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MAPPA: All-Time Top Anime And History


Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

MAPPA has been on a high note lately. When we say a high note, we don’t mean that they were doing badly before, they stood tall as one of the best in Japan. But after procuring Attack On Titan the final season, they just inched a little further ahead of the competition. Attack On Titan got them all the attention they needed, right now if we ask around people who watch anime MAPPA would be the most known.

When they got to take over Attack On Titan people were broken into two sides, some said they would do bad and the others said the opposite. But from what has happened they did exceptionally. people just loved how MAPPA was able to bring the manga to life, it’s so well done. The final season is the most important for Attack On Titan and the studio has given it all the care and attention it deserves.

Just by reading the manga, we knew how chaotic and intense things were becoming, the only fear we had was how this would translate into anime. But this studio giant just showed us that the manga could be made into anime and that we can be given the same emotional rollercoaster we experienced from reading it.

So like we said after how they handled Attack On Titan, the studio has become a household name. We now see an abundance of appreciation posts for the studio as they have worked really hard and given us what we wanted exactly.

About The Company

The Japanese animation studio MAPPA was established back on June 14th of 2011. Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association is the full form for this company. Masao Maruyama is the founder, he left the company back in 2016 and went on to open a new stud called Studio M2.

Ever since the company came into being they have dished out a huge number of amazing anime. MAPPA seems to be the most loved by the new generation anime viewers, as their anime has the best styling and animation. They also handpick some of the best anime with the best storylines.

Some of their anime include Banana Fish, Dororo, Yuri!!! On Ice, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan (The final season), The God OF High School, Chainsaw Man (Upcoming anime), and many more.

Just from this shortlist we see how MAPPA has given us some of the best anime ever. the best examples of that would be Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack On Titan. Both of these are on another level and they are loved by many. Anything and everything that happens in either of these 2 anime can be seen on the trending page, that’s how famous the whole thing is.

So having right over 2 of the biggest anime right now has taken the animation studio to another level. they also have one of the most anticipated anime coming out, Chainsaw Man. We shall go in deeper into all of these now.

1. Attack On Titan (Final Season)

along with Jujutsu Kaisen, maybe a little higher, Attack On Titan is the most loved anime there is. people are just so happy that they are living through the golden age of Attack On Titan. We all know that this is going down as one of the most legendary anime out there.

People years later will view this series as one of the greatest without a doubt. The storyline is so addictive, we have to give the writer all the attention he needs because writing and churning out such a great and complex story is a massive talent without a doubt.

Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama is the mastermind behind this wonderful creation. Wit studio was the one who took over the first 3 seasons of the anime and they did a splendid job. Then it was announced that the fourth season would be the last and that studios would be changing.

Then came MAPPA to the picture, they now had a great risk on their shoulders. The most important season for the most anticipated and most loved anime was on their hands. Their reputation as a studio rested on this season and without a doubt, MAPPA delivered what the audience wanted.

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So for people who don’t know much about this amazing anime let’s jump right into the story. We’re just going to talk about the basic story and not go into detail because Attack On Titan is something that every anime lover should experience for themselves.

So in this dark fantasy anime, we are thrown into a world where humans have pushed almost until the point of extinction. What’s left of humanity is living behind gigantic walls, but why the gigantic walls and why is humanity under danger?

That is where the titans come in. In this world there exist titans. large humanoid and weird looking creatures. they are actually very scary looking, laying eyes on them for the first time would without a doubt cost you a few nights of sleep. These mindless creatures love to eat humans, so they would do anything and everything to have a quick snack.

Being such gigantic creatures they have great speeds and great strength. So they could easily overpower measly humans. One by one humans were eaten and killed, this happened so frequently that humanity was almost wiped out.

So like we said what is left is behind those walls. These people have been living in peace for quite a while now, no titan has been able to break through those walls. The soldiers are divided into three main groups, the scouts were the ones who ventured outside the walls in search of answers, food, and resources. they had to battle titans so they were well trained and equipped.

On one unfortunate day, a Colossal Titan appears, this creature was so big that it was even taller than those humongous walls the humans had built. Without any effort the titan breaks through the walls, this opens up a path for all other titans to break into the city and start devouring the people.

Here starts the journey for 3 kids who experience tremendous loss at this incident. Then and there they make a vow to take revenge on all titans.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

This just like Attack On Titan is one of the most loved anime out there right now. People just very much love the concept, the animation, and everything in general. This series smashed a ton of viewing scores in its first season itself.

The best part is some of the characters from this series have already been termed as being iconic. keep in mind that there is just one season of this out, usually, an anime takes 3 to 4 seasons to make a name for itself. Jujutsu Kaizen has done it and it hasn’t even completed 1 season.

Jujutsu Kaisen image 3

Here we follow the life of Yuji Itadori, a very normal high school student. that is up until everything you would expect in anime goes down. he is very fit for his age but does everything to keep away from being recruited to an athletic club.

Just for that, he joins the school’s occult club. Things go awry when the club meddles with a very cursed talisman charm. The charm is actually a finger that belongs to a very powerful and evil cause. The club somehow breaks the seal and sets everything loose, this causes a lot of evil spirits and curses to get attracted to the school grounds.

So in order to save the others and the school, Yuji just swallows the finger. that makes him the host for this deadly curse, so for the sorcerers and magicians standing around the only solution is to do an exorcism which would result in the death of Yuji.

But that goes in the water when they realize even after swallowing the finger and after being taken over by the curse Yuji still has control over his body. this causes the sorcerors to take a different decision, they plan to use Yuji to completely defeat the said curse.

3. Chainsaw Man

Now, this is one of the most anticipated anime. We haven’t seen much hype for a manga to be made into an anime, it is expected because the manga is just plain amazing.

The manga had such an amazing storyline which would be perfect to be made into an anime. So finally when the word came out that it was actually going to get animated everyone was so happy. The news wasn’t just over yet, MAPPA had procured the bag by being the studio behind this upcoming anime.

Chainsaw Man

Now a fan favorite manga was getting an anime from a fan-favorite studio. this was one of the best news anime lovers could hear. So people who don’t know much about this manga let us give you just the base.

The story takes place in a world where Humans VS Devils are a normal thing. We follow the life of Denji and his pet Pochita as the duo try to pay back the debt his father had with the Yakuza.

During a job gone wrong a lot of events unfold where Pochita makes a sacrifice and ends up turning into a beast which gives Denji powers. And the powers you guessed it are chainsaws. So from this point on he takes it upon himself to rid the world of Devils and becomes a full-fletched Devil Hunter.

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