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How to Watch Legally Blonde? Streaming Guide

It has been more than 20 years since the release of the film, yet fans are curious about how to watch Legally Blonde. The movie was released in 2001 and still is relevant for people living in their 20s. It is a comedy genre feature with Robert Luketic as its director. The plot is inspired by the novel of the same name. As for the plot of the film, it throws light on a sorority girl. Her name is Elle Woods, the character portrayed by Reese Witherspoon. She is desperately trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend named Warner Huntington III.

Elle is aiming to have a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School just to impress him. While she is set on a journey to do so, Elle ultimately finds herself. There are many stereotypes in the country on his way about what blonde girls are like and how they should be. We see her journey as a confident woman with a great sense of fashion as she tries to become a successful lawyer. The film was a huge success among the fans and even became a cult classic. It was made on a budget of 18 million dollars. Upon its release in cinemas, it earned more than 141 million dollars making it a blockbuster.


We see the plot beginning with Elle as she is a student in fashion merchandising. Her boyfriend Warner Huntington takes her to a very expensive restaurant. She dresses up really well for the date expecting a proposal from him. Although, everything goes down when Warner breaks up with her. The guy wants to become a politician and feels like Elle would not be interested in that kind of a serious lifestyle. But she still has feelings for him and thinks that she can still win Warner back by showing him that she herself is capable of all that stuff herself and graduate from Harvard Law School. She finally gets herself accepted into the school and starts working hard for the same.

When she comes to Harvard, she sees Warner engaged to his ex-girlfriend Vivian who thinks that Elle is nothing but a fool. Given that she has blonde hair, even her East Coast classmates do not trust her. While talking with Warner, something becomes clear to Elle. No matter how hard she works in order to impress him, he will never take her seriously.

This motivates her to work even harder and prove Warner and his smug girlfriend wrong. When the next semester arrives, one of the most respected teachers from the school decides to take interns to work on a huge case. Elle, Vivian, and Warner are selected for the same. In order to know what happens in the film next, you ought to watch Legally Blonde from these platforms.

How to Watch Legally Blonde

Amazon Prime Video

Legally Blonde is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video right now but only in selected regions. You can buy the platform for just 8.99 dollars a month. It also adds the benefit of a free one-month trial which can be used to watch Legally Blonde for free.


Other than that, Legally Blonde used to be on Netflix but left the streaming service just last year. You can now watch the film through demand on Amazon. It is available for 3.99 dollars in HD for rental. It can be easily bought in HD as well for just 7.99 dollars.

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