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One Piece

The New Flashy Animation of One Piece Anime Is a Total Disaster And Fans Are Hating It

One Piece Chapter 1051 - Luffy vs Kiado
Luffy vs Kaido

If you are a One Piece fan, you must agree that this is the perfect time to become a One Piece fan. You can say that Manga and Anime both are at their peak right now, and each chapter and episode feels like a new mystery in itself. Recently, One Piece manga did major reveals in some of the chapters but simultaneously created another set of mysteries for the future endeavors of the series. Similarly, in anime, the episodes are breaking all the records in terms of animation quality and direction.

Since One Piece manga has been there for quite a long time still, the art style of each chapter has been constant since the beginning, and there is a minor change in the art style that you will rarely notice. The drawing of Eiichiro Oda sensei proves how skilled he is while drawing the characters. The other major difference in Manga is that it has lots of things that you will probably miss in the anime. One Piece is all about hints and foreshadowing, and missing one small piece hint may mean missing up the future sequences that will connect to it. Hence, Manga is always at its peak, and that’s why It is one of the largest selling manga in the world. But there are some limitations with Manga if we compare it with anime.

One Piece Episode 1028 Recap

Luffy’s New Haki Imbued Punch

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Animation Quality In One Piece Anime:

It is clearly understood that the animation quality was never constant with One Piece. Of course, back in the days, there was a lack of technology, but still, even now, the quality of episodes depends on the arc, combat sequences, and overall viewership. Sometimes, we may notice a huge gap between the animations and character design due to different animators. The flashy scenes while using the color of supreme king haki have mixed opinions, so it won’t be good for us to decide whether the animators did a great job or not with this. Many fans are not happy with so many flashy scenes like this.

One Piece Episode 1027 recap

Zoro Ashura Mode

Luffy’s Iron Fist: The Most Controversial Flash work

There are many instances in the series where fans questioned animators about the extra effects in the animations, but on the other hand, some fans loved these effects as they created amazing visuals. Recently, in episode 1028, Luffy used his advanced color of the supreme king and punched Kaidou straight in his face. This visual is clearly showcased in Manga, but in anime, fans had a hard time catching up with the punch as the colors were too bright and yellowish. This difference in animations made the whole scene totally different, but at the same time, some fans loved the colors, while on the other hand, they hated it.

One Piece Episode 1028 Preview

Luffy Iron Fists Kaido

Other Major Differences Between Anime & Manga

We just discussed the quality of key animations in One Piece manga and anime, but there are other things too that make these two a whole new experience for fans. The BGM of One Piece is surely one of the best BGM in all of anime, and in the Manga, it is impossible to experience the BGM; hence, anime leads here. In addition to this, One Piece has lots of memorable songs like Bink Sake that puts the charm on the series but still, you won’t be able to experience this either in Manga.

If you are someone who loves to keep up with the storyline and wants to stay ahead with the anime fans, then you can surely put Manga on your priority list. Otherwise, you should enjoy both these things in totally different ways as the entertainment in both the category is totally different.

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