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Delivery Man Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Delivery Man: Young Min and Ji-Hyun
A Still from Delivery Man

The release date of the third episode of the K-Drama, Delivery Man, has been announced. The narrative of Delivery Man revolves around a taxi driver, Young Min, and a ghost, Ji-Hyun. Both of them come together to grant the wishes of other ghosts along with a doctor, Do Kyu-Jin, who has the ability to sense sinister incidents in the emergency room in the hospital.

Now, for those who missed the previous episode, episode 2, of the series, here you will be provided with a detailed recap of the previous episode to stay updated about the current happenings in the episodes, before the latest one premieres.

Delivery Man episode 2 continues Kim Byeong Cheol’s case from the first episode. Episode 2 opens with Kang Ji-Hyun and Kim Byeong Cheol sitting in a car, when Ji-Hyun asks Byeong Cheol, whether he lied about the payment of 20 million Won to Young Min. Shocked Byeong Cheol, then starts to narrate his past.

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Delivery Man Episode 2 Recap

In the flashback, Byeong Cheol died in a work accident at the hospital. To save the image of the hospital, the staff held his funeral in the VIP room. Coming back to the present, he continues that he wants to do something for his wife, and maybe then he will be able to pass over to the other side.

Byeong Cheol asks Ji-Hyun about her reason for not being able to pass to the other side after death. She reveals that her only lifeline is Young Min and she can’t let him sell the car, Ghost Taxi.

On the other hand, Young Min is seen imagining his bright future by making money by helping the ghosts to reach their destination in his taxi. Later, he comes back to the taxi where Ji-Hyun and Byeong Cheol are waiting for him.

Delivery Man: Young Min, Byeong Cheol, Ji-Hyun

A Still from Delivery Man Episode 2

Later, Byeong Cheol confesses to Young Min his inability to make the payment of 20 million Won to him as he died a month after his marriage, and he used up most of his money while remodeling his house for his wife. Instead, he offers a gold bar to him.

Young Min gets angry and gives Ji-Hyun and Byeong Cheol an earful, referring to them as scammers. Still, Byeong Cheol asks him to help him set up a bathtub for his wife, So Yeon. But he denies it.

Next, we see detectives Tae Ha and Seung Su meets Park Goo Man, who refused to make a statement and lies because he was at a motel having an affair about the incident of Young Min’s mother’s death. But Goo Man refuses to talk.

At Young Min’s house, Ji-Hyun tries to convince Young Min to help Byeong Cheol but he keeps refusing her. Later, while fixing the wash basin in his house, he gets reminded of his mother’s promise to make a bathtub for him.

The next morning, Ji-Hyun is shocked to see Young Min going to Byeong Cheol’s house. On reaching Byeong Cheol’s house, the three discuss how to get into his house to set up the bathtub. Ji-Hyun asks for all the information on Byeong Cheol and his wife so that Young Min can pretend to be his friend, Kim Seong Ju, in front of So Yeon.

Delivery Man: So Yeon, Byeong Cheol, Young Min, Byeong Cheol's mother

A Still from Delivery Man Episode 2

Next, we see, Young Min, approaching So Yeon by hesitantly introducing himself as Seong Ju. But the two ghosts help him. However, So Yeon opens the door for him. As soon as she opens the door, Young Min starts putting up an act by crying and informing her about her husband’s wish. Hearing this, So Yeon asks him to enter the house.

In a flashback, the two ghosts and Young Min are seen to have gathered outside Byeong Cheol’s house, where Byeong Cheol explains to him the location of the gold bar. Back to the present, Young Min asks for the lease of the house from So Yeon, to buy himself time to look for the gold bar. As she looks for the lease, Byeong Cheol and Young Min search for the gold bar. After searching for a while, they successfully found the gold bar.

At Young Min’s house, his grandmother is visited by the detectives, Tae Ha and Seung Su. They ask her about the taxi driver, who drove Young Min’s mother home. She informs that she did not see the driver as the taxi was already standing near their house when she came back from a funeral. She further informs that the dash cam from the taxi disappeared after the accident.

Meanwhile, Young Min and the two ghosts take So Yeon to the hospital where Byeong Cheol used to work. There she comes to know that the Industrial accident compensation which is estimated around 300 million Won has already been taken care of. At that moment, a woman arrives there crying and introducing herself as Byeong Cheol’s mother.

Delivery Man: Young Min and Ji-Hyun

A Still from Delivery Man Episode 2

On the other side, Byeong Cheol says that he does not have a mother as he got separated from her in his childhood. Later, when the woman shows Byeong Cheol’s childhood picture, he thinks about whether she is actually his mother.

After a while, So Yeon gets a call from the hospital when she comes to know that Byeong Cheol’s mother would be getting compensation as Byeong Cheol and So Yeon’s marriage is not registered. When she confronts Beong Cheol’s mother, she says that her financial condition is not well, so she will take the compensation as a last gift from Byeong Cheol.

The next scene shows the woman who introduced herself as Byeong Cheol’s mother is actually Byeong Cheol’s mother’s jail mate, who knew all her stories, while he discusses it with his partner.

Later, So Yeon gets sick and gets admitted to the hospital where she gets to know that she is pregnant. This news shocks her. Byeong Cheol’s so-called “mother” also arrives there and suspects So Yeon of having a relationship with Young Min.

Delivery Man: Detectives Tae Ha and Seung Su

A Still from Delivery Man Episode 2

The next day, Young Min reaches So Yeon’s house with Ji-Hyun and Byeong Cheol, along with two other men, to set up the bathtub. While they set up the bathtub, Byeong Cheol and Ji-Hyun notice some papers from the hospital.

At the hospital, Byeong Cheol’s “mother” and her crime partner arrive to receive the compensation. As she is about to sign the papers, Young Min, So Yeon, and Byeong Cheol arrive there and stop her. He shows her DNA results of Byeong Cheol’s and hers and reveals that they don’t match, therefore, she is not his biological mother. He further reveals that with the help of Byeong Cheol’s pre-applied DNA ID Card, Young Min did the test. Thereafter, the compensation money is handed over to So Yeon and Byeing Cheol’s case comes to an end.

The episode ends at the hospital parking lot when Ji-Hyun and Young Min are rejoicing about their success in fulfilling Byeong Cheol’s wish, Young Min notices his mother’s hair tie on Ji-Hyun’s hand.

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Delivery Man Episode 3 Release Date

Delivery Man Episode 3 will be released on March 8, 2023, at 9:00 pm KST. For the international audience, the time schedule is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 5:30 pm
  • British Standard Time: 1:00 pm
  • Australian Standard Time: 11:00 pm
  • Canadian Standard Time: 7:00 am
  • Thailand Standard Time: 7:00 pm.

Delivery Man Episode 3 Streaming Guide

Delivery Man Episode 3 will air on Korean channels, Genie TV and ENA. The episode will also be available on streaming platforms – TVING (only available in Korea), Rakuten Viki, and Viu

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