “it.” Yoichi decides to risk eliminating a stronger opponent instead of Gurimu while he’s down, and just as the time limit runs out, he tags Ryosuke to be eliminated.

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Blue Lock Episode 2: “Monster” Recap

The reason Kira was expelled from the facility is revealed by Jinpachi in “Monster,” the recap episode of “Blue Lock.” Jinpachi claims that everything within the facility is intended to assist the forwards to get to becoming the finest in the world.

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Isagi quickly discovers that the majority of the players at Blue Lock are far faster and more physically fit than he is. Jinpachi discusses the first pick with Isagi and his housemates the following day and explains how it operates. Here is the information you have to understand about Blue Lock, Episode 2’s conclusion.

After Japan’s defeat in the World Cup, a gathering occurs at the Japan Soccer Union offices. Anri Teieri, a recent hire at the JFU, is furious with the status of Japanese soccer at the moment. She contends that significant changes must be made by the country.

She contends that the national soccer team needs to make significant changes, in contrast to other JFU members who are careless or negligent. That can only happen if Jinpachi Ego assumes control. After her speech to the Japan Soccer Union, Blue Lock was established.

Blue Lock Episode 3 Release Date The Zero Hero (1)
Blue Lock Programme being Pitched and Justified.

Kira keeps trying to understand the truth of being eliminated from the ability and losing his chance to define Japan completely. He’s furious and insists that the ridiculous game has nothing to do with soccer. According to Jinpachi, the playing area was the same size as a typical penalty area, and the tag game tested each player’s accuracy and other skills.

Kira is still having trouble accepting that he was eliminated, but Jinpachi cites instances from his matches to argue that he has the vanity and fortitude necessary for a striker of his caliber. He makes the decision to go, furious at how Isagi destroyed his dream of being a characteristic of the nation. 

The strikers come back later in the day to see that players are treated differently depending on their scores. Isagi lives in a dorm alongside the opposing 11-tag players. He soon learns that none of the other players are as skilled as he is, which leaves him with restless nights.

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When he decides he wants to coach, Bachira wakes him up, and the two of them end up working out together. Isagi is then informed by Bachira that a monster in his mind controls his soccer performance. He only must be attentive. He gave the ball to Kira, who was then eliminated.

Blue Lock Episode 3 Release Date The Zero Hero (1)
Shocked by the fact that the best striker should be the most self-centered person.

The following day, Isagi discovers from his friends that Blue Lock players reside in 5 buildings. Each building has its own amenities and depending on each striker’s skill, and a particular building is given to them. The lowest-ranked players make up the team that Isagi and his teammates are on.

One of the most skilled gamers in Japan, Itoshi Sae, is about to leave for Europe. He doesn’t intend to play for Japan again since he believes that no Japanese player is deserving of his cross.

When he comes upon the news conference of the Japan Soccer Union, where Anri talks about what they have planned for the destiny of Japan with the Blue Lock challenge, he chooses to abandon his ambitions.

Blue Lock Episode 3 Release Date: “The “Zero” Soccer”

Blue Lock Episode 3 Release Date is 23 October 2022. The title of this episode is “The Zero Soccer”:

  • Sun, 23 October 2022 at 1:30 am in Tokyo (JST),
  • Sat, 22 October 2022 at 11:30 am Central Time (US & Canada),
  • Sat, 22 October 2022 at 0:30 pm Eastern Time (US & Canada), and
  • Sat, 22 October 2022 at 10:00 pm in New Delhi (IST). 

Blue Lock Streaming Details 

You can stream all the episodes of Blue Lock after the official release on Netflix. It is the official streaming platform of this anime series and many others. 

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