Alien Worlds Season 2 Release Date, Recap, Streaming Details and Synopsis

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Alien Worlds Season 2

Has space always fascinated your curious minds with its mysteries, strange phenomena, and a lot many secrets that are yet to be explored? Well, if you’re one of those inquisitive people, Alien Worlds should be on your watch-list. And, if you have already watched it and waiting eagerly for Alien Worlds Season 2, you are just at the right place. Follow this article until the end and know it all about this Netflix’s originals’ upcoming season.

Netflix's Alien Worlds
Netflix’s Alien Worlds

This science fiction is so beautifully laid out to the audience that people have become even more interested to know about the existence of life beyond Earth. The first season was dropped by Netflix earlier this month, on December 2, 2020. The season was a bit short and covered four well-crafted episodes and kept the spectators gripped till its very end. All the episodes were released on the same and were streamed globally on Netflix. Enough about the first season, let’s move into the next section to know if there would an Alien Worlds Season 2 or not, and if it happens, what is its release date. So, let’s dive in without any further delay!

Alien Worlds Season 2 Release Date

We all know how long Netflix takes to announce the news of the release dates of the shows in demand. From twinkling stars, spirals of galaxies, dark planets to specks of dust, radiation, and black holes in different cosmos, there’s a lot more to space, and it keeps on expanding. In all honesty, it is the last limit of knowledge! Thus, the makers won’t find any reason to call off the season because of lack of content.

Andromeda galaxy swallowing dwarf galaxies
Andromeda galaxy swallowing dwarf galaxies

Although the makers have content to work on, it is doubtful to commence shooting and other work amidst the Corona outbreak. Thus, we will have to a bit longer for the makers to come up with the announcement finally. Considering all these things, it is speculated that Alien Worlds Season 2 will be released somewhere in 2021. Till then, let’s wait for an official announcement!

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Alien Worlds Season 1: Long Story Short

Will humans continue to dominate the earth, or they will go extinct one day? Are there any other planets as habitable as Earth for humans to colonize new surroundings, or Earth is our only home? Among all the dark matter present in space, is there any chance of species other than homosapiens? Do all these things cross your brain now and then? Well, the answer to all these questions is Alien Worlds.

Exoplanets- Planets outside solar system
Exoplanets- Planets outside the solar system

This documentary series brings into the world the idea of exoplanets and the chances of aliens’ existence. Narrating numerous theories and hypotheses, Alien Worlds provides their theories and leaves the audience wondering. Not only that, but the amazing series also delivers a possible way of viewing how the life of aliens would be like on exoplanets.

Let me tell you that the theories that Alien Worlds put can make you dream with your eyes open and leave you pondering for hours. The visuals are so intriguing that you will get a clear picture of every single thing they have been discussing. From the beginning till the end, the series will keep connecting the dots they have been laying out. Thus, you won’t get bore and come out with a conclusion in the end, as long as the theories are conspiring.

Alien Worlds Season 2 Cast

Well, Alien Worlds is a docuseries, and there are no characters to play any part. We meet different people with expertise in Alienology who have different theories for a possible occurrence. If you are into space and equally curious to know about aliens’ presence, I will recommend you to go for this series.

Alien Worlds' narrator Sophie Okonedo
Alien Worlds’ narrator Sophie Okonedo

Let me also tell you that an English actor-singer, Sophie Okonedo, narrates the show. She is well recognized for her work in series like Criminal Justice and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. And, you can expect her to narrate in the second season of Alien Worlds.

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Season 1 Synopsis

While Earth has an envelope surrounding it called an atmosphere filled with gases. With different layers serving different purposes, there are numerous other planets out there with no atmosphere. Some planets were primarily focussed upon in the first season of Alien Worlds. These included planets like Terra, Janos, Eden, and Atlas.

Do Exoplanets Support the Existence of Aliens?

While Janos consists of an atmosphere that is habitable for Pentapods, Atlas has different surroundings. It is one of those planets that have a thick covering of the atmosphere around them. And can support the lives of organisms that are given birth to by air. Contrary to that, Terra is one of the complex exoplanets that keeps revolving around a star about to become dead. Now, a dead star can lead to a white dwarf formation but giving rise to a Nebula before. And eventually, it will turn into a black dwarf until the central part or core cools down.

Living Dead star spreading light
Living Dead star spreading light

While the star that Terra is spinning around is certainly aging, it will take a billion years for the star to get dead. You see, the whole formation of dwarfs- black and white. And, even the cooling down of their fundamental parts is a bit of time taking. Coming back to Terra, the pundits say that it’s a very advanced planet. And, it is highly likely for this planet to support life. And, they believe that being ahead of other species, they must be colonizing other planets.

Now, Eren is a planet that has an atmosphere that has oxygen in abundance. Therefore, it may strike upon you that since it is highly rich in oxygen, it can support human life. Well, it’s not just oxygen that makes humans adapt to the atmosphere of Earth. There are many other things like temperature, climate, and distance from the sun. And, most importantly, the presence of water that supports human life.

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