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Upcoming Games For Xbox Game Pass Have Been Revealed And They Are Pretty Good

Xbox Game Pass November
Xbox Game Pass (Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft recently made a announcement on what games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for console as well as PC. These games that they revealed were some pretty good games and it might be the strongest linuo of game that Microsoft has introduced this time. They made this announcement through a tweet which revealed the games and these games will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass later this week. So, let us first talk about the games console will be receiving. First game that will be coming will be the amazing Ninja Gaiden 11 which will be coming in 20 February.

Upcoming Game For Xbox Game Pass

On 25 February Kingdom Hearts III will be coming to the console users alongside Two Point Hospital, and Wasteland Remastered. Finally after a long time, Yakuza will be coming to the Xbox users. The first installment that will be coming to Xbox One users will be Yakuza 0 that will come to the Game Pass on 26 February. On 27 February, Jackbox Party Pack 3 will be added. On PC, both Yakuza 0 and Wasteland Remastered will also be coming to PC users. Other games that will be coming are Two Point Hospital, Reigns: Game of Thrones and Indivisible.

The exact release date of when these games will be joining the service haven’t by team Xbox but Wasteland Remastered will arrives at the same day that it releases on 25 February. As for Yakuza 0 it hasn’t been announced when it will come to PC users but it is most likely that it will be coming on 27 or 28 February for them. All of these games are really good and are extremely fun to play. This line up of games is one of the strongest that we have seen from Xbox if not the strongest. Xbox Game Pass users have gotten hands on some of the best games in the pass few months.

This service has been really successful for Xbox and it is really popular since its release. All of the popularity was because they treated their audience with respect and brought great games to the service which made many other people to buy it for themselves. Furthmore, all of these game worth your money and you can buy it as Xbox Game Pass is extremely cheap. Furthmore, right now it cost $9.99 per month on both console and PC. You have another option which Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which will net you both services and Xbox Live Gold for $14.99 a month.

• Xbox Game Pass For Xbox

– Ninja Gaiden 2, 20 February 2020
– Kingdom Hearts 3, 25 February 2020
– Two Point Hospital, 25 February 2020
– Wasteland Remastered, 25 February 2020
– Yakuza 0, 26 February 2020
– Jackbox Party Pack 3, 27 February 2020

• Xbox Game Pass for PC

– Indivisible
– Reigns: Game of Thrones
– Two Point Hospital
– Wasteland Remastered
– Yakuza 0

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