Cop Adam Episode 16: Release Date & Where To Watch

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Cop Adam episode 16
Cop Adam

Also popular by its alternative title – ‘Stickman,’ Cop Adam is a serial adaptation of a real-life story innovatively dramatized by its creators. In this Turkish drama produced by OGM pictures, we see love grow from hatred and unhealthy obsession to convert to true love, sacrifice, and injustice. The show targets the real question of whether mad desire or obsession can really turn into genuine love and affection.

Cop Adam explores the trope and psychological theories of obsessive love and presents a mysterious romance story for the viewers to enjoy. Beautifully cast, with vivid details of characters captured by the artists’ personification, it brings great authenticity and delight to the viewers. Cop Adam has been shot in the enthralling scenic sites of Istanbul, adding thrill and charm to the series. 

Cop Adam Story Till Now

A troubled young man, Tamer is plagued by the trauma of his childhood, where he was left at an orphanage with his sister by their parents, both vulnerable and at the mercy of the evil world. At his tender age, he had to bravely pull himself up and take care of his sister, which he did, but not without harboring grudges against his parents.

Cop Adam Episode 16
Tamer and Peri

Tamer grows up to become a smart and talented software developer who creates an amazing game that rises off the charts of popularity and is a huge success worldwide. This opens doors for Tamer as international offers for his gaming company pour in, and he partners with an American business that invests in the shares of his company.

Along with his sister Mariam, his parents, his wife – Berrin and their daughter, Tamer go off to live in a new palatial mansion. Though he seems to be living a luxurious life, even with his relationship with his parents being quite strained, Tamer has an emptiness in him that he cannot nurse because of the other psychological wounds he has from his younger days.

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A smart young, middle-aged woman named Peri is a private bank manager. She is happily married and lives with her husband and ill sister, whom she cares for- Naz. Peri’s childhood is also overlapped with misery as her mother cruelly left their family to run off with her lover, and later when their father died, the two sisters were left alone to bring themselves up. 

Peri’s Peril

Naz is a selfish sister who is jealous of the beauty and competency of her sister, Peri owns. Though Peri has done everything possible for her sister, Naz still resents her and backstabs her by having an affair with Peri’s husband. Peri is crushed when she finds her sister and husband philandering naked in the bath-tub together and escapes. Becoming hysterical with grief, she wishes to commit suicide.

However, Tamer chances upon the anguished woman and is entranced by her beauty, wishing to capture it for himself, feeling compelled to own it. He kidnaps Peri and locks her in the cellar of his mansion, away from prying eyes. Peri finds herself in a game world that is all too real for her and grows close to Tamer, falling in love with the only man who is around her while ignoring the feeling of foreboding growing in her mind. 

Peri comes to learn about the reality of the circumstance she is trapped in and hates Tamer, running away from him. In the next scenes, the couple interacts and moves past their differences. But then more problems start as Tamer’s family and more of the people around them learn about this new couple.

Tamer and Peri’s unblessed reunion

Tamer’s wife, Berrin, is forced to move out with Meryem and her daughter, Damla, and live at a hotel while Tamer and Peri are giddy about their reunion. Berrin tries to stay strong for her remaining family while hiding her grief of accepting Tamer’s loss forever.

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Damer is furious to watch her mother’s spiraling sanity and blames her father and his new lover for her broken family, swearing revenge. Peri and Tamer’s happy day turns for the worse when an uninvited guest arrives to foil their wedding. Selim is met by surprise the next morning while Peri faces off against an unexpected person at the dining table.

Cop Adam Episode 15
Cop Adam: The Big day

Cop Adam Episode 16 Release Date

Cop Adam Episode 16 is set to release on 5 April 2023, Wednesday, at 20:00 hours for viewers in Turkey. The date and time of release for some of the major countries are listed below:

  • For viewers in the US: 1:00 pm EST on 5 April 2023, Wednesday.
  • For viewers in Canada: 1:00 pm NT on 5 April 2023, Wednesday.
  • For viewers in India: 10:30 pm IST on 5 April 2023, Wednesday.
  • For viewers in Australia: 4:00 am AEST on Thursday, 6 April 2023.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 1:00 am PHT on Thursday, 6 April 2023.
  • For viewers in Japan: 2:00 am JST on Thursday, 6 April 2023.
  • For viewers in South Korea: 3:00 am KST on Thursday, 6 April 2023.

Cop Adam: Where To Watch

Cop Adam is an OGM pictures production that premiers exclusively on STAR Tv. Currently, it is restricted to Turkish viewers, with the series of episodes not being available with subtitles for international audiences.

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