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‘Sea Of Thieves: Crews of Rage’- Release Date, New Update Details, and All We Know

Sea Of Thieves

The newest update of Sea of Thieves has arrived, and it is free for all of the players. This new update is the Crews of Rage that will be introducing treasure chests along with the massive amount of fire. With this, there are some outstanding rewards waiting for players like cosmetics, which can be bought on the Black Market. There are going to be Bounty Voyages that will take players to the Ashen Skeletons, Guardians, and lastly, Key Holders.

Sea Of Thieve New Update: What we know?

There are going to be new chests, which are called Chests of Rage as well as new Pirate Appearance Potion. This new type of chest that has been added to the game contains the souls of trapped pirates. Their anger and range make this chest extremely dangerous, but it can be cooled by using water. If the chest doesn’t get some water, then there are huge consequences, which are a fire that will spread across the ship, which can cause major damage to the ship.

Sea Of Thieves crews of rage

Sea Of Thieve Crews Of Rage

This is extremely dangerous, but it is also useful in battles. You can use it to defeat bosses and destroy enemy ships etc. This chest of Rage can be sold normally, but it will be getting you double gold if you sell them to the Masked Stranger, who resides at Reaper’s Hideout. Also, great news for those pirates that are collecting Ashen Tomes; you can collect the last of the five times which are available right now.

But don’t, all of your progress will remain the same. There was first a problem which made those who change their appearance, start everything from scratch, but with this, all saved progress will remain intact. The new update, Crews of Rage, is available for PC and Xbox One since 19th February 2020.

Update April 2020

Sea of Thieves Crews of Rage is out now on the Xbox One, with notes uncovered after personal server time. The new Sea of Thieves update carries with it another sort of Cursed Chest, which is known as the Chest of Rage. While the download likewise includes the Pirate Appearance Potion, Raging Bounty Voyages, Reaper’s Hideout gold reward, and more to Sea of Thieves.

Crews of Rage will likewise present the new ‘Chest of Rage.’ This reviled treasure warms up after some time, and except if you keep it chilled with water, it’ll, in the end, shoot out a rush of fire that will set anything close by on fire. You can likewise utilize it as a weapon, and quicken its intermittent blasts by taking shots at it.

Teams of Rage additionally makes reference to that the foundation sails deal for Special Effect was very fruitful, raising $76k for the association, so another generosity thing will before long hit the Pirate Emporium.

Sea Of Thieve- Crews of Rage: What to expect?

When found, it will unlock Ashen cosmetics, and alongside them, there are many more things added to the new black market, which includes general cosmetics, emotes, and Cursed Pets. The cherry on the top on this side the Viva Pinata-inspired Paradise Garden Ship livery. There is a new portion that can be purchased which will allow the player to change their appearance.

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