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Everything You Need to Know About OCN’s New K-drama “Times”

Times K-drama
Times K-drama (2021) releases a new poster.

OCN has dropped major details regarding its upcoming K-drama, “Times.” The network has frequently been feeding the fans with details on its new show. And recently, it has released more information. So, here we are to share with the K-dramaholics. Moreover, a new poster is also out in addition to several teasers. Hence, make sure to check it out down below.

“Times” is an upcoming South Korean drama. The new “time-warp” mysterious television show is directed by Yoon Jong Ho. And the script for the show will be penned down by Lee Sae-Bom and  An Hye-Jin. Furthermore, Times will take over the time slot previously owned by “The Uncanny Counter.” The Uncanny Counter is recorded as the highest-rated show in OCN’s history. Well, we hope Times breaks its record. And, until you wait for “Times,” you can watch The Uncanny Counter on Netflix here. 

“Times” is a time-warp political thriller mystery. It stars Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In, Kim Young Chul as Seo Gi Tae, and Lee Seo Jin as Lee Jin Woo. The three actors are leading the show and will play the primary roles. Seo Jung-In is the daughter of South Korea’s president, Seo Gi Tae. She has a mysterious call with a journalist, Lee Jin Woo, from five years in the past. And later tries to save her father from an unfortunate tragedy. But, along the way, she stumbles upon dangerous truths related to the past.

The new K-drama sounds interesting, and we are ready to unveil all the secrets. But, before that, have a look at the new poster.

Times- Cast and Character Descriptions

We already mentioned the cast and the plot of the show. Fortunately, we have details on the character description. This will also provide better a better insight into the show.

Lee Jin Woo (Lee Seo Jin) is a journalist who enjoys exposing the reality of corrupted politics and politicians. He is not afraid to curate reports against dangerous people, and it is bothering the people of higher designations. Lee Jin Woo does not like corruption, and he likes to reveal the harsh truth as a writer. The new stills of Lee Jin-Woo in the show reflects his passionate image.

Times K-drama

Lee Jin-Woo in Times (2021)

Lee Joo Young (Seo Jung In) is a passionate reporter in 2020. She is trying to follow her president father’s footsteps, as he started his career as a reporter too. Lee Joo Young’s new still from the show portrays her as a strong and hardworking reporter who will stop at nothing to find the truth. She will play a special role and will connect with both the male leads of the show.

Times K-drama

Lee Joo-Young in Times (2021)

Last but not least, Kim Young Chul (Seo Gi Tae) is playing the president of South Korea in the show. However, it seems like his life is in danger. But, being a politician, we might expect him to be a part of the secret- his daughter is looking for.

The show will also include Moon Jeong-Hee as Kim Young-Joo, Song Young-Chang as Baek Kyu-Min, Kim In-Kwon as Do Young-Jae, Yu Seong-Ju as Nam Sung-Beom, Shim Hyung-Tak as Han Do-Kyung, and Moon Ji-In as Myung Soo-Kyung.

Times New Poster

A new poster featuring the cast of Times is out. The official poster of the drama shows the main characters in a contrasting black and white image. This might reflect on the major idea of the show- wrongdoings and righteousness.  Lee Jin Woo, who is living in 2015, appears in the white frame of the poster. Whereas Seo Jung In from 2020 stands on the darker side.  Meanwhile, Seo Gi Tae sits between the two sides with a cryptic red light passing through him.

Check out the poster down below:

Times K-drama

Official poster of K-drama, Times (2021)

“Times” is making its grand premiere on February 20 on the OCN network. However, people outside the South Korean region can stream it via online streaming sites such as Kiss Asian, Drama Cool, and Viki.

And while we wait for Times, you can watch Lee Joo Young’s smash hit series, Itaewon Class, here.

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