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What Episode Does Mollymauk Die In Critical Role?

Critical Role

For the legendary RPG game Dungeons and Dragons fans, the show Critical Role should be highly familiar. Mainly streaming on Twitch, the show depicts the role-playing game genre in all its glory. As the show’s own introduction describes them, “A bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons“, and it is indeed just that.

Within the lore of Critical Role, The Mighty Nein is an adventuring party that the show has described as “adventuring mercenary assholes“. This adventuring party is the primary protagonist of the second campaign of Critical Role. They have a nasty habit of putting their heads in almost every major situation that is going on in the game’s world. And even though they’re heroes who saved the lands, they only receive a portion of the praise they deserve for all they did.

Recently they received a fatal blow and lost one of their members, and it has caused a lot of grief among the Critical Role community. In a rescue mission gone awry, the company’s long-time member Mollymauk Tealeaf met his end. Here are all the details about it.

Who is Mollymauk?

Mollymauk Tealeaf belongs to a race called the Tiefling, who is known for having large horns on their head, and Molly is no different. Molly was a blood hunter who used a rare kind of magic called Hemocraft to augment his fighting styles. He was a long-time member of the Mighty Nein and had a good relationship with other members. He was known for being eccentric, and his personality was described as a “literal and figurative peacock“. He had a habit of conjuring up lies and propagating them, regardless of anyone even believing them.

Mollymauk Tealeaf

Mollymauk Tealeaf (Art by ornerine@twitter)

As a Lavender Tiefling with crimson red eyes, he was rather extravagant in his appearance and dressing style. He was also quite confident in himself and even took great pride in his eccentric lifestyle. His gender was revealed to be fluid, which perfectly matched his personality.

Mollymauk Tealeaf was played by Taliesin Jaffe.

What Episode Does Mollymauk Die in Critical Role?

In the twenty-sixth episode of Critical Role’s second campaign, called “Found & Lost”, the group wakes up to find that some of their members- Jester, Fjord, and Yasha- are missing. After some investigation, they discovered that a dangerous slaver group called Iron Shepherds was the one behind the kidnapping.

During the encounter between The Mighty Nein and the Iron Shepherds, Mollymauk met his demise at the hand of the Iron Shepherd’s leader Lorenzo. Molly was trying to weaken Lorenzo by inflicting him with an ability called Blood Maledict. But unfortunately, this ability of his misfired and knocked Molly unconscious. This gave Lorenzo the opportunity to deal a fatal blow to Mollymauk and end his existence.

Just before he dealt the fatal blow, Lorenzo mockingly asked Molly for his last words, for which Molly spitted blood on Lorenzo’s face. Lorenzo twisted his glaive into Molly, killing him instantly.

Mollymauk Tealeaf

Mollymauk and Nott from Critical Role (Art by cgkpluie@twitter)

This incident comes off as a shock to the fans and players because this is the first time in the show’s history that a major character has ceased to exist, and the permanence of the situation has left a lot of fans to grieve for the fallen character. Even to the point that the host of the show, DM Matthew Mercer, personally apologized to the grief-stricken fans through his Twitter,

I appreciate the support, and judging by the conversation, a number of people suddenly hate me. That’s fine. I’ll weather the slings and arrows. Ours is a story of heroism and hope in a dark world. A story many of us need. One that turns in unexpected ways and one I believe in.

I love my players deeply. I am constantly checking in with them. Our trust is endless and mutual and is the nature of the game, not all ends are written. If you found this one singular moment so strong to somehow break your trust in me, then… I am sorry. Genuinely.

“However, it’s a dark spot in a vibrant narrative. There is so much to come. We’re preparing for the worst because it’s healthy. When the stages of grief have washed over, I hope you still wish to join us. If not, then I wish you luck and good travels. <3”

Although we definitely said goodbye to the Mollymauk, we come to discover through a shocking turn of events that Mollymauk’s body has once again resurrected into a new persona named Kingsley Tealeaf. This actually doesn’t come off as a surprise as Mollymauk was actually a persona resurrected from the specks of the Tombtakers’ leader, Lucien’s soul.

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