Rana Naidu Ending Explained: Did Rana Kill His Father?

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Rana Naidu
Rana Naidu Netflix series (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix released a new Indian crime thriller show called “Rana Naidu” on March 10, 2023. The show is an adaptation of the popular Showtime TV series “Ray Donovan,” and it has been personalized to fit the city of Mumbai. This new series brings a fresh perspective to the story of the first season of the original show while still maintaining the authenticity of the characters and setups.

The main protagonist, Rana Naidu, faces various obstacles in his life, just like the titular character of the original series. Viewers can expect a gripping storyline filled with plot twists and thrilling action scenes that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The show promises to be a colorful and exciting experience that fans of the original series and new viewers alike will enjoy. We will explore the ending of the series and how the story concludes. And we will try to find out what happens to the characters and their complex web of relationships.

Rana Naidu’s Plot and Storyline

In “Rana Naidu” Season 1, viewers are transported to the heart of this high-stakes world, where Rana’s expertise is put to the test time and time again. From the very first scene, we witness his mastery in action as he effortlessly navigates complex situations and delivers swift solutions for those who seek his help. In this fast-paced world of fame and fortune, Rana Naidu stands tall as the ultimate problem solver, an ideal of hope in a sea of uncertainty.

Rana Naidu
Rana Naidu (Credit: Netflix)

The underworld of Rana Naidu carried on with its usual rhythm until a pivotal moment when his dad, Naga Naidu, was finally granted early release from jail after fifteen long years. With good behavior and a twenty-year sentence, Naga wasted no time in leaving his hometown of Hyderabad and making his way to Mumbai, where he knew his sons had settled.

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Naga’s troubled history and his allegations of being falsely accused began to infiltrate the city and turn Rana’s life, along with those of his associates, completely upside down. As the story gradually unfolds, it becomes clear that Rana, OB, and Prince are all deeply connected to the events that led to Naga’s wrongful conviction fifteen years ago.

Naga steps out of the prison gates, blinking in the bright sunlight and breathing in the fresh air of freedom for the first time in over a decade. As he boards a train to Mumbai, his mind is racing with anticipation and uncertainty. The tension builds as his sons hear of his arrival and prepare for the inevitable reckoning.

Rana Naidu’s Ending Explained

Rana knows that Naga is going to be a big problem for him, so he calls his uncle Surya. He asked Surya to come to Mumbai from Hyderabad and kill Naga as soon as possible. But things twisted rapidly when Surya discovered the truth about his daughter, Deeya. Deeya was killed by Prince, and Rand and OB know this truth.

Rana Daggubati in Rana Naidu
Rana Daggubati in Rana Naidu (Credit: Netflix)

They were trying to hide this truth from Surya. Now, Rana and OB have become the central targets of Surya. Since Naga had arrived in Mumbai to kill Rana, OB had been suffering from mental stress problems. OB was afraid that he was going to get caught and that Naga would also kill him.

Surya decides that he will go against Rana and hurt him badly when things are not in his favor. On the other hand, the police got the news of Surya that he was in Mumbai. Now, Surya had no other option, but he had to escape the nation as soon as he could, so he took support from Rana to run away from the country despite having the desire to kill Rana.

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When Surya was about to exit the country, CBI officials caught him and Rana. Both parties engaged in an epic gunfight. Rana wasted no time to save himself; he shot himself in the shoulder and pretended that Surya had tried to kill him. So, he shot Surya only in defense, which led to his death. Rana got rid of one danger.

Vekatesh Naidu in Rana Naidu
Venkatesh Naidu in Rana Naidu (Credit: Netflix)

Naga also wanted to escape the country; he wanted to settle down in Kathmandu. So, Rana provided him with the money and the fake passport that he had prepared for Surya. Rana does not want more blood on his hand, especially from his father, so he decides to let his father leave. But it doesn’t end here; the relationship between Rana and Naga is still tense and complicated.

Even after getting away from Naga, Rana is still worried that on some odd day, his dad will arrive back, which will lead Rana into a new mess. Rana took a pledge on that day that he would try everything to stay with his father and would stay with his family forever.

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