Who is Michel Smith Boyd’s Partner? Explained

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Michel Smith Boyd
Michel Smith Boyd Credits: Distractify

Michel Smith is a great television personality, but do you know who is actually his life partner? Well, many of us don’t know who is actually his partner, but now since he has become the main person behind the ‘Luxe for Less’ show, people actually want to know who is there in his life, who his partner is.

This article will therefore take a look at who is Michel Smith’s partner, what are his net worth and, all of the things related to the new show that he is hosting, and each and every single detail about Michel Smith. 

But before starting this article, let us take a look at who Michel Smith is. He is an American interior designer and, therefore, a very creative person who bears the name of designing houses and making them properly perfect.

Therefore, in his career of being an interior designer, he has actually worked with more than 500 companies and thus is one of the very significant names within the Interior designing domain.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some greater insights.

Michel Smith Boyd
Michel Smith Boyd Credits: Distractify

Who is Michel Smith Boyd’s Partner?

Michel Smith is a very creative person and therefore is the name behind building a very successful empire which he built with the very successful interior designing work that he had done, now the fans that he had made are actually very curious, and they thus wanted to more about his personal life.

And the question regarding whether he is in a relationship or if he is married, every and each one of his fans wants to attain the answer of this. 

Well, according to the couple of pictures that he posts, he actually is seen with a lady whose name is Kai Williamson and, therefore, who, as per sources, is his business partner, friend, and fellow designer.

As far now, nothing officially has been out yet regarding the fact that both of them are actually dating or not, and the designer himself has not stated or committed anything.

But with the possibility that the Internet tells you each and every detail and fans are also very quick enough to explore and witness each and every detail, it would not take much time for them to actually understand and witness each and everything in detail.

Michel Smith Boyd Partner
Michel Smith Boyd Credits: The Cinemaholic

All About Michel Smith Boyd’s Net Worth

Michel’s net worth is actually around $5 million, and considering the fact that he is a creative and highly recognized interior designer and therefore worked with a lot of brands, whereas some of the Tv personalities also that he has worked with, it is therefore considered that the net worth that he attains is a greater one within the industry itself to gain.

Apart from the interior designing that he does, where he has also launched a furniture line and thus a home decor, he has also launched an accessory brand which overall contributes to his net worth.

And not only that, but he has also tried his hands at acting and modeling, etc., where he is also seen posting content based on his looks and his personality. With now also the fact that he is the host now for Discovery’s Luxe for Less show even more contributes to his overall net worth and his work.

What is Luxe for Less All About?

Luxe for Less is the best show for someone who has started or wants to start his career within the sphere of interior designing, this show teaches each and every aspect of interior designing to its audience.

The host is hosted by the genius within the interior designing industry itself, Michel Smith, and the show, therefore, uses budget hacks to actually create some luxurious renovations without focusing much on their bank accounts. 

Therefore designing, budgeting, and creativity are some of the concepts that are hugely focused on within the show to deliver a beautifully designed space to live in. And the fact that the name of the show itself focuses on creating beautifully designed home pieces to give those houses a high-end luxurious look while also at the same time staying within budget.

The show focuses much more on detail-oriented works, which help the audience to understand each and every concept of design.

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