Lionel Richie Before And After: The Scary Secret Behind The Singer’s Dangerously Youthful Looks

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Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie

The American singer-songwriter, and entertainer, Lionel Richie, has been in the news for reasons one not even expect. The seventy-three-year-old television star looks completely wrinkle-free, and it has become a lot of people’s business to get to the bottom of this matter. The singer got on his flight to fame with his first-ever musical band called Commodores.

Since then, the singer-songwriter has written hit songs for both his band and other artists. He wrote his first song that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, called “Lady” for Kenny Rogers. The man has unbreakable records, like having an album in the top twenty best-selling albums of all time and selling over twenty million copies of his “Can’t Slow Down” album. He has put out iconic singles like “You Are”, “My Love”, and “Truly”.

In the 1980s, he managed to become one of the best balladeers to ever exist, with a total of four Grammies to his name, which also include a Grammy for the Album of the Year and Song of the Year. He has sold over a hundred million copies of his records which makes him one of the best-selling artists alive. Clearly, Lionel Richie does not know failure.

Ever since his debut with the band, Commodores in the mid-1960s, his career graph has only gone up. Even after his solo debut in the 1980s, his success did not falter, and he continues to be a significant influence on the music industry. He has several records and awards and has been officially recognized by many for his work. His music producing and recording schedule may not be that packed, but that does not stop him from appearing on television.

Young Lionel Richie (Credits: Getty Images)
Young Lionel Richie (Credits: Getty Images)

He has been a judge on American Idol since 2018 alongside acts like Katy Perry, he has also made an appearance on the game show, Jeopardy, also releasing and starring in several documentaries and films like The Black Godfather, Studio 666, Pariah, and many more.

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But the singer is currently under scrutiny for a completely different reason. Fans have been speculating that the singer might have gone through some surgery process because it is utterly ridiculous how young he looks.

Lionel Richie’s Before & After: Did The Singer Get Anything Fixed?

His confirming his presence as a judge on the twenty-first season of American Idol and the singer being in his 70s with a perfect face like that has once again raised suspicions about him having gone under the knife. He looks ridiculously young, and some cannot help but be jealous. 

His face has just the natural lines you get around your eyes and mouth that you get after smiling or laughing a lot, but that seems to be about it. His youthful-looking face has left many speechless, with Randy Baumann even saying that Richie looked like he constantly had a full face of makeup on. 

The facial lines young Richie had are all gone now, and his face looks like it has been airbrushed in real-time. Though Richie has never openly admitted to having anything done on his face, and surely the light and the camera work and the post editing must be involved in making him look different still, there must be a few touch-ups he must have had.

Lionel Richie before and after transformation (Credits: TMZ)
Lionel Richie before and after transformation (Credits: TMZ)

Fans suspect that Richie, much like the entire entertainment industry, must be getting Botox which has changed his face from being more natural and expressive to be more smooth and wrinkle-free but also stiff and expressionless. Though the Grammy-awarded singer now looks younger and fresher, it is also getting difficult to guess if the singer is happy or not.

The internet people also believe that Richie must have gotten a facelift to make his face look brighter and in with the trend. The upper part of his face looks very different from the face he had when he was younger. And it is becoming painfully noticeable. His cheeks and forehead are visibly tighter and lifted than it was before.

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With age, his naturally high cheekbones should have sagged by now, but that does not seem to be happening any time soon. Richie’s face looks very youthful now, but it is also getting more and more obvious that it is because of medical procedures. 

Fans are worried that the urge to remain young may take over, and Richie might end up ruining his handsome face even more. Drex, a radio jockey for the morning show, chimed in with his concerns for Richie’s fake face saying that “his face looked like it had third-degree burns all over and that his plastic surgeon should be shot”.

Lionel Richie suspect hair transplant (Credits: Twitter)
Lionel Richie suspected hair transplant (Credits: Twitter)

The man also seemed to have gotten something similar to a hair transplant considering he was definitely losing hair at some point in his career, and his hairline was receding too. But somehow all that has vanished, and Richie’s hair is as thick as ever.

Worried fans wish he would stop obsessing over looking young and just focus on releasing good music or his television career because if things continue the way they are, Lionel Richie might turn into something completely bizarre and unrecognizable.

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