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‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Ending Explained: A Beautiful Ending That Melted Our Hearts

"Romance Is A Bonus Book" Ending
"Romance Is A Bonus Book" Ending

For the people who want to know about the ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ ending, do not worry, because we got your back. ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ is the last drama that Lee Jong Suk did before enlisting in the military. And we are not disappointed with this amazing drama. The Kdrama talks about true friendship, second chances in life, and of course, books. And that is why, if you are a big fan of reading books, this one sure should be on your watch list as it will increase your love for books even more.

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ has a beautiful side to it as it gives us the strength to chase our dreams and passions irrespective of the hardships that we might face. The Kdrama has also shown the reality of the society where divorced women, especially divorcee moms, face big challenges in every step they take. Be it their career or society, they often face many difficulties. But our female lead is a strong character who achieved her dreams despite all the problems that society threw at her. And let’s be honest, we love a Kdrama that shows a strong female lead who goes against the social norms. So here is all about the ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ ending if you are confused about whether you will get a happy or a sad ending.

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’: What Is It All About?

Before talking about ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ ending, it is important to know the basic plot of the drama first. Only then will we be able to relate to the ending. So the story revolves around Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young). At one hand, Cha Eun Ho is an exceptional author and is very successful in his field. On the other hand, Kang¬† Dan Yi is a mother, and her husband cheats on her, which leads her to get a divorce from him. The relationship between the leads goes way back into childhood, and they have been friends ever since. Eun Ho asks Dan Yi to find him a housekeeper, but little did he know that she herself was the housekeeper and the one who took the payments.

Well, nothing stays hidden forever, and eventually, Eun Ho finds this out and helps her. Meanwhile, Dan Yi becomes a task supporter at Eun Ho’s publishing company, and this makes them come closer and closer. Slowly. Dan Yi started doing great in her job with her amazing creativity and experience in the field as she was once a successful advertising copywriter. The story then shows how our main leads realize their feelings for each other and get closer in the process.

"Romance Is A Bonus Book" Ending

Eun Ho and Dan Yi accepting that they are dating

‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Ending Explained: Yes, Our Main Leads End Up Together

As the episodes progressed, we kind of got the feeling that Cha Eun ho and Kang Dan Yi would end up together, and it did happen, and viewers could not be happier. And the way they became public about their relationship in front of their office team is so cute that it made out hearts tickle and gave us BUTTERFLIES! They also share a beautiful kiss which again was just so beautiful. This was accompanied by a beautiful voice-over by Dan Yi, who said that she opened an old favorite book which was first when she first read it. But on reading it again and again, she underlined important passages, and she found new sentences in the book every day. She further says that this book stayed the longest with her. Yes, she compared Eun Ho to a favorite old book. And if this does not tell you about the true love of a book lover, then we don’t know what will.

Romance Is A Bonus Book Ending

Song Hae Rin and Ji Seo Joon end up together

A Truly Happy Ending for EVERYONE!

Well, if you are sad about the second lead who got rejected, do not worry because things work out for them as well. Yes, Song Hae Rin (Jung Yoo Jin) and Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) end up together, and fans were thrilled to see this scene. Along with this, what was the most beautiful thing was that the ending showed all the couples coming together. Ji Yool and Park Hoon finally get together as they share a kiss, Kim Jae Min and Yoo Sun end up together, and Ji Hong and Seo Young A are co-parenting their sun comfortably. So to sum it up, the series was truly splendid with an amazing ending.

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