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The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 Release Date: The Moonlight Executioner Assassinate Dragon King Cobra Snake

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60
The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 reveals the mystery behind the Baby Face from Heaven as The Moonlight Executioner Vs. OG continues. The Moonlight Executioner decided to face the Master of Martial Arts alone after realizing that the OG was one step ahead and almost foiled his pans. The chapter begins with clashes of massive strikes after The Moonlight Executioner awakens the powers of Baby Face from Heaven. 

The Moonlight Executioner and the OG have landed god strikes and received massive blows. We only see clashes of lightning strikes as the two cancel each other attacks. The duel is 50/50, and it is yet to reach its climax. The OG sent a flying dagger toward The Moonlight Executioner, who used his Robe to block the strikes. He gets angry that his favorite Robe is torn apart, but he will tear the OG apart and avenge his Robe. 

The Moonlight Executioner hopes his Robe wil dies and meet a better owner in the afterlife. But it must be reborn as a women’s outfit since he hates sharing his clothes with men. The  OG realizes that he almost got The Moonlight Executioner where he wanted, but Robe saves his life and believes he won’t miss his target next time. The Moonlight Executioner land on top of blocks, and the OG notice that the air around him has changed.

He decided to show the OG level one of Baby Face from Heaven’s powers. The OG is surprised to see a ball of red-like orange fire on The Moonlight Executioner’s chest. The Moonlight Executioner comments that the OG is dead and he will avenge his Robe. The Mighty OG summons the Dragon King Cobra Snake and wonders who the hell is this guy who made him summon his trump card that was sealed for thousand years. 

Previously on The Return Of The Crazy-Demon Chapter  59

The Moonlight Executioner likes what he sees and realizes that this battle will be one of the greater in human history. The OG realizes that his Dragon King Cobra Snake is yet to taste defeat or sweat during the battle. Dragon King Cobra Snake Vs. The Moonlight Executioner begins after the OG climbs on his trump card’s back.

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60

The Mighty OG

The Moonlight Executioner told the OG that it wil take him a few seconds to RIP. The OG wonders if the brat underestimates the guy who has won more than a thousand intense battles. The Moonlight Executioner realizes that he has figured out hows to Dragon King Cobra Snake, but he has to be careful of poison. The OG attacks and The Moonlight Executioner uses his sword to block and stay at a distance while avoiding the poison.

He wonders why The Moonlight Executioner is hiding his strength and realizes that it might be a trap to land a final blow that will send him to hell since he is a sinner. The OG spread the poison around, making it hard for The Moonlight Executioner to breathe. But he was surprised when The Moonlight Executioner disappeared. The Moonlight Executioner uses the Great Absorption technique to eliminate the poison.

The OG was impressed and realized this brat was a big deal, not just all talk. The Moonlight Executioner appears after the poison gas disappears, and the sky becomes clear as he wields his blade and knows that the OG will die soon if he plays his cards right. The OG dares The Moonlight Executioner to fight at a close distance if he thinks he is a tough warrior, but The Moonlight Executioner replies that he likes to smash the OG while at a distance. 

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60

The Return Of The Crazy Demon

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 Release Date

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 will be released on 4 October 2022. The Moonlight Executioner uses his blade and cuts Dragon King Cobra Snake in half. The second slash slice the OG’s shoulder, and his hand fall to the ground. The Moonlight Executioner uses a fireball and engulfs the OG with the flames. Check out The Return Of The Crazy-Demon Chapter 60 details.

Read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 Online Raw Details

You can read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 60 online on the official websites. The chapter ends with the OG screaming like a lady as he gets engulfed by the fire. The Moonlight Executioner’s next mission begins in the next chapter of The Return Of The Crazy Demon. Let’s meet after The Return Of The Crazy-Demon Chapter 60 is released.

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