Where is The Heat 1995 Filmed? All the Main Locations

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Heat: Filming Locations
Robert De Niro in Heat 1995 (Credits: IMDb)

Hollywood has delivered a ton of legendary movies to fans worldwide. Varying in terms of multiple genres, these Hollywood films have always reached immense heights in terms of fame and popularity. The Godfather Trilogy belongs to the list of such elite films, and it boasts of having a power duo on-screen. It is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino we are talking about.

It is a feast for the fans to witness these legendary actors on screen together. The same feel was delivered to audiences worldwide through the 1995 crime thriller movie known as ‘Heat.’ Directed by American Director, producer, and screenwriter named Michael Mann, Heat was one of the biggest films ever to be released during the year 1995—more than the storyline.

The fans were very much excited about the appearances of their favorite legendary actors together. The film boasts a top-tier cast list which includes actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the lead and other prominent Hollywood celebrities such as Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, and Jon Voight in the supporting roles. It was the time period when a lot of crime-thrillers were welcomed by fans all over the world.

The global audience got a lot of successful crime-thrillers during the last decade of the 20th century, and Heat was one of them. Owning a convincing storyline with all the required twists and turns, Heat was one of the best crime-thrillers of the past century, which is celebrated to date. The acting skills of these legendary actors involved in the film multiply its value even more.

Heat 1995 Filming Locations
Heat 1995 Movie (Credits: IMDb)

The film was originally released under the production of the famous Warner Bros Pictures and proceeded to see huge success at the box office, making it a commercial hit within America. The film was not given prior recognition through awards and nominations.

But it was one of the most powerful films of the decade due to its unique storyline and strong cast list. The film managed to earn a profit that was nearly double the amount of budget it had for the filming. Read along and find out about the plot of Heat.

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The Plot of Heat (1995)

The story of the movie Heat was pretty advanced and interesting for a crime-thriller story of the past era. The plot revolves around the life of two main characters, one is a most-wanted criminal mastermind named Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro), and another is a troubled yet passionate and experienced detective named Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino).

Neil is nearing his retirement from criminal life, and Vincent is facing troubles with his relationships. The paths of these two men cross each other when a newly-hired henchman of Neil goes rogue, making their whole criminal gang go viral.

The rest of the story revolves around how these two individuals handle the Heat and which side wins. According to the storyline, both polarities meet each other and grow mutual respect, even if they intend to stop one another. The relationship between these characters grows, and their personalities are unveiled slowly as the story progresses. Read along and find out about the filming locations of Heat.

Heat: Filming Locations

The film required a constant change of scenarios and surroundings as the movie’s progression was pretty fast. The audience felt the Heat of the movie during the intense moments of the main characters.

Now, the film’s shoot was primarily done in and around the city of Los Angeles, belonging to the American state of California. The entire filming was done in and around the city of Los Angeles as it had everything the creator of the film, Michael Mann, expected his story to have.

Heat Filming Locations
Marine Redondo Station in Los Angeles 

Places such as Marine Redondo Station, Saint Mary Medical Center, Venice Boulevard at Convention Center Drive, Johnie’s Broiler, and so on were captured beautifully by the filmmaker, matching the intensity of the scenes belonging to the film.

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The appearance of both legendary actors together was filmed in a luxury restaurant named Kate Mantilini located in Beverly Hills. The climax scene included shots filmed at the Los Angeles International Airport. Heat is one of the best crime-thrillers delivered to us from the golden age of Hollywood.

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